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  1. I have yet to play a game but the faction I collect is dwarves. For some reason unknown to me I am just drawn to dwarf minis. Dwarves are the only minis I painted enough of to play skirmish battles in LOTR and they definately make up the majority of my Warlord minis. Another big draw is that Klocke, who is my favorite sculptor, has done most of the Warlord dwarves. Decado
  2. Another very cool dwarf sculpt by Klocke, I will be buying it whwen it is available. Decado
  3. I did two years on midnights and liked the hours but my body could not adjust to the odd sleep hours. I worked evenings for three years and that shift rocked as far as cool calls went but the amount of paperwork was unreal. Now I am a day creature, the calls are pretty boring but the paperwork is alot less and the hours are sweet. Good luck brother and be safe. Decado
  4. Right now I am reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I finished the 1st one a short time ago and have found them a very enjoyable read. Decado
  5. The closest one I can think of is Ashkrypt The Lich from the Warlord line. He would need some modifications to make him closer to what you are looking for. Decado
  6. I am glad I bought all the Knights of the Dinner Table models when I did. Now I wish I had gotten around to collecting the rest of the supporting cast. Decado
  7. Great job with the mini and the base. My only suggestion would be that it would look even better without the plastic base on the mini. Excellent work!
  8. That looks really great. As others have suggested modular trees would make it look even better. You have given me inspiration to work on a larger terrain board. I like the river, how did you make it? Decado
  9. I would have to honestly say dwarf. I tend to be grumpy, or at least always look that way. I am sooo not graceful enough to be an elf. I also tend to paint more dwarf minis then any other type. lionmane, Cimmerian, or Nordheim barbarian? Decado
  10. Decado


    I never liked this mini when I saw it in the store. Yours is the second painted version I have seen and it rocks! So much in fact I bought the mini yesterday to use as a NPC in my upcoming Conan Campaign. Great job overall and I really like the sword. Decado
  11. Belit and King Conan arrived today. Great service from Tower Records and KB Toys. The hunt for Zenobia continues, I think I am going to have to hit ebay. Decado
  12. Yeah we are learning alot as we go about the skills and special powers. I think part of the fun is plotting your character's skill path. Last nights session ended badly when we bit off more then we could chew in the Southern Jungles while exploring a cave but hey that is what adventuring is all about! Decado
  13. I have to say I have never seen that movie. I will have check it out, thanks for the link. An update on my collection quest. I received an e-mail from Tower Records and Belit has shipped! Now if I can find Zenobia my life, er...my collection is complete. Decado
  14. My roommate brought home two copies of the game night and we spent at least 4 hours playing in multi. It reminds me of NWN but better. I am playing a elf who specializes in combat magic. This is a really fun game and I cannot wait until tonights session. Thanks for the advice Darkstar. I keep getting tempted to dump some skills into nature magic but dont want to take away from my combat magic. Decado
  15. I installed the demo this morning. So far it has been an enjoyable game. Learning the controls gets easier as you go along. One question, How do I select a class? I have had a couple NPCs tell me to do so but I cant figure out how it works. Decado
  16. Lionmane, thanks for the tip. I will definately have to check out that magazine. Tommy, the majority of these figures are from the Conan stories. The only ones not in the books are from Series 1 Skifell and Svadun. Decado
  17. I looked at the game today and came very close to buying it. I am currently waiting for the demo to finish downloading. It certainly sounds like fun and it will hopefully cure the fantasy PC game craving I have had lately. Decado
  18. Thanks for the advice guys. I am real leery about ordering stuff from unknown companys on the internet. Luckily I have found most of the Conan figures I was looking for at a local Newbury Comics store. Thanks again. Decado
  19. I met with more success today. At Newbury Comics I bought King Conan, Man-Eating Haunter of the Pits and Pallantides. I have a Belit on order from Tower Records but their stock is very low so I am keeping my fingers crossed. No luck finding Zenobia, unless I want to buy all of Series 2 in a set. Primeval, thanks for the link. I have never had muchh luck with ebay but I am keeping my options open! Is there any word on a Series 3 for next year? Decado
  20. Just curious if any board members have ordered from toywiz.com ? They have a few McFarlane Conan figures I need to complete my collection but am unsure if they are reliable. Thanks Decado
  21. My search yesterday was a partial success. I was able to buy two Conan figures from Series 2 and one from Series 1 that is now out of stock on Spawn.com. The King Conan on a throne looks awesome and I am in hopes to find it in a store somewhere now that it is out of stock. Decado
  22. On Friday (payday) I am hitting various stores looking for the novels and the McFarlane figures, they rock! I am really leaning towards starting a Conan campaign once I finish my current Greyhawk campaign. I have a majority of the rpg books, more then enough to get me started. Something about the setting just keeps inspiring me. In fact I think I will write the introduction to the first Conan adventure today while it is fresh in my mind. Decado
  23. Its great to see a REH following on the board. I got the new anthology a while back from the SFBC. I have not had a chance to read it yet but it is on my list. I am glad to hear the new Hyborian novels are good, I will have to pick them up soon as well. Is anyone playing the new Conan RPG from Mongoose games? I have a rough campaign outline written up but I have not played the game yet. Any word on when The Red nails animated movie is due for release? Decado
  24. Very nicely done. I have a set of those elves painted and I really like how yours turned out. Decado
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