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  1. The LOTR trolls are my favorite, with the Reaper trolls close behind. I could not get the last link to work. Decado
  2. I saw this set for sale at a local store and thought, Wow that is pretty cool." Looking at yours the thought I have is, "Damn that is awesome!" I can't wait to see the end result. Decado
  3. I am running a D20 Modern Campaign in Limerick, Maine. We always have room for another player. I am also interested in joining a group as a player. Send me an email or PM. Decado
  4. I will not be going to 4E, just like I did not go to 3.5E. Currently I am running a D20 Modern campaign and am looking for alternate modern games to use. When the day comes that I run a fantasy campaign I am looking at Conan, WHFRPG, or 3.0 using the Ptolus setting. Decado
  5. I would be interested in attending. I live in Limerick Maine 04048 Decado
  6. Very nice. The face is awesome! Decado
  7. That looks great so far. I have this mini but have not even assmebled it yet. Its a great mini with the ability to create alot of variations. I am leaning towards a Chaos version with mine. I look forward to seeing your finished result.
  8. I am still a fan of the show even with the changes. For those of you that have missed the show the Sci-Fi Channel is airing all 5 episodes this wednesday. Decado
  9. Yesterday I bought a copy of D20 Modern and D20 Modern Urban Arcane. One of my players already has D20 Modern and I thought by keeping to the D20 system it would be an easier crossover for my players and I then switching to a whole new game mechanic. So far I have just skimmed the books but it does look promising. Decado
  10. Thank you for the suggestions guys. I was actually considering Shadowrun although I am more of a fan of the setting then the game mechanics. Decado
  11. I am watching the show and liking what I see. I just started reading the 1st book and am 8 chapters into it. Very good read so far. I got hooked on the fantasy mixed with real world setting with the Anitia Blake books. The AB books were great until the author decided that the best way for AB to fix her problems is to have sex with something or someone. For me that got old fast. I just finished Mercedes Lackey's three Diana Tregerade books and really enjoyed them as well. Any suggestions for a good RPG system that you could do a Dresden/Anitia Blake (Minus the unending sex) type game with? Decado
  12. My hands down favorite system was the old West End Games D6 system. I ran a Star Wars campaign for several years and by far it was the easiest system for my style of gaming. Decado
  13. My vote is for Buffy as the #1 show. I am a bit biased as I have only watched season 1 of Angel and only small bits of Firefly. Oddly I do not consider Buffy my favorite character, that distinction is given to Oz and Xander. From what I have read Joss's next project is Buffy season 8 in comic book format. Decado
  14. Wow that is very impressive. So far it is looks awesome. Decado
  15. That is the first painted version I have seen of this mini. Excellent job Stern! Decado
  16. That is simply awesome work. These small diorama are something I have been interested in doing myself for some time. Thank you for the inspiration. Decado
  17. I got a chance to play the other day on my buddy's computer, I still have not bought a copy. It looks to be a great game. The graphics are much better then the first. I also liked the NPC interaction. From what my friend said it varied depending on what type of character/race you were playing. I am looking forward to getting this game and wasting many hours in front of my computer. Decado
  18. Those are tow awesome pieces of work The skintones are fantastic. The base for the Bad Fairy is outstanding. Thank you for sharing. Decado
  19. Glad to see you posting again! I really like the armor and the cloak, they are very well done. Decado
  20. Darkstar, Thanks you for posting the game system requirements. I looked all over the NWN2 website and could not find them. It looks like my aging computer still has enough to run the game. Now if I can find it, Wally World did not have it this morning. Stern, Good to hear from you. I was just thinking the other day that golf season must be over by now. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work! Decado
  21. Haldir, Once I get the game and know it is going to run on my computer I would be interested in a weekly game. Sunday nights work best for me. Decado
  22. I plan on buying it. I just hope my computer is up to the task of running it. Decado
  23. Wow that looks really great. Your plans for the base sound good too. Have you thought about adding a standard size mini to the base as well? I think it would really help show off the size of the orc. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the finished version. Decado
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