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  1. I am considering purchasing some Reaper paints. I am looking specifically at the various skin tones and the Learn to Paint Kit-1. Can some one tell me what paints are in the kit? I do not wish to purchase duplicate paints. Thanks for the help. Decado
  2. Crusoe, I read this thread in the nick of time. I was planning on buying a set of the Vallejo Model Paints (flesh tones) from fantization. After reading your post on having to thin them I will order the game colors instead. Thanks. Decado
  3. I agree for the most part Haldir. I stay away from GW's other minis and only collect their LOTR line. Some of their prices are outrageous but I am afraid I am hooked on the LOTR line and am attempting to get them all. I really like their Uruk-hai minis. The army I am attempting to paint is going to serve double duty as my LOTR army and represent my Black Orcs in my D&D campaign. I think I might have bought 1 of their fantasy figures, a skaven sorcerer (I really like skaven), but get the rest of my fantasy figures from Reaper. I have only seen small photos of the Gollum mini so I cannot comment on the quality. Decado
  4. Frodo, Sam and Gollum are going to be sold together for $9.00. I am happy with GW's LOTR line and am currently working on painting a Uruk-hai army. Reaper is doing a great job of supplying us with D&D style minis and I think they should stay focused in that area. Decado
  5. I am not sure if they are still available. I received both of mine back in November. It is a great mini for a great cause. Decado
  6. Cool! Thanks for the info Stern, I will be placing an order this week. Decado
  7. Stern, Did you order through them online? How long ago did you order from them? I really want some of those minis but do not want to get burned. Thanks again for the help. Decado
  8. Has anyone ordered from Brok's Armory? †Stern Kestrelmann mentioned them in another post and I looked up their website. They carry a lot of Celtos and Confrontation minis that I would like to buy but I am not sure of their reliability. Thanks for the info. Decado
  9. Great job on those minis Stern. I had seen the pictures of Niriodel and Durgam prior to me buying them. In fact your minis inspired me to buy mine. Again great job and I cannot wait to see more of your work! Decado
  10. I am not exactly sure how tall he is but I think both armsand his head need to be attached to his trunk. I think the trunk is seperate from his lower body as well. It is a nice looking mini. It also comes with Isildur and ElendilLying prone with Isildur eaising the broken Narsil. Decado
  11. I bought Niriodel, Durgam Deepmug and Sigurd this week. These are the first of the Warlord line I have purchased and I must say I am very happy with them. I will be buying more without a doubt. Decado
  12. Yes the only negative side I have seen with the LOTR line is the pricing. Luckily X-mas is coming soon and I am telling all my friends and relatives that gift certificates to my local gaming store is the gift of choice for me. Hopefully I will be able to get the majority of the boxed sets that way, just in time for the release of TTT minis line! Decado
  13. Bilbo was a special mail order purchase as far as I know. I just read in the latest White Dwarf that GW has no obtained an expanded version of their LOTR license. They are now allowed to make minis from the books the LOTR and The Hobbit. This includes the apendixs in the back of Return of the King. There are already plans in the works for Balin and his dwarves in Moria. Itsounds like there is going to be quite a few LOTR minis being released. I for one am looking forward to them! Decado
  14. I have used the Krylon grey primer with very good results. I switched to GW black and have had good results with that as well. If my local Walmart would ever stock Krylon black primer I would buy it over the GW stuff however.
  15. I have had just the opposite expierence of Enchantra. My LOTR minis have had the least flash and mold lines of any of the minis I have purchased. I buy mostly Reaper, LOTR, GW (1 I think that was not LOTR) and Chainmail (3 total). Reaper is my favorite above all but I really like the LOTR line. The only downside to the line, and it has been mentioned, is the price. The figures are very exspensive. I am putting together my second LOTR cave troll right now. They are awesome figures, very imposing and my players are not looking forward to facing them in my 3e campaign. I can't wait to get the Balrog. I am also very impressed with Reaper's hill giant and frost giant. I am new to mini painting and these were the first minis I assembled using pins. They went together fairly easily and look awesome. IMHO Reaper has the best character minis out of any company and the few monster minis they make look really well done too. I can't wait to see more. Decado
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