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  1. I have read the first two and really enjoyed them. I am however, going to wait until the rest of the series is completed before I read anymore. Decado
  2. Thanks for the advice. I have tried a couple different methods of adding high lights to black with varying degrees of success. I actually tried to talk her out of black but she has her mind made up. My last foray into black was using various blues for the high lights and it seemed to work pretty well on clothing. I am just not sure how it will look on an animal. Guess I will find out! Decado
  3. Does anyone have a suggestion for black horses? My girlfriend wants me to paint the Reaper Alicorn for her but wants it in black. Thanks. Decado
  4. It looks really good so far. I really like the beginnings of the base. I am looking forward to seeing the finished version. Decado
  5. SIGIL, Thanks I knew I had seen those before. Heck now I know why, because I read them! Darksun was a great setting and I truely regret never purchasing the RPG books when they were released. Decado
  6. Kelcore, Are those two books part of series or can they be read seperately? I like the sound of a zombie apocolypse! Decado
  7. Thanks Frank. I have tried to read Lovecraft before but could never sink my teeth into it. I am not sure which H.P.L. books I have but I will try again with your suggested reading list. Decado
  8. Wow that is pretty cool. This piece and your lightsaber weilding jawa are my favorites. Decado
  9. It seems that Books of Blood is a very popular choice. Waldenbooks had vol. 1-3 in one edition when I was there. I am going to buy it once I finish Salem's Lot. Thanks again. Decado
  10. Thank you for the quick suggestions. Clive Barker's Books of Blood. I recall reading the first one when I was a kid but not the details. I do remember enjoying it very much. Are they still in print? Has anyone read a book that actually scared them? Bram Stokers Dracula had that affect on me. Especially chapters detailing the ship crossing the sea. At the time I was working the graveyard shift as a security gaurd on a merchant marine ship. Having never been on a big ship before, everything was new to me. The sounds of the hull pinging always jumped me. Decado
  11. With the approach of Halloween I always have the desire to read some horror books. I am looking for some recommendations. I am considering starting off with Stephen King's Salems Lot. I have read it once before but I bought a special edition from the SFBC that I have not read yet. Anyone have any favorites they want to recommend? Decado
  12. Thanks for the info guys. The last couple days I have been puting alot of work into my dwarves. Once I get caught up with the minis I have I will get to work on a table. It will either be 4x4 or 4x6. I am leaning towards 4x4 for storability. Namless, that table really rocks! Very inspiring stuff. Decado
  13. Is that the average size for a Warlord table? I have been collecting Warlord minis for a while but have yet to play a game. I have a couple people interested in playing so I want to put a board together. We are looking at fielding 1000 point factions. Decado
  14. That is a really sweet table! What are the dimensions? Some day I will get around to buying some Hirst Arts molds, I have admired them for years. Decado
  15. Those are some awesome looking minis. These are the first painted versions I have seen and they have changed the really poor opinion I had of the sculpts. Maybe my Freja wont have to lead a unit of swiftaxes afterall. Decado
  16. I recently bought the Red and Black WOTC dragons. I am very happy with them and will definately get the Blue. Early 2007 for release? Decado
  17. PRIZM PENTAD....that sounds really familar but I am drawing a blank. More info please. Decado
  18. I am not a big Sandra Garrity fan but that pegasus and rider really rocks. I will be getting that one for sure. Werner minis are nice as always. Decado
  19. Slight Spoiler Alert * * * * * * * My girlfriend and I started watching this right up until they pointed a gun at the infant. My girl could not watch anymore and we shut it off. I wanted to see the rest of it but she did not. Too bad because I liked what I saw. Decado
  20. Decado


    My big gripe with 3.5 is it was released not too long after 3.0. I really see it as a way to gouge $90.00 from buyers. My group has still not switched over to 3.5 and probably will not for a very long time. Heck we were still playing 1E when 3.0 came out. On topic, I will be running my second Ptolus game tonight. My girlfriend started hounding me as soon as I got home from work this afternoon to run a game for her. Decado
  21. I like it. The stone looks very natural. Decado
  22. Decado


    Ratmen (skaven) rock as a bad guy race! My girlfriend's second adventure is going to include a raid into the sewers beneath Ptolus that will pit her against some ratmen. Hopefully it will lead into a further adventures against the ratmen and a chaos cult. I picked up Reaper's two recent wererats relases during my last stop at my FLGS and will be using them in my game. Very cool sculpts. tzor unwrap that book and let me know what you think! Decado
  23. The Ultimate Fighter Season 4 is my only regular show. Other then that I watch the country music channel with my girlfriend. I have season 1 of Angel and the X-Files on dvd and have watched them both. I want to get the rest of the seasons for each show. There is not much on tv that actually interests me now that Buffy, Angel and The X-Files are gone. Decado
  24. Wow those look really freaking good! Decado
  25. That is an awesome looking half-ogre. I would defiantely buy one if it were to be produced. Decado
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