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    axegrrl, I am not familar with Iron Heroes but I can tell you the Ptolus is not a low magic setting. I am not sure it compares to Forgotten Realms, to me the setting seems very different from the Realms. Monte's description of the setting is, the 3e rules with the volume turned way up. I would recommend taking a look at this site for more info http://www.montecook.com/cgi-bin/page.cgi?ptolus Decado
  2. Decado


    I could not agree more Outkast Samurai. I plan to make ample use of the ratmen in my campaign. As far as the price goes I think I got more then my moneys worth. The book is by far the best designed RPG book I have ever seen. Comparing it to 3.5e, which was released just to gouge more money from the RPG community, is not a fair comparison IMHO. I do agree if your not into premade settings the book is probably not a good buy, but I prefer them as the real world keeps me from designing my own from scratch. Decado
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    My book arrived today! I have not had alot of time to look through it but so far it is very impressive. There were plenty of extras included and I have not even loaded the bonus CD yet. I can see me and my players getting alot of use out of this book. Decado
  4. Is there a way to order these posters? The one of Orcus is absolutely perfect for my current D&D campaign. Decado
  5. I was at first very skeptical of the movie but after seeing a few previews I am going to see it. I really liked the movie HEAT and I have read more then one review using HEAT as a comparison. Decado
  6. He is mine!! I just scored the only one my FLGS had. Tomorrow I am going to spend my day off prepping him. **Just and update. He was put together yesterday (he went together real easy with only a little greenstuff needed) and I primed him this morning. Oddly when I first saw this mini I did not care for him due to the pose. The leg up in the air seemed off to me. Now that I know he is giant sized and have stood him next a standard humanoid sized mini I really like the pose. In my mind he is getting ready to stomp one of my unlucky players! Decado
  7. Wow he is big! Has he hit the FLGS yet? I was planning to head to mine tonight and if he is there I just might have to buy him. Thanks for the photos ixminis. Decado
  8. Thanks for the comparison pic ixminis. Be sure to post some pics of your diorama when you finish it. The Battle Troll is now definately on my "must have list". Mooseyjoe, nice looking set of trolls you have there. They remind me that I am stil missing some from my collection. I can see one big Reaper troll order in my future. Deaco
  9. ixminis, By all means post a comparison shot! Decado
  10. Ladystorm, thanks for the info. I kinda figured he was a bigger model after I saw the price. I never pictured him as large when I first saw the sculpt. I originally did not care for this sculpt even though I really like all of Wiebe's other trolls. He is starting to grow on me and I think I will be adding him to my "must have list". Besides, you can never have too many trolls. Decado
  11. I was just looking at the updates to the online store and it has the Battle Troll by Wiebe listed at $17.99. How big is this mini? Decado
  12. Those two really rock. The woman on the tree reminds of paintings of older fantasy artwork. The sci-fi women is just an awesome sculpt. These are definately on my must have list. Decado
  13. Thats not one of my favorite sculpts but damn that has to be some of the best flesh tones I have seen ina long time. Well done! Decado
  14. Decado


    Haldir, I agree with you, I definately have a good one. She really enjoyed the game last night. It was a simple guard the merchant's shipment of stock from thieves type adventure but it was all new to her. She asked me this morning to bring my game stuff to her house tonight so we could work on another game. I think I am going to hold off on another game until I get the Ptolus book but my new campaign is already starting off on the right foot. Decado
  15. Decado


    This evening I am going to introduce my girlfriend to RPG's. Since we started dating over a year ago she has been interested in RPG's and miniatures. I even got her hooked on the LOTR movies! I have set up a small adventure, set in Ptolus, to run her through. I have been reading over the Ptolus material I have and the free stuff on Monte's website to help me set up this adventure. The more I read the more I look forward to the release of the big book. Three weeks and counting! Decado
  16. I have yet to buy this mini but I really want too. I think you are off to a great start. The face and bone rock! Decado
  17. Heisler, Thanks again for the info and the feedback. I currently have one person to play Warlord with and I think he might be interested in this concept. I am going to run it by him and see what we can come up with. Thanks! Decado
  18. E-mail received and thanks! I just looked over the rules and have a question reference model stats. Are those the stats used instead of the models actual stats? If so has anyone played using the actual models stats? I like the idea of taking models from various factions and making up an adventuring party, just not sure if it would work. Thanks again. Decado
  19. Darn, I was hoping for a bigger version. Seems only fitting for Tiamat to be a large dragon. Decado
  20. The two Warlord dwarves look great but are completely out done by the two dwarven thieves. Those two minis are the best dwarves I have seen in quite some time. I don't care much for the female dwarven barbarian even though WK is the sculptor. The human thief is another good looking sculpt. I can't wait to add them to my collection. Decado
  21. The announcement of the animated movie and this ongoing thread has inspired me to reread The Chronicles. I started reading the annotated chronicles early this evening. The margin notes by the authors and setting designers gives you a very interesting inside look at the creation of these books. Decado
  22. I saw the movie the other night. I liked it very much and thought it was as good as the first one. Davy jones & crew were very well done. I did not think Capt. Jack Sparrow was cowardly in this movie, I would run too if there was a kraken after me. All in all really enjoyable movie that gave me more then a few gaming ideas. Decado
  23. The blue cloak is really well done. I also like the snow base, how did you do it? I like this mini but I have such a hard time painting SG minis I have not bought it. Thank you for sharing. Decado
  24. Wow that looks awesome so far. I can't wait to see the finished version. Thank you for sharing. Decado
  25. A few other races I would like to play as a PC are half-ogre and minotuar. I really liked the half-ogre when it was printed in Dragon magazine many moons ago. I just cannot seem to to be able to talk my DM into letting me play one. I have used both races as NPC's in D&D campaigns but have never played one. One of my favorite races and badguys in my campaigns are trolls. One of the most graphic and interesting character deaths that occured in my campaign was at the hands of a troll. Decado
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