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    The wall map is really tempting me. If my roomate had not just moved out I would have preordered it by now. There are other companies doing Ptolus products as well, maps and such. Definately going to try and pick up some of those too. Decado
  2. Decado


    The price, although a lot by RPG standards, I think is worth it. You get a 672 page hardcover book and a CD with another 700 pages of info plus several extras. The two big attractions for me is I have always wanted to DM a city based campaign and I really like Monte's work. Can't wait until August! Decado
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    I have three going out to players, one for me and one extra. Decado
  4. Decado


    Here is a link to Monte's Ptolus website; http://www.montecook.com/cgi-bin/page.cgi?ptolus The site has been updated, 5 more weeks until Ptolusd is released. Decado
  5. Decado


    I preordered Monte Cook's Ptolus campaign book and recently received 5 free copies of the Ptolus players guide. It looks to be a very interesting setting and I am looking forward to the campaign books release next month. Has anyone else ordered Ptolus? Decado
  6. I just bought White Dwarf 318 today. For anyone that is interested there is a new Gotrek & Felix novel scheduled for release this year. Also 5 minis from the novels are being released. Decado
  7. I have read the first two novels and thought they were excellent. Everytime I thought about putting them down to read somethingh else something in the story would grab me. I am trying to read some of the other books I have before I get the third book. I had read somewhere that the series was going to be a total of seven books. Has that changed? I really would hate to see this series go the way of The Wheel of Time. I have the RPG, but have not played it. The RPG book has to be one of the best looking RPG books in a long time. Decado
  8. I took my girlfriend to see it last night. We both thought it was very good but too long. I would definately agree that the pacing was off. I did not realize it was intended to pick up where Superman II left off, that is very interesting. I am glad it is ignoring Superman III & IV. It is definately worth seeing and I will be adding it to my DVD collection. Decado
  9. This great news. The Dragonlance trilogy is my all time favorite fantasy trilogy. Hopefully it is done well. Decado
  10. Wow that looks really great so far. I would defiantely buy one. Decado
  11. vejlin, I am no expert but I think the Conan RPG from Mongoose uses a system of advancement some what like that. Decado
  12. I like advancing my character as much as the next guy. However, I will take a great plot/story that really helps the players get into thier characters over character advancement any day. Decado
  13. Add me as well please. Decado
  14. Thats too bad about the bulldog as I think it is a better sculpt then the current wardog. Decado
  15. When I saw the title of this thread the I instantly thought of the Dwarven Shieldmaidens. I have no idea what their stats are but the sculpts are so gawdawful I will never buy them. Freja rocks and I was so looking forward to her leading a troop of shieldmaidens...right up until I saw them. Decado
  16. I like your version more then any other I have seen. I would like to suggest maybe more of a mane on his back. The idea of different weapon options is a good one and I like the tortoise shell shield idea. Good luck getting it produced, I definately want one. Decado
  17. Marlfox, Are you using the Warlord rules or something you designed on your own? Decado
  18. This type of game really interests me. One question I have is could you build your "party" with Warlord minis from various factions to give a more D&D like feel and still use the Warlord rules? This would give me a chance to paint up some of the minis outside the dwarf faction without feeling guilty about not working on my dwarves :) Decado
  19. As much as I hate bards (In RPGs) I really like the Klocke bards and the dynamic pose of the Klocke warrior. I also think the hafling pirate is a riot. He would make a cool NPC for my Saltmarsh Campaign. I must have them when they are released. Decado
  20. I am a big fan of dwarves and really enjoy painting them. I think these are some really great sculpts and would definately buy them. The ogre too! I like the beards on them as they set them apart from other dwarf sculpts. Please let us know when they are going to be available. Decado
  21. I think they are all really well done but the assassin is my favorite. The black robes are awesome. Decado
  22. Those are pretty sad looking. It does not give me much hope of them doing decent Conan minis. Decado
  23. As much as I like computer RP games they will, for me, never replace PN RPGing. You just cannot get the same feeling of camaraderie with a CRPG IMO. What is really the seller for me on CRPG is the visual feedback and if they are really good the story draws you in as well. I do not think too many of the CRPGs pull off the story aspect that well. Decado
  24. That you have Flynn but those are still nicely done! Decado
  25. Martin's Game of Thrones is really good stuff. I have read the first two in the series and the only reason I have held off starting the third is that I want to read some unread books I have before buying more. I finished Inheritance tonight...not a bad read. I will get the rest of the trilogy as I hate having only a partial series. I started The Vampire Genevieve tonight. A long time ago I read Beasts in Velvet but was unable to find the rest of the books until the omnibus was released. After I finish this I am not sure what is next on the reading list. Decado
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