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  1. Werner Klocke is my favorite. I also like Jim Johnson and Jason Weibe. Decado
  2. Felix and Gotrek are great characters. I was so taken with them that after I read the series I bought the GW minis. Someday I will have to paint them up. Gotrek is the perfect D&D Battlerager IMO. C.L Werner's books are some of the best Warhammer as well. I have read Blood & Steel and need to get the rest of the Brunner novels. The Witch Hunter series has been a really good read so far. I was a little disappointed that the second novel was alot shorter then the first but this seems to be a trend with all Warhammer novels. I also liked the Ambassador Chronicles by Graham McNeill. What I really like about the Warhammer novels over other gaming fiction is the stories seem to have more grit and for the most part you never know who is going to to get killed off. I know they are not great literature but they are very enjoyable reads IMO. Based on my enjoyment of the novels I have also started buying the new Warhammer RPG. At some point I will run a campaign, So many ideas so little time . Decado
  3. joshuaslater, Right now I am reading Inheritance book One of the Von Carstein Trilogy by Steven Savile. So far the book is really good but I am wonder where these events take place in the chronology of Warhammer world. Have you read this one yet? Decado
  4. Flynn, No need to apologize you did a stand up job of making sure everyone received a mini. You painted Corvus-Overlord Sgt. for me. I used it in my current D&D campaign until that character was killed. Now it sits proudly in my display case. Thanks again. Decado
  5. Thank you for the updated pics! Decado
  6. I just sent my girlfriend a link to your Con pics and she is now telling me she wants us to go next year! Time to start saving $$$$! Thanks for the pics! Those banners are awesome. i think Reaper should sell them so I can decorate my gaming room. Decado
  7. There are so many great minis in the Warlord line that it is hard to pick. I am currently slowly (very slowly ) building a Necropolis and Dwarf army. Others that I really like are the Crusaders and the Elves. My choice is based on looks alone as I have yet to play a game of Warlord. Decado
  8. joshuaslater, I am not sure but I would buy it in a second. For gaming type fiction I think the Warhammer novels are the best. I do not have nearly as many Warhammer novels as you do but I really enjoyed the Witch Hunter series and Gotrek & Felix novels. I have many more that I have enjoyed as well but those are the my immeadiate favorites. Decado
  9. I am considering it as I was in the one Flynn ran and had a great time (and got a great mini from Flynn!). Reading through the rules I am not sure I qualify as I have not posted in the Show Off section in years. Decado
  10. Wow that looks really great. The face is really well done, I like his expression alot. Yet another mini to add to my "Need to Buy List." Decado
  11. Vido is a great supporting character and the Zavant novel is one of my favorites in the Warhammer line. I wish Rennie would write another. Decado
  12. I have seen one pictured with the new GW giant. I am not sure if he is an exclusive mini that comes with the giant or available for sale on his own. Decado
  13. For a better look at what can be done with metallic paint do a search on the forum for minis painted by Stern Krestlemann. He does awesome work with metallic paint. Look for his older posts as he has gone over to the Dark Side, er...NMM side now Decado
  14. My latest longest running characters are a 1/2 elf and a human. I really like dwarves and one of these days I will play one. Decado
  15. Hey Qwyksilver, What did you create for characters? Decado
  16. I think Garrity's eyes and faces are the most difficult to paint. It is the primary reason I buy very few of her minis. Decado
  17. Haldir, We will be playing tomorrow night if you are interested. We are more then willing to help you out with any quests you might need assistance with. Decado
  18. Martin's Game of Throne series is very good. I have been reading the second one off and on and every time I think I am going to put it down for something else it snares me in. I am also a big fan of the Black Library Warhammer novels. Some of the most entertaining gaming fiction I have read. Decado
  19. That looks really great. The first pictures were good but the second pics really sold me on the project. It reminded me of some of the dungeons that I have played in D&D Online. Very cool and inspiring. Decado
  20. We played Wednesday night, kinda of a blah session, however I did make it to 4th level. 68 hp, 20 str and specialized in slashing weapons makes for a good time! Activity is slower during the week and the party I put together was not all that great about working together. I am also having some PC issues and my machine is locking up everytime combat begins. I am in hopes to get this worked out soon. No playing this weekend as I took an OT shift. Oh well I will have to do a marathon session next week! My roomate and i are keeping an eye out for you Haldir. Decado
  21. Haldir, Glad you are liking your new character! I ditched my starter weapons as soon as I found better ones. I am almost 4th level and it has not come back to haunt me. My roomate and i are planning to play tonight around 7:00 pm EST. I will keep an eye out for you. Decado
  22. Haldir, My roomate and I are playing alot this weekend, or are at least planning too. If you want to join up with us let me know. We try to emphasize teamwork when we are going through the dungeons, just seems more fun that way. I have alot of fun with my female dwarf fighter, but then again I have always liked playing the fighter types. I have played with a couple different clerics and they always did well when it came to combat. I think maybe some people just play certain classes better then others. I know I have never had much luck playing mages in NWN. Decado
  23. Haldir, Sorry to hear your not enjoying the game. Finding the right group to play with is so very important I think. My roommate and I have joined with groups before and can usually tell if we are going to like it or not. Our best times are when we recruit our own group. I am looking forward to this coming Sunday evening very much. Decado
  24. Another great session last night. We did not meet with any of our previous group, one was a no show and the other was out of town, but did join up with a couple other players and had a great time. My friends list is slowly growing. I also started my own Guild, The Burning Blades[/b], and have recruited a few members. Looks like I will be playing here in a few minutes. I am close to 3rd level and want to check out the Marketplace, which I just gained access too. How is everyone else doing? Decado
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