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  1. The base looks awesome and very realistic. I can't wait to see this project progress. Decado
  2. The wings and head of Bile are definately different then Blacksting's. I am looking forward to seeing Reaper's version of Tiamat. Decado
  3. Wow that looks awesome and is very inspiring. I would like to see those 1st & 2nd place winners. Decado
  4. I tried to sign the slip but it needed to be signed in person. I did however come across the UPS truck during my patrol and got my order. Now I just need a few more items to set up the new paint station with. Decado
  5. Well that figures my order total was $100.50. It just continues the trend of bad luck I have had ordering stuff from anywhere (except for my last Reaper order, thier 2-day delivery rocks) for the last 3 months. Decado
  6. Thats a bummer, she would have been more then welcome in our group. Decado
  7. I finally got through to a real live person and they said the company requested a signed delivery. Does Reaper do this for orders that over a certain dollar amount? I will keep an eye out for the truck tomorrow while I am on patrol. It would not be the first time I have had to pull over a delivery truck to get my stuff. Erion, I signed the slip that they left yesterday but it required signing in person. It was very agravating seeing that they dropped off one package and kept my other. Decado
  8. Erion, Are you on the Adar server? What we discovered during the last sessions is that you cannot jump to different servers with the same character. What level is your hafling? Our party is level 2 with my character slightly ahead with almost 3 ranks. Haldir, Glad to see that you are getting into the game more. I agree it is a great filer for someone that cannot play D&D face to face. Finding the right group is extremly important. We joined a group briefly Sunday night and it went basically no where. Decado
  9. My girlfriend ordered me a large amount of Reaper MSP Triads so I could set up a painting station at her house. For some reason UPS will not leave the package at my house unless I sign for it. This aggravates me as they left another Reaper order recently on my steps without question and dropped another package off today but not my Reaper order. So I figure maybe if I call them I can get it worked out. Oh no instead I get this automated voice system (the person that invented that technology needs to be gut stomped) that does not help me at all. So now that I am on the last of my two days off I need to figure out how I can sign for it tomorrow while I am working. Sorry for the rant folks. Decado
  10. That looks really good, I like the dark colors alot. The base is also really good. It is the first time I have seen a back shot of her and I never knew she had a sword. Nicely done. Decado
  11. We played again on Sunday night and it was the best session to date. We linked up with a couple other players who are interested in meeting/playing on a regular basis. Our party consisted of a dwarven barbarian, dwarven fighter, hafling cleric and hafling rogue. We are still looking for another fighter type and possible a mage to round out our ranks, but we did really well and completed several quests. We have set up Sunday night as our night to play as a group and I am really looking forward to our next session. I loved NWN but IMO this game is really a step beyond NWN. Of course that does not mean that I wont be buying NWN2 this summer Decado
  12. Great work Stern. The staff really rocks. Man is it golf season already? Decado
  13. Great to see you posting your work again. I think you did a great job on this mini. I have painted it and mine did not have a metal platye on her face. Decado
  14. Issues #118-121. They are awesome maps. I have considered buying the issues again just to have a second copy of the map. Decado
  15. Haldir, If you are available this Sunday night you are more then welcome to join up with my roomate and I. Grouping is really the way to go. I do not even play when my roommate is not around, solo play doesn't appeal to me at all. Even the little we played with a 3rd person showed me that grouping is more fun and we have wanted to add a cleric to our group. Shoot me an e-mail if your interested. Decado
  16. I have no interest in goldfarming....seems a little much if you ask me. Last night we had a barbarian join our duo for a brief period. Good times and it really showed that the more players you have the better off you are. I played all morning, in between painting, and finally got my dwarf to 2nd level. Life is good! We are planning to play again on Sunday night EST on the Ardar server if anyone is intersted in joining up. Decado
  17. Haldir, To be honest I am not sure which server we are using, I think it is the Arda server. We should be on most of the night and my character's name is Freja Shieldbreaker (female dwarf fighter). My roomate is playing a hafling rogue. Speaking of my roomate, he just called and told me that he saw on Ebay that a guy was selling 100 platnium pieces in D&D Online for like $100! WTH? Decado
  18. My roomate and I thought the graphics were very good. I have never played WOW so I can not compare the two. Swimming can be a pain especially if you get stuck on a ladder while swimming through a tunnel...that nearly did me in. I think grouping up is the way to go. I know our fighter/rogue duo would benifit from some support. Still all in all a fun game and I am in hopes to play some tonight. Decado
  19. Wow another great VL. I really like this entire model but I think the blues and freehand are my favorite parts. I just ordered this mini, along with several others I am planning for a diorama, tonight. Thanks for giving me some inspiration to paint her! Decado
  20. My roomate and I took the plunge yesterday. So far the game has been pretty fun and we left off last night 200 points from Rank 2. The only annoying part is it gets laggy in the social areas because it is so busy. I am running a female dwarven fighter, named Freja Shieldbreaker. She is styled after the Freja Warlord mini, one of my favorites. Who else is playing? Decado
  21. Wow that really that is really awesome. I have always really liked your work but I think this is one of my favorites. Great job! Decado
  22. Looks great so far Stern. I look forward to the finished version! Decado
  23. Awesome work Stern! I am glad to see you were able to locate this mini. He is on my list of minis to buy for sure. Decado
  24. McGaven was great in "A Christmas Story" Decado
  25. I knew the name Darren McGaven was familar. It is rather ironic that today in the mail I received all 20 episodes of Kolchak The Night Stalker series on DVD. Both great actors who will be missed. Decado
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