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  1. I cast another vote for Greyhawk as I have been using it for over 20 years. It has enough info to get you started but isnt so overly detailed that you have a hard time putting in your own stuff. The maps that Dungeon released are awesome and are even referenced in the Saltmarsh section of DMG II (an awesome book btw). One of the things that drew me to Dungeon mag was the amount of Greyhawk adventures they produced. I am running my players through one now and it has been kicking thier butts! Decado
  2. Does anyone know if it will be possible to just play LAN between two computers and not pay a monthly fee? I am not a big fan of the monthly fee. Decado
  3. Nicely done Stern. When I first saw this mini I actually did not care for it too much but your painted version has changed my opinion. Well done! Decado
  4. Awesome group shot! I agree and it was was the first thing I thought of when I saw the group pic, those need to be placed before a group of players during a game. The looks on thier faces would be priceless. Decado
  5. It definately reminds me of the Grinch as well but I think it ilooks awesome. What are you using for sculpting material? Decado
  6. I am thinking about getting it if I can talk my roomate into buying it as well. Our current game of choice is Joint Operation. Decado
  7. Great job. I think this is one of your best. Decado
  8. Valloa, Thanks for the pic and nicely done! Decado
  9. That is a great looking mini. I am not sure I would have allowed it in my Star Wars campaign either but it sure would have been tempting! Great work! Decado
  10. Does anyone have a link to a picture of this mini? I am a fan of Parkinson's work and would love to see it. I am really looking forward to the release of his Northwatch Dragon & Rider by Darksword minis. Decado
  11. Wow awesome dragon with an awesome paintjob. I am generally not a fan of SG sculpts but boy she can create some dragons! Decado
  12. That looks great Stern I can't wait to see her done. Decado
  13. She looks great so far Stern. I am casting my vote for the two tone armor as well. Decado
  14. Thanks guys that answered my question perfectly. Decado
  15. I have a question for the experts here. I am new to Warlord and am putting together a Necropolis Army. Are there models that you cannot use together in the same army from the Necro list? Decado
  16. That really rocks! I definately would buy one or more!! Please keep us posted. Decado
  17. She looks really good Stern. The purple tabard is my favorite part. It really jumps out at you and offsets the armor nicely. Decado
  18. Very nicely done. I had never seen this mini before and your conversion looks totally natural. I also really like your reds. Decado
  19. Stern I think he looks great. To me he looks creepy and instantly made me think of the deformed mask wearing brother in the movie House of Wax. Great job! Decado
  20. He looks great so far Stern. I like the skintone and that armor is a very different take then any other versions I have seen. I can't wait to see the finished version! Decado
  21. I have seen this model at my FLGS. It is a great looking piece and I have a mini diorama in mind using that model. Decado
  22. Hey Stern the second set of pics are great. Really good job on her. You NMM skills are coming along nicely, but I am still missing your metals I had begun prepping mine for painting but then succeeded in stabbing my thumb with an Xacto knife. I do want to paint her soon though, thanks for the inspiration. Decado
  23. Hey Stern, Sorry for the late reply bro. I think you have done a great job on this model, in fact there is not a part I do not like. I have her sister and need to add this one to my collection. Now I have a guide for both of them. Decado
  24. This looks awesome and the play by play is really great. I am going to point a friend, who plans to paint this model, in the direction of this post. Great job and thanks for sharing!! Decado
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