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  1. lionmane, Who is the author of that series? I will be picking up the second book to The Game of Thrones series Saturday. I just can't resist. Decado
  2. Holy crap that cloak is awesome! Awesome work! Decado
  3. So far the entire book has been really hard to put down. I probably should have waited until the series is finished but oh well. I also keep telling myself that I will go back and read The Wheel of Time once the series is finally finished. It should be a fine way to finish out my final years in the old folks home. Decado
  4. The delay between books was what kept me from starting to read them earlier. I was soured on these types of series by Jordan's Wheel of Time series. However, the owner of my FLGS is a huge fan of the Song of Ice and Fire series and recommended it to me. He was also selling The Game of Thrones for $ 4.00 so I could not resist. I am hoping that the next books come a little quicker then 5 years. Hoping but not holding my breath... Decado
  5. I just started reading this book and I must say I am totally hooked! In fact I am so hooked I went out and bought the RPG today. The RPG book is probably one of the most visually appealing RPG books I have seen. I had to stop reading the RPG due to spoilers. I am really looking forward to the rest of the series. Decado
  6. I like alot of the models from all the factions except for Neskofar, that factions just does nothing for me. My hands down favorite are the Dwarves, all except the shieldmaidens, which were a huge and utter disappointment. If I had the money I would own many of the models despite the fact that I am planning to play Dwarves and Necropolis. Decado
  7. I like the original version over the new. I will be getting him and 9 Crimson Knights at some point to field in a Necropolis army I am starting. Decado
  8. Regarding the slot showing in the base I always fill it with glue and whatever basing materials I am using. I have not used cork to base a mini (yet!) so I cannot help you there. Decado
  9. Nice work Stern, your NMM skills are improving rapidly. I really like the sword, shield, cape and of course the base. BTW thank you for sending me the pic of your version of Sister Catherine...very nicely done. Decado
  10. Wow that board looks awesome and alot of fun to play on. My friend and I are getting into Warlord and I was wondering how a Dungeon Crawl game works? Great looking board! Decado
  11. A DM after my own heart! Nothing is a fun as the look of terror on your players face after you place a nasty mini on the battle matt. I cannot wait to use the Boar Demon I have painted, my players know it is going to happen and they are dreading that day. Those two minis rock! What are you using for a background on the ogre-magi? Decado
  12. Great job Stern! I am actually sad to see your metal work go, it is some awesome work. It looks like you have a good start on your NMM skills as well. Decado
  13. I really like the looks of this dragon and will definately be adding it to my wish list. Any word on a release date and where can I view Talin's concept art? Decado
  14. I play in a Forgotten Realms campaign run by my best friend. It has been the most enjoyable campaign I have ever played in. I have bought him a few sourcebooks over the years and I have always been really impressed with the quality of the FR books. I would recommend the FR Campaign book and the Silver Marches book if the campaign is going to be set in that area. Decado
  15. Mash was my first thought as well but it does not really fit your character description. Good luck! Decado
  16. Stern, That looks simply amazing. I have always been very impressed with the way you use inks, the results you get are awesome. Thank you for posting your work. Decado
  17. Great conversion!. I have this same mini and was toying with the idea of removing the hammer and adding a torch. I am glad i am not the only one that sees this mini as Solomon Kane. He is perfect for Warhammer as well. Decado
  18. Those boards are awesome! Thank you for the inspiration. Decado
  19. I think the sculpt itself looks a little skinny but the way you painted it is great. I really like the work you did on the bow and the sword. Decado
  20. I watched it with a couple of my gaming buddies, fully expecting it to suck. We were pleasantly surprised by the movie. It was not LOTR by any stretch of the imagination but I thought it was waaaay better then the first one. Being a long time World of Greyhawk fan I really liked the references that the characters made to some of the 1st edition D&D modules. Decado
  21. That is really an awesome job. The base makes it complete. Thanks for posting it. Decado
  22. I came across my version of this mini yesterday and thought of this conversion. Did you ever get it painted? If so I would love to see a pic! Decado
  23. Very nicely done! I never cared much for this sculpt until now. It reminds me of something out of a Warhammer novel. The gloss varnish on the intestines is a great idea! Decado
  24. Those look awesome VL. The nose looks perfect to me. I just happend to be looking over my shipment of Freebooter minis at the same time I looked at your pics. Thanks for the inspiration! Decado
  25. Very nicely done. I have that Freebooter Chaos Warrior coming from fantization.com. Can't wait to paint him up!
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