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  1. Well... Not sure how to actually respond much, but I did see a line of near-modern minis made by Reaper... Thing is, I only saw two in said line, and they look to be very old... Something about Sandra Garritty's Superheroes or some-such... Any info on these from anybody?
  2. Just like you with that post? (You forgot the question... ;) )
  3. Ah... You want the 72mm Balor or Pit Fiend... ;) Or perhaps a 72mm Succubus? Oh, wait... they have a bit of those... Though not exactly evil, per se... ;)
  4. Six or so... Cool, Warming, Hot, Hell, Hotter Than Hell, Monsoon Ever been to Phoenix in June?
  5. I'm still trying to figure out how she ended up with this ugly bugger: http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...at=0&page=1
  6. Considering my first character was a Minotaur samurai... I'd hope the ninja would be possible... Hmmm... Come to think of it... Let's get a Minotaur Samurai mini! As well as Minotaur wizard... Just for shear malice...
  7. Well, that's... interesting... Would that be similar to Catholic Schoolgirl Sophie? Then again, with Sophie you almost can't go wrong... ::wonders what Valentine's Day Sophie would look like::
  8. My mother's pinwheels. Don't you like chocolate and vanilla cookies swirled in one?
  9. Smells Like Nirvana Ever hear his song about Star Wars?
  10. Quite true... I mean... An unemployed succubus? How much trouble can she NOT get into?
  11. Toss up between Jack Nicholson's Joker and Jim Carey's Riddler... I think I'd choose the Joker 'cause he was just cool... Which would you choose?
  12. I think that Reaper did make a bulette... They called it a Burrowing Horror, however. 02919, if I remember the number correctly. That said, a fully emerged bulette at the least would be cool.
  13. That sounds similar to the elf mentioned (and pictured) in Oriental Adventures (D&D 3.0)... Thing is, I wouldn't mind seeing an elf samurai... Or a dwarf... Or even a half-orc... Though the last might not be such a bad looking thing. A newer Ogre Mage for Dark Heaven wouldn't be bad either.
  14. Can't tell myself... Because I didn't think an aircraft was the size of a 'MECH! Just seemed weird anyway... ;)
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