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  1. Has anyone ever created a freelance / stand-in army for warlord? I recently aquired a bunch of old clan war mini's and am going to put togeather a samurai warlord army. Has anyone one else done this? if so what did you do?
  2. It would be a cool game to play if you were to use the perry bro's samurai miniatures, but the warlord rules. use usual samurai/ashigaru minis for the raider force, and for the defenders use the armed pesants/ikko-ikki for the pesants, and the unarmoured samurai as the magnificant 7. i have a bunch of the mini's. they are smaller than warlord mini's (true 28mm) but it would be a cool historical alternative using great and simple rules. check out the minis @ thewarstore.com or perry-miniatures.com
  3. Warlord Elves: elven hound familiar more to come
  4. Anyone know where we can purchase some plain old warlord bases, the new style, with the beveled edges?
  5. now why couldnt they have just spelled it out that simple in the 2nd edition? this rule still applys in the 2nd edition printing of the rules tho, i have some players that need some convincing.
  6. About the whole 1mm LOS corridor rule... Anyone know where this is printed?
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