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  1. Yeah. I have been unable to find a good red paint that covers well. I may try and pick up some tamiya paints and see what they do.
  2. What sane person would actually chop up a perfectly fine Animated Lockdown figure you ask!? ME! (but most agree I am not all that sane ) This transformer is actually a little mod I did last week. The shoulder pads were carved to lie down straighter, the hands were carved so they extended fully. The decepticon symbols were scrapped off and I painted the chest a new shade of green and the forearms to match the package picture. I also painted the face to show more detail. All in all a good short project. I did screw up a bit on the windows though so they ended up kinda frosted, looks okay but I will make sure to tape them off next time. And yes he is still fully transformable and pose-able! The next project I have on my bench is a Plain Model grade of Gurren Lagaan.
  3. I am thinking of running a Pathfinder RPG for some friends in the next few months. I get to work on it bit by bit but I have started to notice that all the kingdoms are starting to kind of mesh together and look the same. So I ask for your assistance. If you want to write up a kingdom (or already have one you run in your games) I will put it in the campaign I am building. In addition I will gather up all the entries and put them together into a campaign setting that I will make available for download with each author credited for their work. The setting has some high magic in it but not to the extent of settings like Forgotten Realms. Of the core races in the hand book the only ones that I do not require a kingdom/territory for are the Gnomes. I am sorry to all gnome fans out there but I have never really been a big fan of them. I like variety and interesting things so if you have curve balls go ahead and pitch them I will also be posting the ones I am working on when I get time from school. Thank you for reading, and all your assistance Prophet
  4. Things to do in life Item #45- Move to Charleston SC and get into a game run by Froggy the Great Your projects are always a joy to look at :)
  5. So my friends talked me into trying the game. They played it a lot when it first came out. So I got online and started downloading the game. They had nothing but good things to say about it. Does anyone here play? And if so on what Server? my friends told me to play on classic servers.
  6. Just a quick snap shot of the Battlemaster I painted up. I filled the base in and need to add rocks and stuff to it. Comments and Critiques welcome
  7. This really is SOOO much better in real life. The sepia shades are really well done and the whole piece is amazing. I am glad Shakandara was the one that painted my exchange mini
  8. Maybe you need to paint your own, then! I hear you, though. Whenever I go to church, I find myself passing a cricical eye over all the statuary, evaluating the painting and sculpting of each one. I really need to get myself a nice crucifix to paint sometime. My grandma would kill me
  9. I saw this at gencon. It turned out really cool. Though I did notice that the elve's swords were kind of bent. Did you intentionally do that?
  10. If the Witch King had the Voice of Starscream in the movie I would have enjoyed the film even more!
  11. That is a very nice set. I wish our Christmas set looked that good >.<
  12. I need to assemble and base eight Anima Tactics miniatures so I can demo them for my friends. The fidly bits are going to kill me I guess I SHOULD be working on my Chaos Space Marine 40k technique improvement army. But three hours of sculpting just doesn't look that appealing to me right now, so I will stick with the Anima Tactics figures.
  13. I used that fusion razor with five blades and a single trim blade when I shaved my head. It kept it pretty close for about a week and a half for me.
  14. Thats quite a broad statement. And what of the authors that came before Tolkien and Lewis? Like Robert E. Howard and the other pulp era authors? Clearly they had access to time travel devices. I mean, it is all speculative fiction Maybe Lovecraft, but he was more horror than fantasy
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