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  1. Anybody have an idea of where to get Fenryll miniatures? New Wave used to have them, but doesn't anymore. Guess they ticked of Fenryll too. I've looked all over but can only seem to find a few here and there or the full line from France. I was hoping for a US distributor. Thanks Y'all
  2. Here's what I do, but I am no Golden Demon winner or anything, your results may vary. I use a white primer, then Reaper's Flesh as a base, then a quick ink wash of GW Flesh Wash. After that, I highlight with Reaper's Flesh thinned down a bit. Then a lighter highlight on top of that. Just my two cents.
  3. Just a danger note here! Be warned that some superglue/epoxy reactions can be violent and nasty! I recently was working on a terrain piece based with 2 part epoxy and dripped some superglue on it while it was still curing. The result was a VERY exothermic reaction with lots of noxious and probably poisonous vapors. I love the effect, don't get me wrong, just use caution and lots of ventilation. And don't forget the cyan in cyanocryolate is the root word of cyanide. Well, that's a happy little post now isn't it?
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