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    God above all and work in children's ministry, gaming (although this has been neglected for the past few years and I need to fix that), painting (another massively neglected aspect of my life), and acting. I'm an active SCA rapier fighter. I tend to get involved to all kinds of things and have fun doing it.

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  1. In Battletech I used a lot of artillery and ended up with charts for predetermined target points and flight time when playing on large scale boards since some of it doesn't land same turn. When I started over with IF with CAV I had little colored chits for each of my IF units. I liked to call in all my fire at once and then start rolling to see where it went. It wasn't hard to keep track of that at all.
  2. I did some alterations on mine and found that when I clipped them I just had to dip them in hot water, bend them where I wanted them and then wash cold water over them and they stayed very close to where I wanted.
  3. I like the cardstock ones from Fat Dragon Games. Buy the file and print all the ones that you want. And they have directions to make them so they open and close.
  4. I remeber this change well. It made the Rhino's a nightmare at a much larger range. With the high RAV it chewed up everything before you could get into a prime band to have a shot at hurting it.
  5. A couple that make the list that haven't been mentioned yet that I saw Toxic Avenger Six String Samurai
  6. The Okuran's would fit well into that book as well. I do believe if I remember correctly that they were on an island in the northeast of Adon.
  7. I loved watching M.A.S.K and had a few of the toys as well. I remember watching Spiral Zone and Pirates of Dark Water too.
  8. For anyone who wants a nicely compiled list Watchman has done a great job here. Its well laid out and lets you plow through the lists easily and see where that particular version of the unit came from. Well done.
  9. I haven't painte a mini in far too long and it time I got back into it and this would be a great incentive. Count me in. I'll have to take a look through my dragons and see what I have that needs some love.
  10. I like the streamline of it and it played out nice and smooth. It brings things around back to the basics and keeps the number of steps easy to work with. I was playing with a nice section of Outlaws and it allowed a nice quick peppering of the enemy.
  11. You would be very correct there, Vince. I always get people asking how I its a legal army and just show them the proxy rules and suddenly people are diving into the catalog and old minis are dug up from ages past and are perfectly fine.
  12. Warlord is an incredible game to play and has so many facets to keep you coming. The game play is fairly well balanced so that if you really want a themed army you aren't going to be necessarily hampered just because you went with it. I faded away from the game due to life and moving, its hard to play when your minis are sitting in storage, but have been getting things back together to get some more games in. The proxy rules make for a great chance to come up with an army that you not only enjoy the feel of but the look as well. I have an oriental merc army that is just a blast to play and looks cool on the table as well. Usually its just a matter of getting in a few games where people can see you and it comes to life.
  13. Well a bit of Thread-o-mancy here. Are there any other SCA members here? I understand the distain of politics that can happen with them but also discovered that there are plenty of ways to completely avoid them and still have fun. Even more so when you find people outside your group who you enjoy talking with. Its great to get to some of the events and see your extented family. Its a lot like going to conventions where you get to see some of the people you only get to see once a year or so.
  14. The ability to engage the enemy in the way you want and with which models you want really makes charging in an advantage. Remember this isn't a GW game where when you charge you have to make sure every model engages something else. everyone in your troop can gang up on one person if they want to and makes sure they aren't around to focus anything next activation.
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