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  1. In Battletech I used a lot of artillery and ended up with charts for predetermined target points and flight time when playing on large scale boards since some of it doesn't land same turn. When I started over with IF with CAV I had little colored chits for each of my IF units. I liked to call in all my fire at once and then start rolling to see where it went. It wasn't hard to keep track of that at all.

  2. Vil, just be careful of range. For a short time they bumped the Rhino's range up to 20 inches and the impact it had was crazy. It owned about every weapon at all ranges just due to that small change.

    I remeber this change well. It made the Rhino's a nightmare at a much larger range. With the high RAV it chewed up everything before you could get into a prime band to have a shot at hurting it.

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  3. Warlord is an incredible game to play and has so many facets to keep you coming. The game play is fairly well balanced so that if you really want a themed army you aren't going to be necessarily hampered just because you went with it. I faded away from the game due to life and moving, its hard to play when your minis are sitting in storage, but have been getting things back together to get some more games in. The proxy rules make for a great chance to come up with an army that you not only enjoy the feel of but the look as well. I have an oriental merc army that is just a blast to play and looks cool on the table as well. Usually its just a matter of getting in a few games where people can see you and it comes to life.

  4. Well a bit of Thread-o-mancy here. Are there any other SCA members here? I understand the distain of politics that can happen with them but also discovered that there are plenty of ways to completely avoid them and still have fun. Even more so when you find people outside your group who you enjoy talking with. Its great to get to some of the events and see your extented family. Its a lot like going to conventions where you get to see some of the people you only get to see once a year or so.

  5. I'm glad we have official clarification on this one but I think that this is one that will need put in the clarification topic because I do believe that with some of the wording it can be a bit decieving as to the effect for stealth. It was the fact that spells had a range and that they targeted models that lead me to think that stealth would wrk against them. I've never actually needed to cast a spell at a stealth model before so it never really came up in game play. Thanks.

  6. Now if I read Stealth correctly it says you cannot target a model with a ranged attack if it is more than 12" away. In this case it doesn't say if that ranged attack is an arrow or a magical spell. It just says ranged attack which means you couldn't target it with your spell any easier than you could with an archer.

  7. I wish that Kjord was included, would love to have a viking/barbarian faction for warlord.


    Honestly there really isn't much stopping you from doing that now. I wanted an army from Okura so I took the Merc list and based it around Haranobu, Mika, and the Okuran ronin figures. I then went in and proxied Ogre Mages for my minotuars, converted a Mika for Artemis, grabbed a ninja for Dendris and I had a legal force that looked the way I wanted it to. Sadly I had to proxy in a few 100 kingdoms minis for my merc spearmen and crossbowmen since Reaper doesn't have bows or naginatas just yet. I'm waiting for Jason Wiebe to sculpt a couple of those and then I can go 100% Reaper.


    For your Kjord army I would go with Orba and Sigurd for a nice solid start. 6054 is a 4 pack of Kjord warriors that you can flesh out as merc axemen or just warriors, 2306 would make a good caster depending on if you wanted to use much magic or not. Just type in viking in the figure finder and it gives you a nice selection of minis to work with. Don't let the lack of a book keep you from fielding an army that fits what you want.


    I hope to be able to post my Okuran force here before too long but they are still well into the primer stage of painting.



    good luck

  8. Mercs


    Troop 1


    Tallis, Cleric of Ishnar

    Okuran x 4

    Mercenary Spearman x 2



    Troop 2

    Grundor Hoardtaker

    Okuran x 3

    Mercenary Spearman x 2



    Troop 3



    Mercenary Crossbowman x 3


    Troop 4

    Stone Giant


    Troop 5

    Nakaraat, Hydra


    23 models. I really wasn't looking at model count when I was building my force but it fell nicely within that grouping as well.

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