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  1. Yarrin leans back in his chair quietly. Closing his eyes he sinks deep inside his being and begins softly chaning a prayer to Procan seeking divine guidance to this latest divergence in his life. Is this the path that leads to his will? Or is this a detour pulling him in the wrong direction.


    As the minutes roll past a smile crosses his lips as the peace of understanding gently descends on him, it appears that Yarrin will be seeing the manor house once more.

  2. Initiative:13


    Bashar's eyes narrow dangerously at the sight of the foul little creatures tearing through the crowd. "These people are not for sport, beast." Basahr says drawing his blade and rushing in. Hearing chanting coming from behind he sweeps in towards one side of the goblins to try and avoid any incoming spell. Risk of not he will not leave the townsfolk at the mercy of these fiends.


    Attack: 10

  3. post-2525-1202182598_thumb.jpg

    The Concrete Jungle


    If you go out in the woods today...


    Sergei and Outek ponder the next moved on the City Board


    Forces go head to head


    Neighborhood watch at its finest


    Ritts playing in the mud


    Mike....why all the damage counters? :rolleyes:


    An Assassin says hi to a cruise missle


    The Rach move in


    Castlebuilder could have sworn he had more units just a minute ago


    Revenant running down the last stand of infantry

  4. "The dead are support to be in the ground not walking it, " Ray mumbles as he tips his head towards Toth. "Sheriff see what you can do out front, we'll take a look at the back door."


    "Toth, do you ever get the feeling that its going to just be one of those days?"

  5. Bashar wanders through the booths admiring the handywork of the merchants. Enjoying a bit of time actually seeing the town he has been in for months, he strolls slowly whistling a hymn. Hearing the sudden screeching he whirls, "What in Sarenrae's blessed name is that?"



  6. Why would you have to wait till they got on the table to put infantry in them? If they have transport capability then fill them up. Of course you wouldn't be able to use your infantry until the flight section was on the table but that's the price you pay for using non-section mate transports.







    I can see Strikes being resolved with other Ranged attacks (man that would be a blessing) but I still feel that Ranged and Close Combat attacks are two separate phases. I guess it comes from playing Warlord but it just feels right in the game flow.

  7. "Well it was quite an evening we had so I'm sure they are just resting it off though I think I'll be checking on them myself before long. I wish to say once more that we are sorry for having to disturb the Lady last night but I am glad that her property is once mroe in her hands." Yarrin looks about for the innkeeper as his stomache growls. "Is there something else that you wish of us perhaps Lady Kora?"

  8. I'm with Stubb on this one, I was going to go with a better indirect CAV but I'm still looking over the Treb before tossing in that vote. I'd like to see a fast air class transport like the Lynx. The Czar is ok but I want my infantry on top of the enemy yesterday.

    I would also like to see the Paladin make a reappearance. The Centurion is a great super but I'd like to see another big monster out there on the field.

  9. I'd like to see another Recon CAV. The Nomad and Stalker make a nice pair for covering your vehicles but I'd go for something to back up a heavy armor section.


    A mid priced hard target killer. The Assassin is nice but I'd love a bit of variety in the selection. I find myself wanting to pair them up with Tator '60's


    Actually I wouldn't mind seeing more soft targets to use my Shredder units on ::P:

  10. The Eidolon doesn't have any IAs... :unsure:



    And what really makes you wonder why the Eidolon has the CFP is because every Fire Support Malvie unit already has a CFP. I think I would have saved the points on it given that it's CFP would only have a 24" range. Or maybe go ahead and give it some type of IA so it could join in on the fun too.

  11. Well 8 months of quiet is far too much...



    The Stalker vs the Eidolon


    The Stalker:



    Better Armor




    ECM and EST built in

    Better weapons


    Its a CAV and CAVs are cool


    Both: Same DTs and same TC's that degrade at the exact same rate.



    In a straight up comparision I'd have to say that I'd take the Stalker over the Eidolon every single time.

  12. The rapping on the door brings Yarrin back from the peaceful meditation of his prayers and he slowly rises from the floor. Taking a quick look around the room to make sure all is as it should be he walks to the door and asks, "Yes?"

  13. PAtiently waiting in line, Bashar finally makes it up to the White Deer's booth. "The venison smells perfect," he says with a broad smile. A butterfly perches for a moment on his bald head and he rolls his eyes upward towards the small visitor. "well it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so."


    Taking his plate of food the dwarf looks around for a table and finally finds a spot that is vacant. "Time to enjoy the fruits of labor, even if those fruits are meat," he says to one of the people sharing the table.

  14. "And hot lead doesn't seem to even give them pause. It looks like we're going to have to take them apart if we want to have a chance of making it out of this. Do you have some shotgun shells with something a bit bigger than birdshot?" Ray asks.

  15. "Well I'll see everyone on shore then," Yarrin called out with a grin and dove over the side of the boat splashing Tag as he goes under. Breaking into a hearty stroke towards shore he yells back, "Procan's bounty has provided well my friends."

  16. Bashar Deepvein rubbed his calloused hand over his bald pate. The work on the cathedral had been long and hard but had been more than worth it. Although a follower of Sarenrae and not of Desna, Bashar had found it fulfilling to help in the construction of the holy dwelling. His race had always had a natural aptitude with construction and he was pleased that he could be of service in such a noble effort. He leaned his head back and let the gleaming rays of sun shine down upon him and smiled. His Lady's sun was high in the sky, the town was in high spirits, and there was food abounding everywhere.

    Running his fingers down through his golden beard Bashar stretched, his tattoos rippling as his muscles knotted and unknotted. It was time to relax and enjoy the day.

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