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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome evryone. I am fleshing out my character right now making sure I have a good feel for him and his personality. I am going to go with a male dwarven cleric of Sarenrae. I'll post up a bit about him after talking with Randy and getting the ok on him. I'm really looking forward to this one as I really enjoy the Tides game that I'm in.

  2. yeah, after Shards comes out, everyones going to be using the new Rhino w/4 Maxim Ones. :ph34r:


    Hey, I have that mini. And it scares people when I set it on the table. They sigh when it goes back in the case :rolleyes:


    We all know that CAV is a growing game. Unfortunately it is a slow grow, but it is coming along. The best way to help it is to define what works for you and what doesn't. When you find what doesn't work site specific examples of why it doesn't work and if you have any ideas then toss them out there too. This will give people a chance to test them themselves. You don't have to be an 'official playtesster' to give a new idea a run. That way you will not only have a solid point for your likes and dislikes but you will have presented a logical solution to the problem as well.


    I know that there is a lot of people out there that want CAV 2 to be a productive and grow and they are passionate in their opinions of the game. That passion is something that many other games don't have. What we need to do is focus that and CAV will be the Sci-fi/Mecha game to play. Will it be what eevryone wants? Not likely. You can't please everyone everytime. I do see the game as being something that people will enjoy playing for its streamlined play and feel.

  3. Hopefully the Lady has gotten the message and will arrive at the harbormaster's shortly'" Yarrin says. "I send a small friend to let her know that the ship has been recovered from those that were trying to aquire it. Perhaps you should send someone to the harbormaster's to await her arrival and to bring her out here to clarify things for everyone."

  4. 100 Kingdom's tiger swordsman works great. Two different poses. I think Froggy posted a painted pic of one somewhere in show off some time ago.



    Edit: Found Froggy's post but the image didn't work so I foiund the direct link to the pic

  5. Seeing that Toth and Vincent have the questions heading in the right direction, he sees if he can get a set of tracks that haven't been too disturbed and heading away fron the house. "It's time to see which direction the nightmare is coming from this time," he mumbles to himself.

  6. I'm hoping to find out next month, it'll be nice to know precisely when I'll be escaping Maine for more than a day trip. Two wonderous weeks of freedom (I'll be flying back to Maine through Ohio... see family and friends.. perhaps bug Outkast Samurai if he's having a BL demo) and I'll 'forget' my phone charger just like my last vacation ::):


    Demos are always at hand :poke:


    Heck, maybe even full fledged events!

  7. Well at least you had fun and learned at the same time. I learned that while the trolls look real cool and quite a few people have had amazing luck with them, the only thing they have ever done for me was die. The Gaan on the other hand have been incredible in every single engagement I've used them in. The Khonger isn't the melee master that he once was so don't get confused by the old days. The Hydra is something that will put the green fear in your enemy. Re-rolling defensive strikes also makes a world of difference too. I'm betting that you forgot quite a few of those, don't worry every Reptus player does because we effectivly had no SAs for so long. They are a blessing. I see you already found out that a hit or two and most people are swinging at you with auto hits. The Lizards are still best with quite a few troops out there on the table to soak up the damage and T'Kay's healer ability is nice to have lurking in back.

  8. Taking a quick glance around into the gloo surrounding them, Ray eases in towards the body very cautiously. Checking the stained snow he makes sure that the blood is coming from the dead man. Drawing nearer he scans over th ebody thoroughly noting the angle of his limbs and body positioning. "Something just doesn't feel right here," he mutters.

  9. Yarrin turns to the sergant and calmly begins, "The Lady Lavinia Vanderboren contacted each of us to ask our assistance. I cannot speak for the others as to how they were contacted but the gnome you have spoken of, Kora Whistlegap is the one I had contact with first. I met the others," gesturing to his comrades, "at the Vanderboren estate where the Lady told us of the problems that she had had in regards to the Blue Nixie, her ship. She had paid the four months of docking as well as the fines to the man the Harbormaster had put in charge, Soller Vark," Yarrin tips his head in the direction of Vrk's body. "But when Lady Lavinia came to claim her ship she was told that the fines were never paid and she could not have her ship. We were hired to find out just why her ship was still under seizure and to prove that she had already paid this man the monies due."

    "It looks like Vark was using the Nixie to smuggle illegal creatures into the city to sell them on the black market. If he was caught he could just then shift the blame to Lady Vanderboren since this was her ship. Vark dabbled in theft, deception, and murder. He killed this man's brother and threatened him because they were witness to the fines being paid. Procan has watched over us and delivered justice to these defilers."

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