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  1. Macendale is right. The players that are out there are trying to divide up not only their funds but their time as well. Warlord is without a doubt the best fantasy game out there with playability at virtually any point cost. One of the things that can help is being able to set up a given night where you get together and play. Thursday night was the one for us until my daughter started up dance classes on Thursday and pretty much set the stage for where I would be. Sometimes an off night works better than your usual weekend especially if you are starting Warlord out in your area. Also make sure you have a couple small senarios to play out because having a storyline behind your game no matter how small really helps in the draw as well.



    Also don't forget the added bonus to tell your players that learning Warlord then gives you the basics for playing CAV too. A lot of people like getting the two for one deal out of that.

  2. post-2525-1195525711_thumb.jpg

    Putting the board together


    Framework is your friend. At least Warhorse and I think so :upside:


    Initial Deployment


    Set up for the other side


    An overhead view of the objective crash and some of the minefields that the evil Terrans dropped in


    It's worse than that he's dead Jim. Darn newbie pilots


    And the march is on


    Moving in


    Air dropped infantry


    Even more infantry


    And the forces advance through the smoke to take on the rescue force


    Here comes the rest of the rescue forces


    Standing in front of 4 Dictators can only end in tears.


    The Last Stand of the rescuers


    The Double Agent :ph34r:

  3. CAV is a lot like Warlord in the welcoming atmosphere here. I love the game of CAV and had come off of being a BTech players for years and tried out a few other Mecha games. CAV really lends itself to being a fluid game and has a great ability to work with senario conditions much better than a game that is stuck in very rigid rules.


    I know exactly what you mean by the 'Good 'ole boys club' attitude that you get when coming into any new game. We love new players and find that there are no 'stupid' questions. I've walked away from trying out a new game just from the attitude of the players and what good is playing a game if there is no new blood? Besides, the comraderie that is here makes you want to dive in an really discover what this game is all about.



    Look forward to seeing you here.

  4. Chesme's lists are a very nice balance and the nice thing with them is that the spells are chosen already to flesh them out. I know that everyone will change these after their first couple games but the idea of the boxed set is to get you playing and understanding the basics so a pre-built force has a loy behind it. 500 points is also a good start point too I think.

  5. One of the best things for a spill like that is to use a good white vinegar. let it set in the area that you had the spill in for 10 -15 minutes so that it has a chance to break down the bond that the soap has formed with your floor. Flush the area with water and mop it up. The only real risk there is that you may have some bleaching effects in the area. That should take care of it although you may have to go over it a couple times with clean hot water.

  6. Yarrin sheaths his scimitar and walks towards the men approaching the ladder. "May Procan's blessing be with you gentlemen. There was a problem with a fire but the situation has been resolved. We do hope you will log this for the guard and so that Lady Vanderboren can review it when she arrives." Yarrin stands at the top of the ladder looking down at the men.

  7. Dropping his scimitar to the deck and kicking off his shoes Yarrin dives over the railing. Swimming under for a brief ways he goes for the rope that attached the dinghy submerged nearby. Gripping the rope he pops to the surface to try and drag the small vessel away from the ship. He quickly spots Tag who was swimming close by.

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