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  1. My wife picked up the printed copy of the COV document and started twitching (she's an english major). There are some misused there's and to's and some wrong tenses that really alter what you're trying to say in this one. I think I've figured out combat and you need to take a look at your example. There are some errors for which modifiers are used and such.

  2. Ive used something very close to the third example with good success. It actually has 6 cards because Kentaur has Tactician. I tend to not use spells on Railor but bolt would give you a little ranged punch that would be worth trying. Just remember to pile them on and get your bonuses as high as you can and expect them to fall into a pile of bones from time to time.

  3. Well we've been using our new Reptus stats for a while now so how does everyone feel about them? I love the Gaan Hor and have a tendency to field them in just about every force I use. Uru and the boys have been dissapointing though. They have yet to even come near to killing their points in a single battle. I think that's because they draw so much attention. I'm still looking for a good nitche for the coatl to fill but I have to say they are great for senarios where you need to get someone up there to take an objective at the last second.

  4. The man stops and looks you over. He lights up a cigarette and in the light of the match you see the Sheriff Whitford. He says, "I'll tell you what friend, I was gruff earlier. Step down the way to Shirley's and I'll trade notes with you. It bothers me that the Dodges are trying to get the man officially dead. There is something deeper here."


    "Well I think we agree there," Ray says smiling at the sheriff. Ray walks to Shirley's with a mind to get to the bottom of things. Its time to see what needs to come to light.

  5. Six String Samurai is a great one. t gets better each time you watch it. If you haven't seen Buckaroo Banzai then you are really missing out. There's one I've got on my list of movies to get when I find the DVD.


    Black Hole is a real classic.Between it and Tron Disney had a decent early sci-fi trend going.

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