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  1. " We want ya to remember that the Don doesn't take kindly to anysbody that thinks they can play on his turf without his permission. Time to hit it Bro."


    Vitto checks the door and covers Sal looking for anyone who may still be lurking about.

  2. Ray atretches and heads for the door, "I think I'll take a bit of a walk. See the sights, get a feeling for the town."



    "And maybe see if there aren't a few people who have seen things that they are wanting to tell the authorities but might be persuaded to talk about to a friend of Authur's," he thinks to himself.

  3. Yarrin walks over to Zaak and murmers a soft prayer to Procan and lets the healing energies flowfrom his hands (Cast Cure Minor) and then tends to the wounds as best possible (Healing check 15).


    "Sadly this creature is not able to be calmed or enticed in any way by the gifts that Procan has granted me. This thing is vermin and although it does have its place in nature, that place is not here. I would guess that this creature had its destination set for the fighting pits or something quite simular and the peace of death that we can grant it will be far kinder than what would have awaited it. As far as the other vermin," Yarrin says glancing towards Rictur, "I don't believe that I sustained a concussion during the fight that would make me trust my back to someone who is facing a cell. Any cornered rat will save its own skin no matter who or what it has to sacrifice to do it."

  4. Knowing that he's not built for any type of in close fighting Vitto covers his brother's advance back into the bar. "They aren't going to get a shot off at him again," Vitto thinks to himself.

  5. Yarrin listens intently as Rictur yammers on about the animals they have captured and sold. "A bit of a bind eh? So we should feel sorry for you since you've finally gotten yourselves into a place that you can't back your way out of? Feels a lot like a cage now doesn't it, a cage just like the ones you've been trapping these animals in to sell off. Maybe it would be best if we sent you down there first. I know that most beasts are much easier to work with once they've had a good meal." Yarrin snarls as his anger builds. "Well now that we have gotten the lady's boat back I guess its up to us to clean your mess out of the hold as well."


    Yarrin begins moving causiously tolds the holds opening ready for whatever may be down in there trying to see just what they've gotten themselves into this time.

  6. With a quick burst of reserve energy Pulse sends a brief static burst outward to throw the thug off balance. Using the scant moments to scramble to his feet he begins to draw more power back into his body. "Ok, fun is fun but its time you felt the fury."

  7. Vitto ignores the jibs and walks out the door. As soon as he is outside he nods quickly to his brother and pulls the piece from behind his back and presses himself up against the side of the building ready to dump a lead message into the idiots when they exit.

  8. "Hey we was just tryin' to make ya life easier. Ifn' youse wanna walk down that road ain't nothin we can do about it. But hey don't come cryin to me when the boogieman comes callin'." Vitto gives Sal a quick wink and casually turns toward the door. "Guess there ain't no sense in tryin to keep people alive that don't wanna live."

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