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  1. Ray starts with the most recent donations from Authur and begins checking the books out first seeing if certain parts of the books fall open to and well referenced areas. Then he goes through them looking for marked passages or notes in the margins.

  2. "Ya see, we offering the perfect opportunity to make a informed choice. Ifn' ya don't want to show everyone here just how ignorant ya are I suggest youse think hard on just what came outta your mouth. Tha Don don't like people messin' with his stuff and he likes bein' disrespected even less. So's ifn' ya don't want concrete pennylaofers that tune of yours better be changin'"

  3. Vitto looks the blond dead in the eyes and says, "We are all that fond of trouble eitha but then again we ain't the ones that is disrespecting the Don. We of course have already stated tha' we are lookin' to rectify this situation and give whoeva' this may be gainful employment. Does tha' sound like we're lookin' for trouble?"

  4. "Asa matter of fact you can," Vitto says moving up closer adjusting his shirt easing into the conversation. "We was wonderin' if there was anyone here that was perhaps some bodys collectin' money inside of tha Don's turf and might be lookin' for proper employment. My brother and me is here ta offer a place."

  5. Leaning back and whispering so as not to interrupt Vincent, Ray whispers to Sherman. "I think we might want to split up and take what we know best. I skim the Archaeology books and look for a pattern to Arthur's dontaions and possibly notes in the margins if you want to see to the newspapers. I know that sometimes what's written and what is really meant are two different things. You'd be best to pick something like that out. What do you say?"

  6. I've just started playing FOW (haven't even got to play my first game yet) but lucked into a great deal of the rulebook, Festung, and a good selection of Americans for less than the books alone. I'd stayed away from the game for this long because I can't see dropping that much money to start before you ever get a single figure. The rules look to be pretty good and I can see myself fleshing out the rest of my forces with some Old Gloy minis. Especially the 2 1/2 tonners and other transports. The infantry isn't horrid but I've seen better.


    One of the best things I've seen about this game, at least in this area, is the lack of historical wargame maniacs. The one that freak out if there aren't the right number of buttons on a uniform or start screaming at someone who tries to field a mini that is a close proxy for a mini. I've seen too many (me being one of them) people dodge historical wargaming because of this small, select, vocal group. Now ll I have to do is get some painting done and set aside some game time.

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