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  1. Good luck Kaizer. My father and I have been talking and visiting for about a year now. Some things change and others don't. In my case I am lucky and he's realized what he's done and what he's missed. Keep an open mind but becareful as well.

  2. "I think we might want to make it to the library first," Ray says looking back at the group. "It closes earliest and I'd like to try and skim through some of the town's newspapers for the last few weeks and see if anything unusual turns up. Then we can head over to the store."

  3. I think just about everyone has had issues with the game during its changes at some point. The changes to the 1.2 cards, the second revamp of the data cards, the Chronicles. Reaper isn't trying to irk you they are trying to get a game out there with balanced rules, filled out factions, and a bit of variety. I think they done pretty darn good in the time frame that has been available. Is it going to be perfect? Not likely. There isn't going to be an answer that pleases every single person out there. The Darkspawn, Reptus, Elves, and Dwarves had fallen behind in the model race and it wasn't looking like they were going to be catching up any time soon. Gus and team came up with an answer that they playtested and fit in to the 2007 Chronicles and brought them back up on a level playing field. I've enjoyed finally having a wide selection of lizards to drop on the table.


    Like everyone has said its always the newest army that surprises us and seems 'broken'. In some cases this is true, but you really can't tell until you've tried a few different lists against it. Just about every ability/skill/attack has a counter. Finding it isn't always easy or obvious but it out there. I do hope you give this one a chance and see if the Elves are as bad as you say or if they are just waiting for you to take the undead to them.

  4. "Yeah," Vito says scanning the streets. "Time is money and I don't think we need to be havin' our soon ta be friends takin up too much more of Paulie's time if ya know what I mean."

  5. Thanks Gus and minions for all the work. This has been a lightning strike of models that seem to have come out with a great balance to them. I know that we are all looking forward to getting them on the field even more.



    now about the sculpts........ :rolleyes:

  6. I recieved a lovely Goggler I think it is, from Outcast Samurai earlier this week. He is now sitting on a display self with other minis i have from previous exchanges. He was causing a bit of trouble with the other minis, but the maze minotaur put him in his place and things are all right again in the world. I will have picks of the mini up this week unless Outcast wants to post some.

    I have primed the mini i'm painting, and will comence paininting tomorrow as best I can between school and work. It might even get done on time this time.


    Naveen :blink:

    Glad you like him! I don't have any pics due to the death of our digital camera's charger. I've finally replaced it but not in time to get pics of the green guy.

  7. Yarrin grits his teeth blocking the pain from the arrow and swings his scimitar at Thug #3 (Init roll 15+6: 21 ). "You will answer to Procan for your crimes," Yarrin growls at the thug. " And it will not be to your liking."

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