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  1. I think it would be best to go ahead and stick to the same district at least for the new inn. What does everyone else think?
  2. I think the way that it is intended it that you can only be considered having based a model from one of 8 positions. A swing through attack could hit 1,2,3 or 7,6,5 since it goes from corner to corner. In the example Vince gave the minis were actually basing the enemy from positions 8, 2, and 4 so in each case a swing through would only hit one of them. I hope this picture helps.
  3. I just got a new Casketworks today. Issue #6. Right out of the cellophane wrapped goodenss of the Apocalypse boxed set. I haven't had a chance to go through the whole thing yet having just gotten it but this should really help feed my need for background. One of our LGS was cleaning out the storage in the attic and found it. If there has been any new background generated I'd love to see it though.
  4. I know that they are in the middle of a campaign currently and that the big tourney that was going to happen got delayed due to Alliance being slow on reordering the rulebooks. If I'm not mistaken there ia a big throwdown coming very soon but I'll let Castlebuilder chime in on what exactly he has going on. I have a few guys that are willing to head out to Mansfield for a big game day as well.
  5. Ray moves in behind Toth not really knowing what to expect but prepared for the worst.
  6. Yarrin turns to the half-orc, "I don't know about you but I tend to like to be the one doing the hunting rather than being hunted. We are going to need a bit of information but I think that Vantus needs brought to justice, and the justice of the storm is not always kind."
  7. Mini bought, converted, and primed. Now to work on the base.
  8. Finally catching up with Toth, Ray whispers to him to avoid the half glimpsed horror's attention. "What is that thing and what is going on at the camp. We have to get back to the others."
  9. I like to mix it up. Sometimes I put all my archers in one troop and sometimes I like to sprinkle them among a few different ones. It really depends not only on who I'm facing but to keep my opponents on their toes.
  10. Trying to find this one in the book. It isn't listed under the spell tomes or under the SA for innate spells. Can you point me in the right direction Qwyk? Innate Spell says the model "may cast it as many times as they have Spell Points to do so". Also, page 37 on Special Abilities: "Occasionally an SA conflicts with a rule in this rulebook. In those cases, the rules for the SA override the rules found elsewhere in the rulebook." Therefore, innate Unique spells may be cast more than once. Cool. It hadn't mentioned anything about Unique one way or he other so I went with the safe side.
  11. Trying to find this one in the book. It isn't listed under the spell tomes or under the SA for innate spells. Can you point me in the right direction Qwyk?
  12. That would put it right at Christmas which might make it fun to get it shipped anywhere with any speed. Gotta love Christmas mail. It would still be fun though.
  13. The stuff is geat, cheap, and has survived the kids. 'nough said!
  14. It was something that chesme put together but that was during the big changes with Warlord so I'm not sure what all happened with it.
  15. Yarrin rises quickly and rests his hand on Kavik's shoulder, "Now each of us has a different view of the situation. I can think of many a time when it wasn't either end of an argument that was right but somewhere in the middle was where wisdom sat. This is neither time for threats," looking at Heleger, "nor is it a time to sate our injury and loss in the pain of others. Procan teaches us that the waves of life are to be moved with not against. They can be gentle and carry you along smoothly or they can crush you like a ship in a storm. Let's all relax and enjoy a bit of salty air and sunlight and the company of people who may yet be friends."
  16. Yet another request would be a way to add in a model that has had Change of Heart used on it.
  17. On the rare occations that I can find someone to play I drag out my Malvies. Putting together the force for Origins two years ago really let me get inside the force and discover just how nice a selection of models, both data card and looks wise, they have.
  18. "As much as the pretty shiney things need to be talked about, I'd like to get to the Lady and let her know what we've found out about," Yarrin glances around casually, "her family. It's something that I would want to know sooner rather than later."
  19. Happy Birthday Cheryl!! Here's to another year, thanks for all you do now go out and enjoy the day
  20. Mine will be out Monday since I just found it on the table where I had asked my wife to mail it.
  21. I just got mine in the mail yesterday and has to be one of the most beautiful minis I've seen in a long while. Talk about personalization, it has my avatar on the chest of his armor! I'm not sure who its from because there was no marking on the box and only runes on the bottom but thank you very much. I'll try and get pictires up later.
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