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  1. I looked over the cards and it looks like just about everyone has an Exp of 5. The Rhino has an 8 while a few of the heavier ones have 6's (although the T-Bird only has a 5, haven't been able to figure that one out yet.). For the most part you are looking at a 50/50 roll when using Exp.

  2. I see that Cav had a nice run down of the scenarios and builds but I haven't seen one for Warlord.

    Nor did I see any comments on the scenarios.


    I'm getting there! <_<


    It was more than twice the size of the CAV Tourney and I have some more pressing issues here I have to deal with that trump the posting. (pile & piles of laundry with a dead dryer, sick kid home today)


    It should be up by Monday. Tomorrow if all goes well...

    See now if you guys weren't all the way in Mass I have a spare dryer you could have.

  3. Reaper should beat GW to the punch and put out a RAGE-based ship to ship game set in Adon, on the scale of the old (and new) Man O War.


    I love playing Man O War but the evil empire seems to refuse to admit that it even existed. It didn't get a mention in the 30th ann. Its one of those games that they put out that was actually decent and therefore must go away. I would love to see a RAGE fantasy naval game for Adon. Oh now the wheels are a turnin'.

  4. OK so its more like wading into the feeding frenzy..........I just wish I could make it out there for a few more games. Slowly getting it alive here. A few more of our games played here and I think we'll have a good base here as well.

  5. Boy, it jsut looks like the Crusaders are getting better by the minute. :unsure:

    Yeah, tell me about it.


    Well it might be a good thing to playtest allowing the GF to be taken by a cleric and e-mail EE your results. If you are finding that there is a major lack in a rule/SA/effect Reaper wants to know it and they love actual games to back it up.


    And also the Cute familiar does not work. I have bought it three nights this week and still no play.


    stop using the baby 'thulu as your familiar.


    I was using the Halloween gingerbread-man.


    .............. nevermind, I'm just not going there.

  6. Close combat has been one of those issues that has been on the CAV plate since day one for many of us. Close combat works, and it doesn't. It really isn't one factor that makes or breaks it but a heavy combination of them.


    1. High DV, Soft, Fast transports: Your infantry don't mean a thing if they can get to the target. The starting problem is that getting there isn't all that hard in may cases. Transports is several cases are harder to take out than CAVs due to the high DVs combined with few units with a high shredder value on a weapon with any amount of range (yes flamers and MGs are great but not against something that has a movement 3+ times greater than your range.)


    2. CAV CCVs bite. Other than Avenger there just isn't much a CAV,tank, or FV can do to guard against the infantry rush. There needs some type of anti personel devices in higher degrees than just Avenger.


    3. CC goes until death. There needs to be the potential of a stopping point. A single point of damage would make CC pointless again but without a chance to break away it is making this a close combat game for infantry rather than a long range shooting one. I think that if you damage your attacker then there should be a chance to break.


    4. Shock and Airbourne are just a bit too effective with the free actions to hop on and off your transports all day long. Of course this is something that is already being talked about and hopfully addressed.


    If close combat and infantry are to be fixed and not just broken in the opposite direction then all of these factors need to be looked at together.

  7. "As much as I'd like to get out to the place," Ray says scratching his chin, "I think we should at least talk to this Mr. Banes before heading out. If we do that it sounds like we'll need to get some rooms here. I don't want to arrive after dark and miss something important."

  8. Not a bad list with a little bit of everything in there to take on a variety of foes. You might want to field a Crypt Legion list (from the Necropolis book). It limits the models you can take but gives you +1 tough to all models and you always have that tough/1 minimum even if Couped or have Bane used. The list is basicly just skeletons and and no vampires. I don't have my book here at the moment but I do believe that your list is very close to being a Crypt Leigon one already. I would switch out Sir Athak for Railor since he is a bit of a waste of points in the archer troop.

  9. Like I said, a decked out melee hero with support will be one of the few things that can take the new hill giant down. In this case it was a decked out hero with support with spell support. Unlike the old giant who could be pulled down under a mass of soldiers you are much safer using a t-port to toss him into a group to have fun with not nearly the risk that it used to be. It looks like you had a couple of lucky first strike attacks to the rear that helped drop the giant's DV and that made it much more likely that you could take the big guy down. All in all the giant isn't nearly as weak against the mobs as he was.

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