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  1. Just about all the banks have gift cards you can purchase that are Visa or Mastercards (depends on the company they use for debit cards, I guess) that you can buy for a small fee and are rechargable. They work exactly like a credit card, there's no PIN to remember, there's no fees to actually use them and any merchant that takes credit cards can process it just like a credit card (and for those merchants out there, the fees are the same as a regular credit card).


    The kind from check cashing places or stores are a little trickier in that they charge usage fees. The kind from the bank, as far as I've seen don't have that kind of surcharge for use.


    The downside with most of these is that they are useless for purchasing anything online for some reason. I had gotten one for christmas in the hopes of getting my wife a surprise present from online and her not knowing it. I was very dissapointed when it wouldn't work since it didn't have some type of reference number or something that was needed to verify that it was a legitimate card.



    Sorry to hear of your troubles EB. Sounds like it is a case or their 'protective measures' doing more harm than good. It seems that those measures only hinder rather than protect.

  2. No actually they don't go down nearly as quickly as they did in the old rules. The +3 support cap plus their higher DV makes the Hill Giant very, very nasty. If you are facing a strong melee hero with support and reach support you will get mauled but its often worth it to get him to bunch up his forces all nice for some AOE spells.

  3. I asked my wife what she thought about this one (she grew up west of Vegas and they got to deal with these guys every now and then.) She said it does look like a Widow except for the reddish tint to the legs. The hourglass is on the underside of the abdomen so that tell tale isn't in visible in the picture.

  4. Vitto folows his brother's lead and tucks the gun out of sight in his waistband covering it with his shirt. Heading out the door he smiles over his shoulder, "It's money time."

  5. "We do indeed have the owner's permission to be aboard their ship and it is you that have breeched the law and are aboard a vessle you have no right to be occupying. Its time that you return the Blue Nixie to the dock and leave. Procan does not care for those who would violate His waters with treachery," Yarrin says remaining slightly crouched with his hand upon his scimitar's hilt. He whispers to Zaak and Tolan, "it looks like we might be returning the Lady's property the hard way."

  6. Pulse leans back in a chair taking a deep breath as he ponders not only the question but the whole situation. There needs to be a force fighting for the good of humanity but if they end up nothing more than slaves then have they saved anyone? " Evil has a thousand faces and just as may names," Pulse begin slowly rolling around this difficult question in his brain. "Mostly I'd say that evil is something that tries to destroy or control things for its own ends and not for the good of others." Pulse looks at Templar to gague his reaction to his answer.

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