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  1. I've already got the Goblin Warlord on the Cyclops....... Of course I had to con Sergei into giving me his very sweet modified Ogre so I could use it at R'Con....... Man it's gonna be hard to give it back.......


    Not to worry Tim, Russian Ninja are standing by ::D:




    Seriously though, I like the opportunity to make a few proxies and streach my sculpting/conversion skills. Next on my list is some flying Reptus.

    My flying Reptus conversions are done and just need primed and paint. If I canget ahold of a camera I'll post some pics.I really like how they turned out.

  2. "They aren't here to welcome us aboard that it certain," Yarrin says with his hand on the hilt of his scimitar. "I think we might be better off if we each take one, Tolan. That way the other risk hitting their own giving Zaak a chance to pincushion them before they do the same to us."

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that Jason. There's a bond that you share with your pets that really doesn't have an explanation or reason behind it but it is there. I've lost a couple over the years to sicknesses and such and I know how it hurts. Our prayers are with you, your family, and Stubbs.

  4. "I have a feeling that the Nixie won't be here on another day," Yarrin whispers back. "I'd prefer not to cause more commotion than we need to but this reeks of foul play that is getting fouler by the moment."


    Yarrin checks closely towards where Tolan is pointing trying to make out exactly what it is. (Spot check: 15+6:21)


    "Signal to the others that we are going to see what's going on here. If there is anyone you think we need up here signal them as well but let's not make this part to noisy."

  5. The suggestions for the Deluxe Starter box are something I would agree with completely. It gives you the rulebook and a good start for both the Crusaders and the Necros. As for getting a good demo of what its like just drop me a PM and we'll set up a time to go through a few games. I usually use Necros and Crusaders for my demo armies anyway so you can get an idea how they play out. Even if you decide not to go with the Deluxe starter set the faction box sets are a geat deal at $40. You get a Leader (usually a warlord), a caster, and 8-9 grunts. It usually runs about $55-$60 worth of minis and forms a nice core. You did do the right thing with looking at the catalog first. Each faction has a different feel but IMHO it is the look of the minis that is also very important. You have to like the looks of them because they are the ones you'll be looking at every battle.

  6. Clerics have really gotten neutered in this latest rendition. The lost of the +2 CP for friendly models and the lackluster CP's in most cases means that the clerics are staying home far more often then they used to. They can also only upgrade their CP +1 in comparision to Mages being able to take the Greater Familiar and go +2 CP. The game has really swung in favor of Mages over Clerics by a fairly large margin over what it used to be.

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