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  1. What the new LOS rules have added have been 40K's 'argument phase'. Yes, by the rules it is virtually impossible to block LOS from any models. They have taken every last ounce of animation out of the game and have changed it into static chess pieces. In battle arms, legs, and weapons are going to be moving around and for the most part blocking any shot you'd be able to take on someone actively trying to hide behind other troops. I had much the same idea Moosey had with all my troops getting giant capes or maybe a huge order of the Overlord crossbowmen's pavaise. We went back to the old LOS rules and were happy enough with that. It accounted for templates of forest rather than single trees and if you wanted to try and screen your low DV casters then at least you had a shot at it.

  2. "How could we not be interested in sucha deal offered by the generous Don Marlino," Vitto says respectfully. Paulie might not rank up there with the upper food chain but Vitto knew exactly where this ticket could lead for him, his brother, and his family. "All we need ta know is tha people that need a talkin' to."

  3. "If we hadda problem getting our hands a bit dirty I think we're in tha wrong place," Vitto says with a half smile. "And Mario is doin' good other than needin' ta pay us more. And speakin' of pay I think that is somethin you can help with."

  4. Pulse looks at the monitors and the scrolling data examining the deeds that this mysterious group has accomplished over the ages. "Well there are certainly things that need to be done that can't always be done inside the laws. Sometimes the olny way to protect the spirit of the law is to bend the leters. If we can make a difference for good in the world I'm all for it."

  5. I've had good luck with Uru and the boys both in the combat and in the diversion departments. The flyers are great for taking objectives and protecting your flanks.


    I refuse to field excrement on principle. If I want poo I'll look behind the Krunbgbeast :unsure:

  6. Woo Hoo first post. :upside:


    I'm hoping that our FA gets a serious look at it with the KJ but with the way that Crimson Embrace has been brought around to being much more usefull I'm feeling pretty good that our FA will come up to par with the rest.









    Welcome to the Swamp.

  7. Well with Reaper's trade back policy I can't see why stores would really sweat the risk of carrying Warlord items. I agree that they need a second edition book but printing one right now would be silly since we are still solidifying the stats, rules, SAs, and FA's. Once these are done a new rulebook is vital. The first section (painting and fluff) is still perfectly applicable so no need for any extra work to go into that. The rules are for the most part the same with just a few clarifications and alterations due to support caps and some SAs. The final part (the data cards) are what need the most revision and what seems to be driving the players a bit nuts (at least in my area) and keeping them from picking up the current book. What I'm planning on doing this time, like I did with the 1.2 cards, is print up the finalized cards for the FLGS to attach to the book. Yes I know that they are available for free online but sometimes its those little things that give it that extra push to get it to the customer.




    Most of all play, play, play. I get lots of questions when we're playing and have sucked in people to give it a try that way. Try and plan demos in advance and post them or have a regular 'demo' night. Usually this is just getting together to play with the understanding that there is a good chance that you won't be the person that finishes playing your army ::P: . That way you can point to the flyer (we need a new Warlord/CAV demo poster please) and let the people who are asking but don't have time to try it out right then due to work, someone wating in the car, etc and tell them that this is when you'll be demoing next.



    One of the stores I demo in only has a few Reaper minis on the wall but will order anything that you want. Show the store owner that this is generating sales/interest and they will usually at least try and get you some space to play in.

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