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  1. My six year old daughter loves to get a chance to push around minis. The math is basic but it really helps reenforce it and helps for school. She's looking forward to her lupines getting their own rules in Savage North so they can come out and play again.
  2. Yarrin stretches as his body reminds him just how tired he really is. "The morning sounds like a perfect time for that." He trudges upstairs and bolts the door behind him, then settles onto the floor and begins his nightly prayers.
  3. I think the party split works out the best and is easiest when it comes to need that 'for the good of the party' item, spell, etc...
  4. Savage Worlds is a good system for this one and my friend swears by Aces and Eights.
  5. Yarrin looks at the half orc with a slight smile, "Well it keeps getting harder and harder to keep track of. Maybe we should keep a ledger."
  6. Of course punting is cowardly. But it is a more sound tactical decision.
  7. Just got the net back so I have my person's addy so it'll be in the mail within the next day or two. Sorry for the delay
  8. I'm really glad that Reaper sold out of their first run. What I do hate is that even though I pre ordered mine I still don't have one! the first one came in 'damaged' supposedly and in waiting for a replacement to come in they all sold out. So still sitting here waiting for my rulebook so I can get going once again.
  9. Hey hey I'm back finally. The net's back up and life has, in theory, settled down a bit for once. Sorry for being out for so long and thanks Randy for taking care of things.
  10. "May Procan watch over us," Yarrin says as he readys his scimitar. "He's done pretty good so far."
  11. "No objection at all," Ray says looking to Toth. "I do think that it wouldn't be a bad idea to tag along though. Each set of eyes increases the chance of catching anything of importance."
  12. "I didn't bring a hammer but I think that if you give it a bit of a charge Heleger might be able to take it out the rest of the way."
  13. "We've had our share of grime but I think that that is our best bet to getting out for everyone. Not everyone is quite as at home in the water as others," Yarrin replies with a smile.
  14. Got mine preordered but Alliance has it as $24.99. Oh well at least its coming.
  15. Well certainly spreading the word. I was down through Kentucky on the way back from my daughter's national dance competition and we stopped in a hobby shop. We let them know that Warlord 2 is coming and answered a lot of questions that we could. It used to have a solid Warlord corwd but it faded away slowly. Those I talked to were very excited to hear that it was just a month away.
  16. Is Alliance going to be carrying it? I want to make sure that my FLGS can get it and they seem to only deal with Alliance.
  17. Ray scans out over the valley and ponders scouting about a bit. "Better get a better sight of what is really out here," he mumbles to himself seeking out Grange Carson. "Grange," Ray says smiling to the hunter. "Can you tell me a bit more about what kind of creatures you've seen here. I like to know a bit about my environment before starting any 'dig'. At least that way it narrows down the list of unexpected."
  18. Yes but not everyone has access to the WL2 rules. I wanted everyone to be able to relate to the types of minis I was suggesting
  19. Anything that gets the cost cheaper is good as far as I can see. I'd like to see a blister with a Capt/Sgt, an Elite, 3 melee grunts, 3 melee adepts, and 3 ranged grunts.
  20. *Following Kavik* Swim check 10 + 6= 16 Swim Check 13 + 6= 19 Balance check 15 + 2=17
  21. Six String Samurai is a great one and of course you have to take in Tank Girl. There was a boxed set with background for Tank Girl but I can't remember what system is was for. Vampire Earth gives another slant on Post Apoc in a slightly different way. The old TV series Damnation Alley would fit in as well.
  22. "You're right Kavik, you are probably the best choice for our point in this case. I have a bit of rope as well but I think we need ta make sure that the way is clear before some of our less experienced swimmers try it out."
  23. "It looks like it is the west for us," Yarrin says looking into the gloom.
  24. Mini chosen, bought, and primed. Now for the first coat...
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