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  1. Well at least they came on the forums here and found RC08. If they relied on the data cards on CAVHQ they wouldn't be using the same datacards or even EDVs. The link from Mil-Net that says to get datacards takes you to CAVHQ and the old cards as well. I know that technically they are still 'beta' but if you show up to play and have them you are really going to be dissapointed. I know it sounds nit-picky but its things like this that makes it hard to 'sell' CAV on its own. So long as you can take the players by the hand and show them where all the cool things are it is great because this is a killer game. But if you have someone that sees you demo and later goes looking for info on the game but doesn't visit forums then there is a decent chance that they may not get all the right info, or find some of the problems we've already fixed and decide that this isn't the game for them. There are too many other games out there for us to not have a smooth, easy way for people to find out about CAV. All the links should point in the same direction, all the rules we are using should be consistant, all the errata posted clearly in any area that deals with CAV. We may only get one shot at these gamers and I would like them to be playing CAV. Sorry for the rant.
  2. Ray will pack some of his 'dig' tools but other than that it will be standard load for him. and glad to hear you got a good resolution on your work.
  3. Congratulations! Its always great to get new people playing this addictive game. The more we get playing the more we have push to keep this baby growing. And CAV is an awesome game.
  4. What's bad is so do I.........I even own the movie on DVD.
  5. Yeah we all have been busy and no doubt will continue to be. I'm in for the haul and it's good to know that everyone else is here too.
  6. The on........ oops too late. Should I have responded sooner?
  7. That's actually great news to hear. I love the Chronoscope line and keep my FLGS going with getting them as they come out. One thing this topic line made me think of was The Phantom Tollbooth. The Princess of sweet rhyme and the Princess of pure reason. I wouldn't mind seeing quite a few of the characters from that book hit the Chronoscope line.
  8. I have to say I love this idea. I think that you're right that there is a bit too much of a disparity between the Ritt and OEM models. I'll give these different versions a try and let you know what my results are and maybe we can get the Rhino straightened out.
  9. The Rhino is nasty, and it well should be. The problem is with costing I think. What makes this a real difficult problem to fix is that the costing formulas work fairly well. I'm not sure where the exact problem is but there seems to be a heavy leaning towards the 4th DA and Blaster. I think that most people don't have as much of a problem with the Rhino being a true killer, but with the < 700 point cost of it. Everyone needs a good, hard hitting but expensive Super heavy. The Ritts just happen to have the original. I miss my Paladin too I really don't understand why the Mastadon is as expensive as it is. Yes it has a nice hard hitting attack and a long range indirect with a solid punch but it only has 1 of each. the lack of 2 - 3 additional attacks most other CAVs have make a massive difference in a showdown where the Mastadon is concerned.
  10. I know it really doesn't make as much sense Chrome, but yes that range does make a wierd difference. Maybe crank his movement back down a little and leave the range up so that the weapon systems are still in line. The Rhino does even look slow and ponderous. At 7" move rather than 9, it would compensate the 4" range within a double move and keep the weapon stats where they belong. Here's one where I'm really torn. I love the long ranges that CAV has. It never made sense that "long range missles" had such a short range in CBT. CAV really gives a feeling of ranged combat and if you can get a game on a good side table it also has good opportunity for flanking attacks and shifting battle lines. This is especially true if you aren't running around in little 'bubble' troops. Sadly there usually isn't a chance to play on a good sized table. In all honesty no game should start closer than the max range of the longest ranged weapon out there but that just isn't a viable option 99% of the time. I do believe that I would rather suffer with less than optimum engagement ranges than to drop the distance of them. CAV in a smaller scale would be cool but that is a revamp none of us want to really think about. Now if we had only scaled the CAVs in with the old gunships... The last game we played at spring StompFest we played 'short ways' and it really made the game way too up close and personal. I spent the game pulling off quick shots and running with my Outlaw section. You really shouldn't be starting off within the first range band. I'll see if we can't get in a game or two with the shorter ranged Rhinos. Would you like us to try out keeping the range up and slowing him down as well?
  11. sethoman hit it right on. The slightly lower armor, lack of blaster, and higher point cost make it a less frightening prospect to face. Add into that the fact that the Emporer only takes 3 shots at you at a time rather than the Rhino's four and that helps it out as well.
  12. Yarrin smiles at the crab as it approaches and casts Calm Animals.
  13. I can agree with that. Then we need to remove all the direct fire weapons from all the other fire support units. My point on suggesting a MG on the Outlaw (and you're right the Treb needs one too) is to bring them in line with all the other units in the same basic catagory.
  14. The Outlaw needs a MG on it, or perhaps a flamer. Most tanks have some type of anti-infantry protetion for when things get in too close to use their main guns. The Sovereign III needs, well it needs to be what it was in 1.5. With all those missle pods it just lacks any type of real punch against any targets. No counter battery, a single IFM, weak RAV, heck for 50 points more the Spectre doubles the AOE, doubles the RAV, and gives you counter battery. There are just so many better choices to take than it. It needs to get a boost to bring it in line with a the other dedicated fire support units or it needs to swap out everything for DFMs so that it can take a battlefield role again. The Rhino needs to have the range backed down to 16 again. The short range was part of what the Rhino was, an up close in your face fighter. Its low movement made that tough to do sometimes but with the mov boost that has made the big guy able to use that assult and get in there shooting. Right now with its high rav and piercing value the rhino is deadly to most targets even in its third range band which used to end at 48" but is now out to 60" and it has really lost that in close feel. The Wolverine just looks like it should have more than just a main cannon and a flamer. With that second turret it gives the feel of a secondary weapon system and then the flamer.
  15. Don't let them get you to retire if that's not where you want to be. Good luck with that one and we'll be here.
  16. Happy belated Birthday Kim!!! Sounds like you had fun and that is always a plus.
  17. Yarrin moves forward towards the water softly chanting a prayer to Procan.
  18. Yarrin shifts his gear into a comfortable position and gets ready to move on into the darkness.
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