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  1. They seem to be MIA. Tried a few different searches and turned up nothing.
  2. Well congrats on the house and its good to have you back Mike!
  3. Yarrin walks over to Helegar and takes a look at his wounds. "These are a bit deeper than they really appear," he says begining to pray. "Procan heal this warrior and cast off the unclean touch." Cure light wounds: 7 "You might just want to keep an eye on that amulet, Anny, " yarrin replies looking over at her and winking. "You never know who just might be watching over that thing."
  4. Seeing that his blade doesn't appear to be harming the creature he begins praying. "By Procan's mighty wrath feel his justice." Cause light wounds: Touch attack 19 : 17 + 2 Damage 7
  5. "Art," Ray says leaning back in the chair thinking over the tale he's just heard, "I've known you for awhile now and this has to be the strangest thing that I've ever heard cominf out of your mouth, and that's saying something. Now taking into account the fact that I've just gone up against a few things that shouldn't exist has broadened my mind you might say. Now I'm willing to give you the opportunity to make good on these stroies you've been spouting off but just in case you might, I and have to stress might, be right I think it wouldn't hurt to get a little better prepared before heading off this time." Ray turns to give a sidelong glance at Toth to see what his reaction is.
  6. Yarrin pivots behind the dwarf's attack to make sure he isn't the accidental recipient of that bade and thrusts in against the creature. Attack 21: 18 + 3 Damage 8 : 6+ 2
  7. Yarrin draws his scimitar and prepares to attack the creature. Seeing the dwarf rush in he backs him up and slashes at the undead. Attack 12: 9 + 3 Damage 3 : 1+ 2
  8. "Here we go again," Yarrin mutters as the light illuminates the skeletal figure. Init: 10 + 2 = 12 Knowledge check;religion on the necklace: 15 + 5 = 20
  9. [OOC] yeah mine got paraphrased this time because my old one got lost in the vastness of the web [OOC]
  10. "You have my thanks for sharing that bit of your life with me my friend. Procan will see it through have no doubt. He takes care of those who honor him and keep his realm as it should be. He also will be avenged against any who defile his waters in a manner like that. Perhaps that is why you are here with us now. Who knows the full will of the Ocean?"
  11. Well Mike at least you are getting close now....It's got crash space right ?
  12. Welcome back and congrats on 1000 "Well Arthur," Ray says shifting a bit to get a good look at his friend "you're the reason for this little gathering."
  13. "If Heleger hasn't eaten it all there might be," Yarrin says with a laugh. "Well it looks like we're fit enough to make it back out of here. I know that the way we came in isn't an option and not everyone here can swim like Kavik so it makes me wonder what's behind these doors. I wouldn't mind an easier way out of here if Procan allows."
  14. It was 3 o'clock when I went ' Oh crap!" and realized that the thing I knew I was forgetting was the fact that I was suppost to be out in Mansfield hours ago. It sounds like I missed out on a ton of fun.
  15. Yarrin squints for a moment while gathering his things together trying to recall if he had heard the ship's name before, "Yes, I think I've heard her mentioned, Kavik. But then again there are quiet few merchant ships in and out of the harbors. I take it you have a bit more of an intimate experience with this one?" As he listens to Kavik, Yarrin goes about checking how everyones wounds are healing and making sure they are cleaned and dressed properly paying particular attention to any of the bite wounds.
  16. Yarrin nods to his companions then shifts and stands. "I think there may be more than just rats down here," he says stretching a bit. "I heard something that didn't come from any rat. It may be that here is at least one of these unrestful corpses wandering down here but I couldn't be sure. It was far enough away to be faint and rather than wake you or go exploring like an idiot I figured that I'd see if it got closer or if perhaps it was just my imagination."
  17. Whether we bash in the doors later or not I know Yarrin at least needs a bit of a rest and a little one on one time with Procan otherwise the next thing that tries to take a bite out of us means that we are without and healing backup.
  18. It has to be the overall package that draws me in. They have some of the best sculpts in the buisness with the best known names in sculpting. Their customer service is second to none and they go out of their way to make sure things are right. They have fun games and they actually listen to your comments about the games and ways to make them better. It takes a combination like this to really stand out on top like Reaper does.
  19. I'll see if anyone out this way wants to carpool and head out that way for the game.
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