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  1. Deprogram? How can you mock his faithful decision to follow the correct path tha will bring him honor and glory on the field of battle? He has done well and will be rewarded
  2. Well you've narrowed it down to the two best factions that is certain. For a Malvernis force it really depends on what type of build you want to go with whether a well rounded combined arms force or something CAV heavy etc... The Malvies have some great CAVs with the Wight and Revenant bringing lots of firepower to the forfront of your army. The Buther is a nice all around CAV but tends to draw a lot of fire, at least it does in my games, but that just means they aren't shooting at your other guys. The Assassin is a great bargin and finds its way into just about every one of my force selections. For tanks the Malvies have the Outllaw and how can you not like 2 IF attacks on each one. They are a bit expensive but can bring long range misery to your opponent. I love te Ghast and Ghast II for air support. The Ghast has one piercing and one shredder attack which some people would rather have it be more specialized but it's pulled my backside out of the fire more than once by giving me the variety I needed to take care of both soft and hard targets. Hand of Khardulis......the finishing touch. Not something to use as a first attack but can completely core an opponent then you back off and repair then go find a new victim.
  3. Thanks. That did help give a good overview of the game. It seems like something that could be a blast to play.
  4. Ever since Man O' War I've looked for a decent Fantasy naval game. How does it play? Something that has a decent ruleset that is a good blend of medium complexity and fun?
  5. I just double checked Yarrin's healing and he healed Anny for 8 points on last page (post 998) so she would be at 9 hp and not 1. He'll still check over everyone in the group though just because that's who he is but I wanted to make sure you have your character right Spike.
  6. " I wouldn't mind a bit of Procan's feast and I think you're right that we need a bit of a more secure place just in case you missed of few of these beasties in your wanderings down here. And I'm rather curious as to why you love the dear Vanthus so much."
  7. I know I'll be heading for Mansfield that weekend for the Dungeon Crawl, well weather permitting again.
  8. Have the files been updated with the RC08/09?
  9. I had my two forces out and ready to make the trip and ended up getting to shovel the driveway over and over and over. Need some Warlord fix.
  10. (Local Knowledge check 18: 16+2 ) "Procan watches over those who respect his domain and I can tell that you know the moods of our Storm Lord," Yarrin says with a smile while moving over to Arwin. "I know you wouldn't be wearing that armor and wading in His depths if you thought to cross Him." "Now hold still a bit, girl," as Yarrin grimices looking over the wounds. "You haven't been playing well with others. Let's see what I can do with you. The best thing would be to get to somewhere other than here so I can get these cleaned and dressed and rest up a bit so I can do a bit of proper healing Procan willing."
  11. Very nice. I love using the plastic electrical boxes for terrain. I snagged a bag full at a discount place and made great use of them. This would make a great Craft article.
  12. Ray takes Toth's cue and slips away from the table out of the straight line of fire of the door in case the visitor is less than friendly.
  13. "Well then let me have a look at those injuries my friend,"Yarrin says as he approaches Kavik. "It would be a blessing if these creatures feared Procan's blessed waters and would make getting our way out of here quite a bit easier. I don't mind a good scrap but these things have a mind to be chewing on us and that can never be good." (First aid, bandage, and cure minor on Kavik as I see how bad his wounds are)
  14. Take several sheets of thin, clear plastic (the ones that used to come in the Warlord figures to separate the card works perfect). Soak them in very hot water then pull one out at a time and wrap it around two pencils, one starting at the top and one at the bottom wrapping opposite directions. Let them cool and then punch a hole at the top for a bit of fising line and dangle them from 'rafters' at the top of your room. It creates a cool floating air elemental kind of effect. The Air rooms are always a nightmare to work up.
  15. Well thanks to the Malvie army I painted out for Origins it shoved my total into the several hundred mini range, unless you want to count those 42 bases of infantry as separate minis for each trooper then it just gets sick.......
  16. I've just started with the Hirst Arts molds and have been very happy with how its turning out so far. The initial cost of the molds is a bit high but given the fact that you can use them over and over and the quality of the buildings and terrain you end up with it was an easy decision for me. The building stages are slow but it certainly meets your 'good' choice. Cheap is a varied one because it is a bit expensive to get started but once you are done with the initial costs it takes very little to do more and more and more. The best suggestion here is to decide what you are going to be making the most of and then look over all the molds (and drool because they are awesome) and select the couple that you need to get started. Depending on what you are doing 2 molds can usually get you by for your starting projects and give you time to save up for your next set of molds. The people over at HA are friendly and have great advise, all you need to do is ask. Castlebuilder and Rastl can help you narrow down your selections and let you know what a good starting set would be most likely. Hope this helps.
  17. Ahhh..... I was waiting to see when the dates were but I should be able to free up at least that Saturday cause I need some Warlord action desperately. And since it looks like my Dungeon Crawl papers are gone can you shoot me those files as well? And curse you, Tim, I bought a couple Hirst Arts molds and have been casting every evening
  18. One great idea is to make the weather behave so that those of us on the other side of Ohio can have a shot at making it over there. I haven't played Warlord in far too long. It was ok at the shop so long as I could be there and get things going but with life making my game time almost non-existant Warlord has died off. I hope that as soon as time gets freed up we can get people playing again. Maybe get a caravan headed out to Dayton and have a grand old time.
  19. Let me see what I have floating around in my BL stuff. If I don't still have my copies of the crawl rules we use Castlebuilder does.
  20. Thanks Randy. I just hope everything is ok on Mike's end as well.
  21. Very nice. Always love the Centurion and it makes such a hard hitter to lead your Templars. The camo and weathering/battle damage look good.
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