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  1. But Tim, then your 'Tators could have 'Realistic Battle Damage' but I think we should save that for the MW minis we hacked up for markers. I think that it would be a great idea if it wouldn't be a casting and logitic nightmare on the Reaper end of things. That was one of the things I always hated about my old CBT minis. They tended to bend all over the place and finally snap just from transport let alone overzealous gamers.
  2. "I wouldn't mind seeing those mounds myself," Ray says when they make it back to town, "but I think it might be worth our while to see Latimer's notes from the library before we do. We are missing some huge pieces of this puzzle and I'd like to have as good a picture as I can get before meeting up with those things again, or worse."
  3. "I will overlook your words because you are obviously in pain and that has done far wose to people's attitudes than suggesting we might be a bit offkilter," Yarrin says looking at Kavik. "The one that is our 'employer' if you will is the Lady Lavinia Vanderboren. From what I've seen you may have a good reason to question the motives of some of that family."
  4. "Anny hold still a moment," Yarrin says trying to get the half-orc to pause in her dialogue and to ease the movements to keep things from ripping back open. "Procan, may your waters cleanse and heal." (cure light wounds :8) As Yarrin contiues to see to Anny's wounds he looks up at Kavik, "Hold on a second and I'll take a look at that shoulder. The name's Yarrin, a humble servant of Procan and currently in the Vanderboren employ. Thank you for your concern about Vieta but we all knew that there could be danger here, not that there isn't danger everywhere these days."
  5. Leaving the examination of the zombie corpses to some of the others Yarrin begins going over the party and tending to the wounds of his comrades. "I think Vieta's soul is resting with wnoever he served now."
  6. "Let's go for it then," Ray says turning towards the truck.
  7. Sorry to hear about your loss Mike and I know how it goes with talking to the dad after the nice span of years inbetween.
  8. Seeing an end to the horde Yarrin slashes in at the zombie to his side (Attack 16: 13+3 Damage 6:4+2). Down beast, back to the dirt you clawed your way up from.
  9. I point to Susan and then the vehicle and then lean in close to Toth. "We can try and make a diversion and attack them while they aren't looking. It'll give Sue a chance to start the car up and then we can hop in. I'd hate to think of our chances if that old thing doesn't start on the first try or two."
  10. I'm back. I've been having interrmittent net problems so Randy if you ever need to move things along just shove Yarrin in the direction you need him.
  11. Ray whispers quietly, "I don't smoke but a bottle of that doesn't look bad at all. We need to slip through here as quiet as possible because that bookshelf isn't going to stop those things if they get it in their heads to come through. We need to get back to town or at least somewhere secure so we can look through everything we've collected to see if we can piece together what's going on here."
  12. "They just keep coming," Yarrin growls slashing at one of the zombies again (Attack 14: 11+3 Dmg (if I hit) 4:2+2)
  13. Ray swings the heaviest of the packs on his back and shifts the other to his off hand while eyeing the door. "Dinner company and I forgot to dress up, " Ray says sarcasticly. "I think that it would be better to avoid this date if at all possible."
  14. Ray motions to Toth to guard the door while indicating that he and Susan will make a quick search of the basement and gather what we can before getting our butts out of here.
  15. But remember that those strikes and the points you use are only good so long as you have FIST models on the board. If you have really poor luck and get all of your FIST capable units wiped out before you use your strikes then you are out those points so it does come at a risk.
  16. Seeing Vieta ferociously mauled by the zombies, Yarrin growls and lunges forward with his scimitar leading the way. (Attack 23: 20+3 / Damage 8: 6+2 / Crit 6: 3+3 (nevermind) )
  17. Yeah but if you're in a pool of blood and stand up we'll probably take you out thinking you're undead
  18. Of course I left that out there. I just wanted to see you twitch trying to resist making comments
  19. Ray crouches down in the shadows training his gun on the door. "Let's just make sure of what we're shooting at," he whispers to the others. "No way to make friends by shooting at them and we don't know who is up there."
  20. Glad to have you back and hopefully putting it all back together comes quickly Ray stretches and sighs, "I think that the basement is our best shot at this point. As much as I hate delaying any longer I know that there has to be a clue here somewhere as to what Arthur got himself into. We should probably check out the tools as well just incase he put something there. Arthur had to have kept a notebook about his findings and what he was looking for. He was always meticulous about things like that."
  21. Yarrin shifts slightly and thrusts his scimitar into the zombie coming towards Anny (Attack 13 : 10+3 Damage 5: 3+2)
  22. Ok. Before I posted I wanted to make sure of placement. (if there is a map like I think I missed it) Did the zombie that was next to me drop? I want to assist Anny but I want to make sure I'm not going to leave myself open for an OOP as well.
  23. At 2000 points the Centurion really does eat up a lot of your points but it is a great CAV to field. Don't forget to take advantage of your faction abilities depending on which one you take, and this willl help those points go a bit farther. I reccomend getting a Spartan for all your recon defense needs to back up your Centurion. As has been said before (and will be said again) the Duelist is great to have in any force. I have some that disagree with me but I like to have a Knight in there to cover your bases as it can take on a variety of targets. Its been said that it is a little too generic but I find it fits in perfectly when you don't know what you're facing. For an open market filler a good old Dictator '60 pairs up rather nicely with the Duelist and Knight to help keep the attack power up and the point cost down.
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