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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I really hope that they keep all the books on par which is one of the nauseating factors GW has always had. I guess I have played 40K and fantasy for too many years and am a bit cynical at army specific books. The reptus are certainly an army that keeps you thinking and favors a mix of balanced troops to keep you in the game.


    In the swamp one misstep means death. It only stands to reason that the best warriors are going to emerge from the shadowed fens.

  2. New player here both to Warlord and to the Reptus. I played my first game against Mercenaries with mostly a lupine bend and did fairly well taking out all the models and still having over a quarter of my force left. My roster went something like this:



    T'kay (No Spells, didn't know that you had to buy them separatly but didn't do too bad as an expensive grunt)

    3 Archers

    5 Warriors



    3 Skull Breakers

    4 Warriors




    Lupine Lord

    Lupine Shaman

    4 Ragers



    5 warriors of some kind

    Minotaur of the Maze


    The lists are likely off because I don't have my book here with me. Really like the game and look forward to playing more and getting all the rules and quirks of the game down. I had been using reptus figs for a D&D game so I had a good base to start from. I currently have:







    12 warriors

    3 breakers

    3 archers

    river troll


    So I do have a good base to work from. The Reptus look awesome and have a solid core to work from. What we need to keep in mind is that the last faction book usually has the best stuff in it so it'll be worth the wait.

    Big thanks to Castlebuilder for answering all my initial questions and peaking my interest in Warlord.

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