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  1. Test. Also, can't waaaaaait for Reapermas.
  2. If you're willing to play a bit fast and lose with the image and go more for feel than exactitude, you might try http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03329 You could also try http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03028 if you're willing to resculpt the hair.
  3. Very nice, the contrasts are nicely chosen. Congrats on making it to a year and may there be many more.
  4. I'm going to be a day late in shipping. I was out of town and couldn't finish coating the mini for transport. It'll go out tomorrow or Wed at the latest. I shall accept the public shaming I deserve. _-_ Edit: Shipped!
  5. Mine is painted. Need to coat it and mail it. See the Show Off forum for pics. Whew.
  6. I did this one on the quick and used metallics where I might normally go with NMM. But like I said, I went on the quick for this one so I can get it out in time ;-)
  7. Anne, what fig is Skadi? I don't recognize her.
  8. I got mine from you this weekend. I now have a mummy to terrorize my D&D group with. ;-)
  9. Anyone else see this issue? Go to the online store, notice the "Bestsellers", try to put the Valentine Mouselings (or any of top 5) in cart ... and nothing happens? Also can't even click thru to the mouselings item page. This is on Safari and Firefox. Other item work fine but how can bestsellers be bestsellers if you can't buy them? :)
  10. Cool. Got my assignment, finally something that'll force me to paint after moving into the new place.
  11. You continue to amaze, Derek. Thanks for the info on your brush technique. I'll have to try something that fine someday. Someday.
  12. For your first efforts I'd say you're doing very well. Those blow my first attempts out of the water.
  13. I feel odd asking this question here, being Reaper's board, but there are a lot of folks I trust here. I'm considering expanding my paint set to other paints, but I don't remember which ones are considered good and which are not so good. So, if you're up for sharing your experiences with the following, please feel free. What I'm mostly interested in is how they fare in terms of coverage, ease of use and whether they are temperamental in particular way I need to keep in mind. Tamiya Vallejo Model Vallejo Game Privateer Press Thanks.
  14. Still coming out fantastic. Still ragingly jealous.
  15. Nice job. That's a sweet conversion. What was the base model?
  16. Very nice. I love the work on Cola, ... quite Pikachu-esque. ;-) I would comment that the face seems a bit angular to me, but that is probably just a style thing. Overall, very nice color choices and smooth painting.
  17. Wicked. The dragon came out great. I've been watching the WIP, so thanks for all the demo.
  18. I tend to not fiddle with Gamma much, I'm too worried about color changes. But that actually looks pretty nice. Thanks.
  19. So, the blister I bought didn't actually have Baldorf's second "pose", so while I have his little riding wolf/dog/whatever, I don't have him in his seated form. I complained to my seller but since ME is out of business I don't expect any change. And it isn't that big a deal anyways, I got what I needed out of it.
  20. Thanks for the advice ... I've done all this and more in the past, you can see that these photos here are much better than the ones of Baldorf. The problem was, when I used the same blue felt in my lightbox for Baldorf, my camera did all sorts of bad crap with the color tuning such that he came out looking ... well, wierd. So I fell back to the white background and fiddled with exposure settings and lights until I got a decent pic. As I said, at this point, I need a camera that I can control the exact exposure and color balance on without it trying all sorts of auto-sh** to do what it thinks is the right thing. For now, I think if I tried to photograph this guy again I'd have to use a practically black/very dark grey background so that the camera didn't think that the blue was trying to be white, etc. I think, looking back on it, that the reason why Turanil's photo came out so damn nice was that he's basically all 3 primary colors (RGB) and so the camera was able to auto adjust to a balanced white over the entire image even though there was a large amount of blue in the pic. With Baldorf, that wasn't going to happen because he's basically all purple. Anyways, ... back to the drawing board.
  21. Oh, there's no freehand. The mini actually has some raised bits for the emblem on the cloak.
  22. Thanks. I blame dark pics. The highlights are almost pure white so there is very little chance they aren't popping enough. At some point I need a better camera, the little mini-digital just isn't cutting it anymore.
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