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  1. I did this for a birthday, my first attempt at purple and black NMM.
  2. Oh heeeeeeell no! Crap, even more must have stuff to add to my shopping list ... >^_0<
  3. Reaperbryan, whatever you're doing, it looks great. Mind you, I wasn't trying to complain about past minis, far from it, but unwrapping Kyra was something new. Dks, if you're started sculpting minis that can clean themselves, I'm going to have to stop ordering them. Kinda creepy. ;-)
  4. Aye, congrats to all, especially to Barak. Now that the contest is over, Barak, would you mind tell us what those crystals are made of? Did you buy that base or make it (I'm betting on the latter)?
  5. I just ordered this one and received it. I have to say that it is frankly, a gooooorgeous piece even in bare metal. I had a question or two. It seems that she's a lot "cleaner" than some minis I've seen from Reaper in the past. Are you all doing something new with your casting? And second, is the Pathfinder line done in P65 or a different metal than the other lines? I ask because the metal on her doesn't look quite like that on others. Thanks for your attention.
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Nameless. I suppose that if the rule is "choose those closest to the theme or choose the only mini submitted" then yeah, I can see why folks would stick to one mini submitted. Eh, it's all good, there's some awesome paint jobs up there this month.
  7. They did, they judged which of any multiples would get dropped. I think this is the way it usually works.
  8. Great colors. The face is excellent and I like the color choices for the hair and beard.
  9. Awesome job. The skin tones are great and so is the sword.
  10. It's enough to make a grown man cry and throw away his brushes. Great work. ;-)
  11. I don't know that Reaper can/will answer your question, at least not on a board like this. That's info that would be ... sensitive. For my part though: 1) How many miniatures do you buy each year? I haven't tracked it for all years but I did for last year (friendly competition will do that). 2009: 20 miniatures purchased 2) Do you paint all of your miniatures? The aim is to paint them all. But I have a big backlog to work through (about 100). Last year, though, I painted 17. So sadly I missed my target by three. I also blame the holidays. ;-) 3) How much do you spend on miniatures and paint combined each year? Approximation: 100-200 dollars. If I include paints, minis, brushes, glues, epoxies, basing materials, toothpicks, paper towels, etc. I think I go closer to 300. 4) Have your purchases of miniatures (and paints, etc.) declined much in the past 2 years or so? From 2008? Probably declined a fair bit. I think I purchased a bunch of minis in 2007 and 8 that I never touched, hence why my backlog is over 100. 5) Would you still spend as much (or possibly more) per year if the cost per miniature were increased? I suspect I'd keep it about the same (thus I'd end up buying fewer items). My current target is to try and paint more than I buy (so at least I can reduce the backlog of unpainted lead). However, I understand from everyone's experience that that never works out. ;-) 6) Would you still spend as much (or possibly more) per year if the cost per miniature were decreased? Same answer (conversely I'd probably be able to buy a bit more if prices dropped).
  12. Now that is a cool effect. I've always liked minis that were "jumping" or "flying" but not always how they make them appear to do so. Nice job on the armor and face.
  13. I'm not normally a cheerleader type, but honestly what do you lose by entering and not winning (not trying to be pessimistic, just asking the question) that you wouldn't lose by not entering and not winning. Exactly. So go for it. Or as they like to say around lottery country, the only way to win is to play. ;-)
  14. I demand pictures when the army is ready. ;-)
  15. I had this one in a WIP but never posted final pics of it here. This went to Fremen and he received it today so I figured I'd share.
  16. Well, I officially just had that "cracking paint" effect on a mini. If you want what little I can tell you about it, let me know.
  17. For something that big, what do you use for a palette (the physical kind, not the color) for mixing or holding the paint?
  18. Love Kyra's sculpt. ALF is cool too. I think I know what I'm buying next.
  19. The color scheme maybe, but in a contest of execution/technique I can guarantee that Marike's would win. I need to paint for a few more years before I'd ever put my paint jobs against hers, yes sir.
  20. Jim, the base is a cork stopper ... you can find them at many hardware shops in the same place as their bulk screws, bolts, nails, etc. I usually use them for holding minis will painting ... here's a shot from before I finished. She's greenstuffed and pinned into the top (not what I usually do with minis) because I'd decided to base her this way a while back. And then I just cut the cork out to the shape I wanted.
  21. A quick little paint job I finished up this week. Mostly I needed a mini I could paint quickly and put away ... if that makes sense.
  22. joe b


    You seem to be off to a good start with your post. I've gotten better through practice so, don't worry, you will get better if you paint. And ask for advice here, there's plenty of folks who'll give you some wisdom.
  23. A second entry, I'll let the judges decide which one to use :)
  24. My first entry, "Santa preparing for next year". Edited: to remove border.
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