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  1. So do we vote once they are finished or before, just on the basis of the bare figs? Enquiring minds ...
  2. At two inches and change, that probably makes him too large for a D&D character. Try searching the figure finder for "bald"
  3. A most excellent conversion.
  4. I was finally able to do two coats of Dullcote so mine is shipping first thing tomorrow.
  5. joe b


    Thanks for the comments, all. As for Tolkein-esque elf ... the thing that hurt about the figure was the sheer volume of detail. If I'd had a few weeks, he wouldn't have been an issue, but with a one week (self-imposed) deadline, things got a bit frantic. That said, I still really like the way he came out. But I much prefer some of Klocke's other stuff.
  6. I think it looks great. But the criticism I get a lot for similar stuff is that I need to brighten the highlights. If I were to try the same on yours I'd bring the chain near to white at the points, the pants could do the same at the center of the folds you've highlighted and the edge of the gauntlets and the studs on his armor too. In truth, pure white may well be too bright, but certainly you might lighten the colors a bit and bring them to a crisp bright spot. Good luck!
  7. joe b


    Well, it was a rush in that start to finish it was done in a week. I actually put about 20+ hours into it (I lost count) so it isn't a "rush" job on that front.
  8. This was done in a bit of a rush. I spent a lot of time on him this last week so he'd be ready for a present. I really wish I'd taken a straight on shot of the face, since it's the best set of eyes I've done. C'est la vie.
  9. I have the same problem with RMS, both the chalkiness and the streaking. But I've never had the lake bed cracking effect. I have a resin mini or three lying around, but I've never painted resin before so maybe I'll keep your post in mind when I do.
  10. I'll add my vote to that. Especially how you get such bright colors and pastels (?). I can't even imagine how that palette works.
  11. Received mine from Feanor, this bad boy http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38646 If it would just warm up enough here to do a good couple of coats of dullcote, I'd be set to ship. But I don't want to risk the humidity doing a bad thing to mine.
  12. Very nice work. The blue is excellent and I like the color choice for your wings.
  13. I bought this one with plans to paint her soon. I only hope I can come close to this good.
  14. Mine is done but i'm now on vacation so it won't ship for a week or so.
  15. Fantastic! But, where do you put them all?
  16. This will be the last update before I ship him. I got a few more details done this time. Belt, gem in buckle, the pauldrons got a last detail on the edging and I ended up working on the flesh a lot to try and get it to have some highlights and shadows. I also finished the base. It looks like stone finally. Sword. Chain collar. That's it. After that I'm dullcote-ing him and shipping him to his new master. I hope he makes a good commander out there. I soooo want to keep him ;-)
  17. You're still going to want to thin the ink. This article might help with some tips on what to use. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...7348&hl=ink
  18. Well, I think you're doing great so far. Here are a few things you could do, if you wanted: 1) Wash the hair and beard with a dark brown to get the recesses sharpened, I would use an actual wash or an ink, but you could just take a dark brown and mix it 10:1 with water or with paint extender, but they you will have to go back with a light orange or yellow and highlight the hair/beard again. 2) using white or grey mixed with white (1 grey to 2 white), drybrush the mail just a bit to make it pop more 3) maybe do the same to the fur on the top back of the cloak, but I'd be inclined to use pure white there.
  19. Sweet colors. What did you use for the snow?
  20. The shield isn't going to get any more freehand, I had wanted to do a coat of arms but I don't think I'm that confident yet. Maybe, we'll see how I feel tomorrow. As for the sword, I'm going to go for an NMM sheen and I wanted the dark/blue section to be in the middle so I set that up first, ... the hilt and point ends are going to meld to grey/light-grey. But I need to see how it works out. If it doesn't work out, I have another couple of ideas I can do, so we'll have to see. At this point, I'm mainly on to detailing. I have various little bits (belt, buckle, hilt, and a bit of flesh highlighting/darkening, hair highlights) to do and then the sword is the last "big" piece to finish. And highlighting the stones at his feet. I expect to be done this weekend, at which point the only thing to figure out is how to dullcote him when the weather is 0'F in the wind.
  21. Just a bit closer to done. Pauldrons, Belt mostly done and right bracer finally got some paint. I also had a bit of an accident with the sword tip so back to primer for you!
  22. Another hour or so. I did more of the arms and the shield. The hem of the armor is dealt with and now I just need to get to the armbands, the pauldrons, and the sword.
  23. I think I am going to go ahead and reveal that this WIP is my exchange mini.
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