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  1. Another couple of hours in. Lower armor is mostly done, just have a few highlights to do on the very edges, do the "gold" band on his hem, then do the upper armor, the sword and shield.
  2. Well, mine is based, primed and I've started painting. About half way done at this point but I've been out of town so it is languishing.
  3. dude, avoid googling terms like "What if Santa was insane?", m'kay? ;-)
  4. 'course, he's pissed, he only has 22 days left and the elves are slacking off! :)
  5. A friend of mine gave me this when he was cleaning out some un-painted lead. I didn't really have anything to do with him until inspiration struck yesterday. Of course, some may hope it hadn't. ;-) Enjoy.
  6. Bwahahahaha! That is awesome!
  7. Mmmmm, very good to know. But the sealer wasn't grainy, it was sort of a smoky white residue. Which I think is more likely a result of not mixing well enough or humidity. So for now I'm going to go back to making sure I mix well and test it before using it again.
  8. Wow. Very nice. And love the yin-yang motif. Are the angel's wings silver or grey? I can't tell from the lighting.
  9. I finished this one last night. It was something of a marathon paint from Friday to Sunday. And I still haven't finished my crusader from the WIP thread. Don't worry, I promise my next few paint jobs won't have lots of blue everywhere.
  10. Unless that affected the mixture, I doubt it was an issue. I didn't use the paint until two days later so it had plenty of time to thaw if it had frozen.
  11. So I found other posts about problems with dullcoat but I tried the brush on sealer (MSP) and I got a whitish residue on my minis. Now, I haven't had a problem before, I've used this particular bottle recently. But it did travel on a plane in the last few days. Any ideas?
  12. Are any of the bases metal? I saw some at GenCon but forgot to get some.
  13. Your color choices are always fantastic. Everything pops so nicely.
  14. The robe or the cloak? The cloak is largely Buckskin Pale with Faded Khaki for the shadows. I base coated the cloak in a mix of Buckskin Pale and Faded Khaki and then highlighted/shadowed with the pure colors. The robe is several colors. Blackened Brown for the dark areas, the red part is Blacked Brown as the base, then successive layers of Deep Red and Bright Red. The "gold" accents are Uniform Brown as the base, Faded Khaki, and then mixes of Buckskin Pale, Marigold Yellow and Pure White. All are Reaper MSP.
  15. "charismatic". I like that. :) The red and gold combo is one that I am looking forward to using again. It really does work nicely.
  16. He's actually intended to be one of my PCs for D&D where he'll play an Avenger. Originally he was supposed to be a quick, slappin' paint kind of lead job, but he ended up a bit more. Of course, I started him 6 months ago, and along with the rest of his "cadre" he has sat on my shelf untouched until recently. But he's done, or done as he's going to be. Enjoy.
  17. And now we're starting to get some color on his bones. Looks a bit different now.
  18. That's some nice work. May I ask what colors you used on the boots?
  19. You're never going to let me live that down ...
  20. She's a beaut. I love the color choices, which is something I'm still really learning.
  21. A bit more work on him ... did his eyes and basecoated his hair, beard and touched up some of the base coat on the armor. Next, to start putting some color on him.
  22. Well, here I go with a WIP ... feel free to C&C. A bit of info to help, I'm going to go with a red and white color scheme and decided that a dark brown was the best undercoat for both. I'll go for detailing the face and basecoats next. Edit: Heh, does help to attach the pic.
  23. It certainly does look that way in the photo doesn't it? But it is pretty smooth in person. I suspect that the lighting drew that out a bit more. Still, you're right, I think that I need to improve on the blends so it is smoother all around. Thanks.
  24. Hey look, I finished one! I also took a comparison picture between him and another of my crusaders and I think the difference between the cloaks is kind of cool. Still got a lot to work on though.
  25. If you don't mind telling me ... how are you getting the metallics so "solid" and shiny. Are you using reaper metallics? I put metal on mini and don't get this sort of effect.
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