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  1. Your "basic" quality is kicking my best quality all around the playground. Love it.
  2. I have a mini and a base picked out. Now to prep it for painting. And thanks to some stuff in the Show Off board I even have an idea for color scheme already. ;-)
  3. Colors: I'd suggest getting a red triad, a green triad and a blue triad, a leather triad (browns), black and white. And maybe grey, but you can mix that from black and white. Plus your extender, primer, sealer. That should cover you pretty well. If you're not willing to get that much, buy a dark green, dark red, dark blue and dark brown, yellow, black and white. You can then mix lighter shades by adding yellow and/or white to your colors. [Edit: Oh, and a metallic color or two. Silver or a "gun" metal. You're not likely to want to start off with non-metallic metals (NMM), so your swords and other metal will need a color.] I'm mostly self taught with a lot of searches on the web and on boards like this one, but I do hear that the Learn to Paint series is excellent. The best lesson to learn is thin your paints. Adding water or paint extender to your paints (in the pallette not in the bottle!) makes the paint go on smoother and will greatly improve even the most beginner miniatures. Good luck and happy painting.
  4. This'll be a first for me too. Looking forward to participating. PM sent.
  5. Retribution, right? That scheme is going to look awesome. Heck, I might have to steal that. :)
  6. "Yeah, yeah, patience. How long will that take."
  7. You have really good eyesight then, there's no way I could paint that without some magnification.
  8. Derek, what size brushes or other tools do you use? I find it extremely difficult to do anything past step 4 and even step 3 is nearly impossible.
  9. Quoted for truth. Damn, dks, that's some seriously amazing paint. I can't decide which part is my favorite.
  10. Welcome and good luck. If you have questions, this is a good community and they're always willing to help. I can tell you that practice will make for better painting so just keep trying. Oh, and thin your paints. :)
  11. Man needs some eyebrows. :) But very nice facial expression and smooth colors.
  12. I go back and forth lately on whether black or white is the best primer. (never used grey myself). Black makes it easy to paint and is forgiving in many ways. White seems to work very nicely if I want more pop. I've done things very similar to what Stubbdog mentioned, where I use a white primer and then wash/ink on black or brown, depending on the color I want. This seems to give me bright colors but the "lining" is never as good as I'd like. I'll have to try this technique and see what happens.
  13. I gotta say, nice work. The bandages are very smooth all over. Good start for your army.
  14. Love the blue on the first one. Both are very smooth.
  15. She's beautiful. Very smooth colors all over and the symbol on her dress is very well done. Might I ask what colors went into it and how you got the lining around it?
  16. Heh. Glad to see someone else playing Spellgard.
  17. You have a good point. I thought the same thing and I'll probably take a stab at that before I dull coat her.
  18. I found that with freehand you just have to dive in. I've done two shields and a willingness to try it and suffer the consequences were all that got me started. And remember, thin paint. Real thin paint.
  19. I found that I wanted a figure for a NPC in my Spellgard game. So I grabbed Lurien a few weeks ago and whipped this lady out in a night. Interestingly, she's almost entirely painted with inks, washed over white primer, sort of an inverse/reverse dip. There's a bit of touch up on her cloak and frankly I think I went over board in some places. Cheers.
  20. Love that flying dragon metal thingy ... noice! The machine gun wielding spy girl is sweet too.
  21. Awesome job on your first mini. I wish my first effort was this good. Looking forward to seeing more.
  22. Hobby stores? Places like AC Moore or Michael's ... they are likely wooden, probably cost a few bucks each.
  23. Lessee ... the base is green stuff. I basically molded some of the green stuff around the broccoli base and to a square plastic base of the sort you can find everywhere. I took a small rock from the back yard and "stamped" it slightly into the green stuff to give it some texture until I was happy with the overall shape and texture. For lava, you sort of want a good variability in height otherwise you can't really get the effect I used. After that, I more or less followed this tutorial on lava bases. I used Reaper colors == Sunlight yellow, I think Marigold Yellow (for the orange), Blood Red, Blackened Brown and Pure Black. I added a slight step at the end and instead of going directly to black, I inserted a shading of the Blackened Brown. Oh, and it is hard to see in the pic, but Ava is standing on the base, and the lava around it is slightly curled over the base, almost like the lava is rising around her and she's standing on a small island of rock in the center of it. It could just as easily be molded to smooth out the base or replace the base entirely so she's standing on the lava flow. But that, I hear, is dangerously hot. :)
  24. Why? Do we not get enough blue clothes around here? :) And yes, the blending on her abs was my least favorite part of her. But I just could not get the blending to happen so I gave up. Maybe next time.
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