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  1. I'm so happy to get her done. And her lava base came out real well I think.
  2. I've got this one on my list too. Very nice job on the color choices and smooth skin tones.
  3. The Satheras warlock is my favorite. They're all great but that one is sweet. The cloth tabard on the pale reaver is superb too.
  4. The sword and ... either a Daylight spell being cast at him or a spell he's cast. Solid work, very nice. If you'll allow me, I think the sword could have remained "fully lit" on both sides ... it is a light source. If it is a light source that is.
  5. One weekend's worth of effort? It only took you a weekend? *cries* very nice job.
  6. Ouch ... sorry, just hauling my jaw up off the floor there. Dude, awesome work.
  7. I feel I've bitten off more than I can chew when I do one model, so you're already doing heaps better than me. Welcome back!
  8. I'm seeing a pattern in your work ... two minis at a time. :) They both look great. The fire on your sword is very nice and your whites look crisp. I might "appropriate" the red and white color scheme for my version of Almaran. Hope you won't mind :)
  9. Mine appear to have the full label so probably not a old bottle. And I've tried different ratios. Paint to water (or flow extender) 1:1, 2:1, 1:2 and higher and nothing helps. My standard thinning is 1:2 and it works well with most other paints. I may have to try the dullcoat thing I guess.
  10. I've been using the MSP for a while and overall they are some great paints. Love them. But there are a few paints (my Nightshade Purple, Blackened Brown most notably) that no matter what I do to thin them, go on glossy. And then other paints won't adhere over them well and it takes forever to get a good color. I note this because I use both as base colors for a lot of stuff and it is almost always the same. Are they supposed to be like this? Am I doing something wrong?
  11. That's good to know, Anne. Well, I guess I'll have to watch out for that problem on a few of my minis then.
  12. You really did a good job all over, but the mane/bristles and tusks were the details that I think really make him pop. Cheers.
  13. One thing I've tried recently and it seemed to work real well was the following. Mix about 1:1 RMS brush on primer and Pure White and then thin that about 1:1 with RMS paint extender. So really about 1:1:2 (Primer:Pure White:Extender(or water)) Thoughts?
  14. Great work all around. The tusks and the bristles on his back look great. Nice job.
  15. The cloak actually looks quite good. I think you just need to go even brighter. I just got done a pair of cloaks (see the show off thread for the "Dwarf Miner and Paladin"). I needed to get as close to pure white as I can bear. Even a 2:1 or 3:1 white to base color is good enough. Note: these are the best I've ever done but I'm no expert. I'm always afraid to go to white but you should try it. Mix some of the brightest red you've used with some white at like 2:1 (red:white) and go along the edges and high points with it. Then go 1:1 and brighten closer to the edges and high points ... and finally go 1:2 red to white just along the very very edge and creases. Finally, use a very thin mix of white (or 1:3 red to white) and go along the very very very edge of the cloak. On thing I did with the purple though, is that once the white was done, I thought it was too bright, so I used a GW wash of purple on the whole cloak and it toned the white down and really put some depth into the rest of the purples.
  16. Make sure to stop at some point and catch up. They hate it when there is a pile of lead on the dining room table that won't move because it is so heavy. :)
  17. I totally agree that the red-orange transition is very smooth. Well done. On the face, don't be afraid to start with thinner paint and go in layers. It helps because "mistakes" are easy to fix (they are never very thick and can be painted over easily). I suggest at least a 2:1 water to paint ratio ... but mix the paint well.
  18. I have to agree with you on Ansel, Scotty. He's a very strange shaped fig. His legs are the size of tree trunks. Or would be on a real person. I've started calling him Conan the Paladin. :)
  19. When I took the pics I realized that the eyebrows hadn't been put in but I'd put my paints away so I posted the pics and wondered if anyone would catch it. Grats, you win. :)
  20. Wow. I wish I could do that *takes notes*...
  21. Finished him up last night. The white wasn't actually what I intended but once I saw how it was coming out, I stuck with it. Someday I will get an NMM gold to work right. Edited: Someone wanted a larger pic. And apparently the DB restore didn't find this pic in it so here it is again.
  22. From what I can see it came out quite well. The dullcoat helps bring the shine down and allows the colors to show. The horse's coat looks nice. Regarding the saddle, the highlights I think could go even brighter but it still looks good as is. Nice choice. Regarding colors, I think for some of the brighter colors (white, red, silver) you should start with a darker base color. White should start at a brown or tan maybe, red at a dark brown or black, silver at a dark grey or black as a base (though others may say to start with a white base for silver). And camera work. I think you were probably holding the camera when you took these, right? See if you can find a stand next time, or perhaps set the camera down on something and use a timer to take the picture. It'll steady the camera and make for a much clearer image. Good luck with your next project.
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