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  1. omg. I love the skin on her. I pine, I pine and whimper for a brushhand as good as yours.
  2. Whatever happened to Marike Reimer's piece, the blue and white "angel winged" Sophie? It doesn't show as having been auctioned, is that a mistake?
  3. That's great stuff VL. Is the detail on Ithamar's shield painted on or is the shield that detailed/sculpted?
  4. The colors on this look very smooth and crisp. I agree that the metals seem off. But awesome work altogether.
  5. Awesome job. That conversion rocks.
  6. Lurien is very nice. The colors are so smooth. May I ask what you used for the base (on the freebooter ladies)? Is it plastic?
  7. I really like the crusader and the redhead has some very nice NMM reflections going on. We need more delurking :)
  8. "12th finished mini?" Like I said, over 4 years. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I don't call a mini finished until I'm happy with it. I also did model planes and such for like 10 years from grade school to high school so I've done similar stuff. That said, I finished this one in just under 3 months, about 30-40 hours total I think, and I'm trying to get minis painted in under 5 hours but I'm not that good yet. And yes, please keep the "harsh" critiques coming. Thanks for the comments.
  9. Hi all. This is my first post here, though I've been watching for a while. I did this mini (Warlord 14110) for a friend over the last few months. Some background on me, I've been painting minis off and on for about four years now, but I used to build model planes, robots, etc for years in grade school. This is about my 12th finished mini (yes, I'm slow :) ). Please let me know what you think.
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