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  1. There may have been a dead one in that module, but anything that PC's had to face (aside from robots) was later put into a Monster Manual or Monstrous Compendium and the Edestekai never made an appearance in said reference materials to my knowledge. (Although I believe the dead Edestekai I recall may have been in the first Volturnus module before the PC's actually meet the tribe.) Barrier Peaks is notorious for having given gamers the Froghemoth, the Wolf-in-Sheep's-Clothing, and the Vegepygmies. Ahhh Barrier Peaks...I had a love/hate relationship with that module. I loved parts of it (the encounter with the intellect devourer) and hated other parts (lasers in D&D pfft)
  2. Very nice work! May I ask what color(s) you used for the skirt and headdress?
  3. Nice stuff! I'm especially fond of the outfit you designed for the sorceress.
  4. They DID Cadaver... she was called Brittany Spears, remember?
  5. I here that! I'd go "Van Helsing" on all their arses! Now where did I put that fully automatic crossbow with the silver bolts?
  6. I really enjoy your work here. The "shining" helmet is really eye catching and the bear looks almost lifelike. Please keep posting!
  7. Most folks that I have seen paint this have painted it with the interpretation that she IS wearing a mask. I have just ordererd her but she hasnt arrived yet so I have not seen her up close and personal yet. That said it appears she can be painted "face" or "mask" and look nice either way.
  8. Great stuff, love your originality!
  9. Are you feeling an "urge" to make Devil's Tower out of mashed potatoes yet?
  10. Let's pray the terrorists don't get hold of this technology...cats banned on all flights oh nooooooooo!
  11. Ahhh Battlemasters, how I ADORED that game! Truly a GREAT find!
  12. That depends on the purpose of the figure. What I mean is if this is intended as a "display" piece then I agree totally with you. OTOH if your planning on "gaming" with the piece a lot then a fancy base can get fudged all up if you catch my meaning. Oh yea, I like your work! keep posting please!!!
  13. Well for starters we didnt make it to Jupiter by 2001 and discover alien life in 2010...OTOH Star Trek (original) showed us a racially integrated crew which you could argue has certainly portended the global business world we live in today. That was certainly fiction in the 1960's. Oh and speaking of the original Star Trek hows about "stealth" technology...Ok we can't make anything invisible to light yet but virtual invisibility to radar has to be on the lines of inspiration there.
  14. Frost Wyrm is on its way!!! oh and... Slimes (2) x2 Anirion Wood Elf Wizard Lesser Devil Grunt x5 Sinspawn x5 Frost Giant Princess new figs to paint over the 4th of July holiday... PRICELESS
  15. Love how the greens and blues "pop" here, nice stuff!!!
  16. But he seems all dusty and dingey and dark... oh wait that's a good thing.
  17. I heard a news report maybe two weeks ago that the "Pork People" are looking into changing their slogan, how ironic...
  18. Huzzah! Another victim errrr member
  19. I really like your work here. Could have been an awesome diarama with an adventurer added in a "surprised" pose. But then you would have had to make more grass.
  20. The frost Wyrm ships Friday, so it will have a street date of 6/28. Woot! Gonna be a GREAT 4th of July getting to paint that bad boy!
  21. Oh, and before anyone else says it please don't say "Night Elf Mohawk"
  22. Well, since I almost always "DM" in my group I usually look from the perspective of monsters I like heh, but on the rare occasion I do get to be a PC i'm a paladin lover, elf or human for race.
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