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  1. I had the good fortune to catch the episode of "Dexter's Lab" called D&DD the other day. It chronicles Dexter's day playing Dungeons & Dragons. It is one of the funniest things I have ever watched. If you have never seen it keep an eye open for it. As an RPGer you will love it, trust me. If you ever had a player or DM you wanted to humble (and who hasnt) You will appreciate the episode even more. Seeing Dexter forced to play Hodo the burrower is absolutely hillarious. If nothing else the episode should bring back some fond memories of childhood RPGing, it sure does for me! Oh the 1980's where hast thou gone!
  2. It kind of sounds to me like you are seeking some adventure ideas/inspirations without spending gobs of time reading text. So a suggestion I can offer is to watch some old movies that fit into the genre you are interested in recreating. Ivanhoe is set after the period you describe but making the Normans the bad guys and the Saxons the good guys isnt too much of a leap, and you get the mounted armored knights period at its greatist. Another slightly more obscure flick is Sword of the Valiant. Again this can be a wonderful scource for adventure ideas during the general period you are describing. I'm guessing you have watched Excalibur dozens of times all ready but ill mention it just in case.
  3. Most of the guidline changes from 3.0 to 3.5 where minor things like spell effect changes (making the resist elements spells better and so forth). Among the bigger changes involved making druids and rangers tougher.
  4. I have a small problem. I need to get 3 more reaper dark heaven clawed devils (2672), however my online merchant no longer carries this item So I was hoping for some advice on a reputable/reliable dealer of Reaper products I would be able to throw a little business towards. Oh, so far I have ordered exclusively through the Warstore. So any advice on another online distributor you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Wow just think of what you could do with a sauropod!?!? Say hello to my new urban assault Brachiasaur!!! Now THAT would be a weapons platform worthy of my namesake! lol
  6. Meanwhile at the Reaper Cave somewhere deep in the heart of... A Reaper exec. walks through the door... "Now hear this Werner, Sandra, et all, figure 4000 will be a Dinosaur toting a 7.62 minigun, Dirty Harry the Hadrasaur. Lets get right on that shall we!" The door slams shut and then... *crickets*
  7. LoL its too bad your girlfriend hasnt seen the "I love the 80's" episode on VH 1 when they talk about Dungeons & Dragons. One of the commentators says "The people who used to play D&D? They rule the world now" RoFL imagine that as a comeback to the "nerdy people" crack. muahahaha
  8. You know the more I look at that picture the more he reminds me of Gene Simmons playing his bass axe!!! All hail Reaper's new Bard Demon!
  9. I also recomend David Eddings Belgariad and his Maloreon series if you like the Belgariad (5 books) I didnt see anyone say anything about Terry Brooks yet so check out the Sword of Shannara or his Magic Kingdom For Sale books both are excellent reads and have multiple sequels. Finally if you want epic and i mean EPIC try out Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. He still has one more to write to complete the story but believe me there is plenty to read while you wait for him!
  10. How about some new giant's? Perhaps a storm giant casting a thunderbolt that could look pretty darn groovy Or maybe a titan? A big Adonis looking fella or maybe a female? complete with Greek style helm?
  11. Heh, very true Eric. The last thing I want to say on this whole topic is a quote made by someone far wiser than I will ever be. And though I can't remember who to give credit for this, it goes something like this... "Good artists borrow, great artists steal." LoL im sure all of us can relate to that quote and probably come up with a dozen names of people who it would apply to smashingly!
  12. Actually Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, and co. were NOT human. The 'Istari' or wizards as the lay folk of Middle Earth called them, were lesser spirits sent from the Undying Lands to monitor and hopefully counter the moves of Sauron who was the greatist of their kind corrupted by Melkor (Morgoth). It would be more accurate to think of them as angels sent to counter the moves of their fallen brother (Sauron). The Istari chose the forms of 'old men' So as not to appear threatening to the folk of Middle Earth and also to have a form that would convey the message of "ya better listen up cause i'm wiser than thou!" Normally I hate being a hair splitter but calling them "human" is a rather glaring error PS. Gandalf's inspiration (scource of origin) for old JRR has been mentioned in this thread a few times. If you want more info on this read up on your Norse myths, pay particular attention to the form the god Odin would choose when he wished to walk among men, Cloaked traveller, wide brimmed hat hehe sound familiar?
  13. I guess i'm kinda anal about mixing metal and plastic mini's i cant bring myself to do it on my table Though i admit to doing it once when I needed a Cloud giant sorceror i asked a friend to bring his D&D CG over as I only have Reaper's Frost and Fire Giants. I have even gone so far as ordering cheap metal orcs, goblins, and skeletons from *gasp* other outfits to fill the ranks of the traditional canon fodder mobs. I second the notion that more diabolic figs would be cool. Reaper has done a fine job with the demons IMO but the devils of AD&D are saddly behind, Only Mephistopheles, Belial, a Bone Devil, and the recently released Pit Fiend come to mind, as well as the various imps of course. Im patient about these things though I waited through years of Ral Partha and Grenadier releases for certain monsters, so I spose I can wait for Reaper too
  14. Well my knowledge of corporate and copyright law is limited to say the least but im guessing you'd havta be careful copying WotC's moves too closely. I'm sure they have lawyers ready to swarm if they feel the least bit infringed upon. That said, I dont see any reason you cant point to a monster's pic. and say lets sculpt something like that and give it a new name. If its a monster that is unique to the D&D cosmos. On a related subject i wanted to thank the folks at Reaper for the soon to be released Charnal Grub. Been waiting a loooong time to unleash the Carrion Crawlers back into my campaign. Players just LOVE those ten paralyzing tentacles, didnt you back in the day!?!
  15. My vote goes to... A Kraken A Dire Tiger More giant critters like ants centipedes, wasps beetles, and mantis and how about a giant leeezard!
  16. Man has been telling stories about heroic beings and mystical races since shortly after we developed the spoken word. There can be no denying the inspirational material for writters and fantasy roleplayers has come from a dizzying array of scources. Take at look at the lists of monsters, classes, and races and you will see ideas coming from a vast number of scources. Paladins are a Germanic mythos creation, druids come from the Celtic cultures. Dragons, dwarves, elves, or slight variations of them can be found in ancient folklores from all around the world. From the Greeks we get a vaiety of monster inspirations, cyclops, pegasus, medusa, minotaur, hydra,chimera,and on and on. Ancient stories like Beowulf, Hercules, and Gilgamesh tell of heroes overcoming long odds and terrible beasts to save the day. Stories that come from very different geographic regions all inspired the writers and gamers that have become so popular throughout the 20th and now 21st century. Sorry no 1 conveniant scource exists for all this wonderful "stuff" But as the years go by hopefully you like me will come to enjoy reading and recreating it all.
  17. Well personally i pronounce it Tar-ask using the French pronunciation for a word like Masque "Pron. Mask" as my reason though i'm quite sure you'd get arguments for other ways of saying it. Maybe someone with more time than I can do a little research on this.
  18. Just an update on my quest, and thanks to everyone for the info you have provided so far. I found this mini among the "Confrontation" line by Rackham, and he seems quite impressive, however the 199 Euro price tag has me tied up in knots... He can be found at www.rackham-store.com/site/medias/tarascas-GD.jpg Judging from the name of the thing i'd say they are trying to do a Tarrasque inspired monster with this thing. Only thing i dont like about the fig (other than its price) Is the bolted on armor look but its the best I have found so far!
  19. LoL, well i know he's big but I am too ugly to be of much use. I use precrafted bases to indicate creature size on my battle mat and, I use the 1 inch to 5 feet conversion ratio so my base for the Tarrasque is 8"x8" representing the beastie's 40'x40' recomended size for AD&D 3rd ed. So what I'm after is a figure I can place on the base that looks not too ridiculous and resembles the hulking creature's appearance. Knowing this is a tough assignment I wanted as many opinion's as I could muster.
  20. Looking for a figure that is worthy to represent this infamous bad boy, any suggestions from you folks?
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