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  1. I have no clue, that's how much I don't care about soccer. Ahhh I hear ya... I'm actually a big sports fan in our (USA's) 4 major sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey) but "soccer" isnt my cup of tea either. Just not enough scoring... I mean when 3-0 is a blowout? Cmon... They need to take 2 or 3 guys off the field and allow "cherry picking" , offsides. Then this sport gets exciting for me.
  2. Walrus, with barding? Because I would love to design a D&D campaign in a Lapland type setting with Polar Bear and Walrus cavalry Now that what be a cavalry force WITH amphibious capabilities!
  3. Have the day off? Yard mowed? Flower bed weeded? Pets fed? No hot blonde to go to dinner with?... Well then GO! It might stink, but then again it might be the most fun you had since your last date with the "hawt blonde"
  4. I can't help but think about the reaction Manfred von Richtoffen would have had upon seeing this machine...
  5. This is true...I should have been more specific I was thinking of a light pink like a carnation rather than hot pink heh... and if you're going for scientific accuracy that's cool then! I was just speaking on an artistic level so that those white teeth can "stick out" a bit more.
  6. I'm thinking the tongue should be more of the traditional pinkish though... the contrast would really draw your eyes to the business end of the beast.
  7. Did someone say "tanks"? Oh, yes, very nice work BTW!
  8. Did the Danish team qualify for the tournament? If so good luck!!!
  9. I'll 2nd the Eddings suggestion offered earlier they are a very fun read... Also Terry Brooks Shannara books are a favorite and his Magic Kingdom For Sale books as well.
  10. Nothing to report yet... but when that "purdy" Frost Wyrm comes out (please God make it soon) I'll unleash the "credit card beast" once more.
  11. For a guy... er god, that's usually depicted as one of the more "bookish" Egyptian deities this model is rather unusual. That said, I like the depiction of Thoth getting ready to kick some ummm Hittite butts. Your interpretation is really nice, great work is my vote.
  12. I actually think the job done on the terrain eclipses the figures themselves, and that's saying something!
  13. Simply outstanding, would love to have that on my writing desk at home.
  14. Ahhh for a few moments I was 12 again...
  15. Any executive experience? BP may have a few openings soon But seriously that stinks... hope you find something to get yourself back in the labor force real soon, good luck!
  16. Very nice work on the figure and base!
  17. God's speed "Sarge" Come home safe!
  18. Hmmm, well of those suggestions I'm liking the "sinspawn" the best. He actually looks a bit deformed. Thanks for the suggestions!
  19. Frost Giant "King" wielding the "Mother of all mauls!" Fire Giant "King" wiielding the "Mac Daddy of all flaming claymores!"
  20. Those of you who play D&D know what they look like. For those that don't, ugly humanoids deformed and twisted. Anyone know of any figures that might fit the bill to represent these demons?
  21. Kind of a sad figure I always thought... Media always seemed to ride him hard. Doubt if anyone else will remember, but one of his funniest moments (IMO) was appearing in cameo role in Married with Children as a building code inspector.
  22. Oh yes!!! That is terrific! Time to state the obvious again... You guys rock!
  23. Been gone for awhile, so I'm a bit out of the loop. But I heard a rumor that Reaper is working on a mini that resembles the Remorhaz of D&D fame. Is this true?!? If so huzzah Reaper, and where is my credit card when it releases!!!
  24. Outstanding work! The mask resembling the face of Hel (Norse goddess of Death) is a wonderful touch. I'm assuming that was intentional...
  25. Back to the original allot use, I had an English teacher once upon a time that told us to remember... "If it isn't a little then its a lot." Making reference to the fact that nobody writes "alittle" and so no one should write "alot" either.
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