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  1. Try not to think of it as 35, at my birthday this year I told everyone I was the celebrating the 8th anniversary of turning 30, sounded much better that way!
  2. No fair Heisler, we only have 2,000-3,000 feet of altitude to work with here, you folks are mostly 5,000+, Mile high indeed!
  3. Snowing heavily here in western PA as I type this. Break out the ski's, snowmobiles, shovels, plows, toboggans and Burl Ives music! Well maybe not the music, cause winter is almost here!
  4. Awesome sculpt, and now a paint job to match. Bravo!
  5. 3 more popped inside my head today, Slap Shot, Beetljuice, and Dr. Stangeglove.
  6. Seconded. Their appearance in the Chronicles of Narnia movie was inspiring. I was also inspired by The Golden Compass. and while i'm here... Dire Shark
  7. Looking "bad" err "good" err "mean", well you get the idea. Nice work!
  8. The nature of our MB attracts fantasy and Sci Fi fans so its difficult for us to understand that while many of us consider "Blade Runner" and movies like it awesome stuff, a large portion of Jon Q Public see's it as average or down right stupid stuff.
  9. Nice work, in all the Norse mythology I have read I don't recall any mention of "blue skinned giants" so I'd say your GTG as far as any living Vikings that might be out there checking this out are concerned!
  10. Strange Brew haters are just a bunch of "hosers" !
  11. Polar Bear Armored? Dire? Something to go along with our new favorite Frost Giant Princess. :)
  12. The face is haunting... Has that "1000 yard stare" quality to it IE this guy has seen way too much combat. If that's the expression you were after I say Bravo!!!
  13. Heh, Billy Joel DID paint a pretty bleak picture of it back in the 80's, and when Steel collapsed many cities entered the "Rust Belt" and became "ghettos" in many folks eyes. I can only speak from the Pittsburgh perspective as I have never been to Allentown, but the cities experienced similar fates in the 70's. Pittsburgh has come back to a large degree, I don't know about Allentown, I'm assuming Lars does...
  14. Nice job on the bases, the eye's are very catchy too, as you would expect with cockatrices!
  15. All that beautiful work for a goblin? No seriously really nice stuff!
  16. A little tough to judge the face from these photos, but overall I like your work here.
  17. Nice work here, The Frog's eye is well... "eyecatching"! And I really like how you did the orc's staff, "old bone" look isnt always easy to pull off and you seem to have nailed it.
  18. Nose to butt = about 5 cm Front shoulder height about 3.5cm
  19. Worst areas I have experienced personally were some places in Philadelphia and Baltimore, although I rarely travel to urban areas because I dislike them so. I will say the last time I went to Baltimore about 3 or 4 years ago I was pleasantly surprised at the "Inner Harbor" area. That city can be proud of that renovation project. And yea Pittsburgh is really a tame city compared to most, and also has cleaned up quite a bit since most of the blighted steel factory areas have been torn down.
  20. No binkie or bottle conversion yet?!? You slacker! The biggest congrats for this work of art.
  21. A week or so ago I was gazing upon my collection of metal and a disconcerting thought entered my mind, what do I want to happen to this collection when I ummmm.... err... croak?!? I really don't have any younger relatives in the hobby , and friends that may or may not be alive when it happens seems to be a poor option too. My wife? Not her thing in the least bit.... Hopefully THAT day is still many years away, although that also means my collection will grow in size and value. The thought of it all going in a yard sale or auction is down right offensive and I don't want to be buried with the stuff either! Hopefully a solution presents itself some day. Anyone else ever considered this a problem, or am I the only morbid basket case on the boards that is fretting a little about this!?!
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