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  1. Great stuff, echoing the comments of the wings, they almost look the stain glass of a church window! What an irony and a joke any demonic insect would "buzz" about! (Pardon the shameless pun)
  2. Table Games! Right Lars? Let them bring on the table games, guess we aint the "Quaker" State any longer... Blackjack Dealers wanted in PA. Yep. Hear of Bethlehem Steel? Manufacturer of Battleship cannons? Arsenal of Democracy? It's a Sands now (not joking...)! Damon. Sweet! (sarcasm) You guys work on running Atlantic City out of business, while those of us on the west side will run West VA's casinos out of business. PA becomes the Nevada of the East! Governor Rendell's budget woes are solved!
  3. I had a grandfather, and have an uncle who hunts a lot of rabbit and they always used beagles for what its worth.
  4. Good luck in your endeavor, I have also kicked around this idea for many years but time never seems to allow for it. Don't be afraid to post some of your more creative/good ideas, so the rest of us hacks can steal them!
  5. Table Games! Right Lars? Let them bring on the table games, guess we aint the "Quaker" State any longer... Blackjack Dealers wanted in PA.
  6. What "Josh" just said... I adore this sculpt , well ok in the interest of full disclosure I use her to represent my paladin in my current campaign.
  7. I guess the picture doesn't do it justice, then. This is one of those times when the distinction between busy and detailed is clear (for me, anyway). It may just be one of those that needs to be seen in person. Not that I'm saying a person has to love the spectre! As for me, it may be my favorite Julie piece to date. I will wait till I see a final painted version till I make a final call on this one I suppose.
  8. Hippogriff Griffon in barding (plate or chain) As for the hippogriff its just time, we need one! Griffon in armor could look just awesome.
  9. Yeah, and 4 days later A clown on a toilet figure arrived that apparently I ordered. Oh and love the orc.
  10. To use an expression my wife is fond of the Specter sculpt just seems "too busy" for me. Everything else in the new greens looks good to excellent IMO.
  11. Good for you Meg! And God bless all dogs, man's best friend!!!
  12. Love the conversion of Talarand, think that's my fav.
  13. Ahhh yes, how I do miss fraternity parties!
  14. Perhaps slightly out of focus? Least that's what it kinda looks like to me.
  15. Happy to say your time consuming efforts have paid off, very nice work!
  16. Pose is awesome! The colors great too except for the gray on the tips of the critter's feet, seems kinda dull when compared to the rest of your vision. Maybe a glossy black if you wanted a chitinous appearance or something similar for a brighter furry color would have been my choice, but overall your work is outstanding!
  17. Maybe they are saving that one for "Snakes on a Millennium Falcon"?
  18. I guess "medium size" is in the eye of the beholder, but Shepherds get pretty big Haldir. Mine (Zeus) was 102 lbs at 11 months, he is probably close to 110 now (15 months) His mom was 85 and dad was 120lbs. Just an FYI if you get a Shepherd pup you may want to get a female so it stays more in that "medium size" category. Though I have seen females get large too, my mom's black shepherd (Umbra) was about 110 lbs too.
  19. ROFL Josh, how about a Chronoscope fig? Maybe a 3 set, Moonwalker, Thriller (zombie Jackson oooo ) and Captain Eo! For those that remember his Disney Ride
  20. And we wonder why the government feels obligated to take care of us...
  21. Is that a heart he is holding aloft? If it is maybe some gore on the blade or the hand would be in order. Otherwise nice work here.
  22. Sweet paint scheme to match a cool sculpt, cheers to your efforts on this one!
  23. Bah no different than hunters getting pumped for deer season, fisherman for trout season, sports fanatics opening day, and their not dorks!
  24. I adore wolves, one of my favorite animals to watch and read about, your interpretation is very good. These sculpts come in a 3 pack and the one you didn't show is my favorite pose, did you not paint the 3rd member of the pack? Anyway thanks for sharing!
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