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  1. bkjohns96

    Simba CAV

    Years ago I remember seeing pictures or renders of the Simba CAV in both the standing and crouching positions. Does anyone here have a copy of that?
  2. I really like the muscular elf blacksmith from Bones III. I would like to see some muscular savage elves or elf barbarians. Maybe, an elven librarian, guards, children, royal court members, etc... How about goblin alchemist and warg riders preferably in the style of the Bones 1 (not Pathfinder)
  3. I would like to see some wizard/sorcerer skeletons throwing fireballs. Also some floating flaming skulls would be nice. More skeleton monsters please.
  4. I really like the game Kings of War, but I hate the look of Mantic's ogres. I plan to use the Bones 3 ogres. I would like Reaper to make some ogre shooters (crossbows / firearms) and maybe a magic wielding ogre.
  5. I can't wait for the skeleton dwarf in Bones 3, however he needs friends. I would like to see a skeletal dwarf crossbowman, cleric, and spearman. Having a large stylized dwarf statue would also be nice.
  6. I would like to see some warriors with greatswords who weren't decked out in full plate armor.
  7. I really like my minis from the last Kickstarter. The Kraken is impressive! I can't wait for the Behemoth and especially the Lady Orc Shamen!
  8. You're killing me Reaper! Will save blown. Soooooo much goodness.
  9. Reaper, you need to post warnings for your updates: Warning- this update may cause elevated pulse, sudden onset Tourette's syndrome, hysterical and joyful weeping.
  10. I'm still hoping to see the frost giant warriors that go with the KS1 giants. I would also like to see wolf riding goblins that match the KS1 goblins. The Oz characters surprised me. I normally wouldn't buy those retail so I'm glad they were included. They look like fun to paint. The Sphinx and manticore are must haves. Keep'em coming, Reaper!
  11. The elf weaponsmith is amazing! I would love to see more muscular elves like this. Keep 'em coming Reaper!
  12. Crosses fingers...come on missing frost giants.
  13. If they brought back their 15mm range I would be all over this. I have no use for 25mm.
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