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  1. Thanks for the great feedback on my earlier posts. I'm looking at buying some paints and would like your input on the most helpful colours that you use. I'm looking at buying some Vallejo and Pro paints. I was wondering if it would be better to buy the Vallejo fantasy paint kit and then add other colours or would it be better to buy individual colours?
  2. yes, it's method for painting metal on mini's without using metallic paints. Using shading and higlights to create refelctions on the metal surface.
  3. ThePolo, Where do you buy your bases?
  4. Looking through the show off gallery I noticed that most of the miniatures have round or square bases other than the original reaper bases. What do you guys do to convert the bases and does anyone have any pictures of what they do that can be posted as an example? Thanks, Chanaka
  5. I'm a newbie to painting miniatures and looking to make some investing into quality equipment. I'd like some advise from those of you who have been painting miniatures for some time on what the best paints and brushes are for the job. I've learned the hard way in the past that spending more for quality stuff pays off in the long run. I've read some comments on brushes mentioning that the Winsor & Newton series 7 are probably the best. As far as paints the choices are between Pro paints, Vallejo paints and Polly S. Thanks for your input.
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