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  1. It has been a while since previous attempt and I've got a feeling, that I miss darkreach somewhat :) Troop 1 (632 pts) Sinisthreax Abyssal Weapon Armor of Courage Dramorion, Sorcerer Nanuranidd, Sorcerer Shiver Spike x 2 Shadowguard x 4 Shadowstep Warrior x 4 Nightshade Warrior x 2 Troop 2 (446 pts) Mornenion, Drake Captain Armor of Courage Zalash, Assassin Shadow Demon Shadowstep Warrior x 3 Shade Beast x 3 Troop 3 (84 pts) Phase Cat Troop 4 (84 pts) Phase Cat Troop
  2. Reven - 1248 points Troop 1 (513 pts) Gronkelfibbets and Mazak Armor of Courage Gonda, Goblin x 2 Goblin Skeeter x 5 Orc Spearman x 5 Goblin Warrior x 9 Standard Troop 2 (175 pts) Kagunk, Ogre Gonda, Goblin Orc Spearman x 3 Goblin Warrior x 5 Troop 3 (72 pts) Neek, Goblin Goblin Warrior x 6 Troop 4 (92 pts) Neek, Goblin Goblin Warrior x 6 Fire Keg Troop 5 (198 pts) Hill Giant Troop 6 (198 pts) Hill Giant
  3. I've made great efforts to inure our Razig player to compose a correct roster, because it is tempting to put all those shiny items to make the captain even more efficient. More so, as this faction has good and useful equipment, so this violation may influence the result of the game. :)
  4. All Razig's Revenge equipment has a type "Special". As it is stated in the rules, no model may have more than one personal equipment of the same type, so only one armor, one weapon and one "special".
  5. Like this ruined building. I've always considered Koborlas to have a high potential on the table.
  6. We've just played a friendly pair 1000pts game against Overlords and Kargir (from the battle report above) using rules for Alliances. This time I'll be more brief :) I've taken a Crusader list to make a perfect Trusted alliance with Sisterhood army from our campaign, led by a friend of mine. Crusaders - Judgement doctrine Troop 1 (728 pts) Duke Gerard Armor of Courage Halbarad, Priest of Aurellius Valandil, Archmage Familiar Isarah, Cleric of Shadarzaddi 4 x Justicar 2 x Templar Knig
  7. I'll leave a link to a fresh battle rep with Tembrithil. :)
  8. We have annual updates to share. A new version of campaign rules can be found here. We have introduced new modules like mercenaries, neutrals and more magic items. Some blocks were optimized out. I've finally fulfilled my long time wish to create a battle report, where I have schemes to describe our approach to fight in the buildings, expound a more complex scenario and introduce fresh additions to our rules. Moreover, I'd like to express the train of thought, that differs a complex campaign game from what you can play with just the basic rules. When you are plannin
  9. Afaik any part of the model base may be under the template to take effect so if one deploys tightly in a square, 12+ models are touched or so we measured.
  10. Overlords - 1000 points - Onyx Legion Doctrine Troop 1 (655 pts) General Matisse Armor of Courage Magic Weapon Arik Gix, Inquisitor Strach, Warmage Ranthe, Evangelist of Khardullis Shadow Legionnaire x 5 Overlord Spearman x 2 Bondslave x 3 Troop 2 (146 pts) Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Lola Darkslip, Assassin Magic Ranged Weapon Bondslave x 6 Troop 3 (98 pts) Onyx Golem Troop 4 (98 pts) Onyx Golem Troop 5 (3 pts) Luck Stone Total Models: 24 Damage Trao
  11. Yes, my fault, thanks for the correction! I've thought somehow that number of Solos shouldn't exceed the number of normal troops and took band to be the one. Then I'll just swap one beast from the main troop for Duskwidow for the band. I'm aware of the effectiveness of Ice, having played a lot with Moandain, but was about to try something special these elves can perform. Shadow spell seemed to me to have a real potential.
  12. I've put to test the following roster with a considerable success - 2 wins against angel-heavy Sisterhood, 2 wins and one loss against orc-heavy Kargir. Troop 1 (709 pts) Sinisthreax Armor of Courage Shadow Blade Nanuranidd, Sorcerer Shadow Demon Arachnilith x 3 Shadowstep Warrior x 4 Shadowguard x 3 Shade Beast x 2 Troop 2 (123 pts) Shade Beast x 3 Troop 3 (84 pts) Phase Cat Troop 4 (84 pts) Phase Cat Total Models: 20 Damage Traoks: 53 Dark Reaches Doctrine
  13. I've tried a band of 5 Sable Guard (as mercs for Tembrithil using our campaign engine) and they did wonders against Kargir - with maneuver and swift strikes singlehandedly annihilated a unit of Torg + 4 stalkers losing only 2 in return. May be that's luck, but this unit seems to be very effective. Has anyone tried these mounted girls?
  14. We have already played 750pts (2011), 1000pts (2012) and 1500pts (2013) to get people collect and paint step by step. 1500 seems to be a bit too much, because a single game consumes 3+ hours. In the campaign to come we are going to start from 750pts and increase the limit with each round up to 1300pts. The local community is divided into those who prefer smaller formats and the fans of scaled skirmish almost evenly.
  15. I've finally finished working on the battle report with rosters from our local league, played as far back as the last spring. So here is the link to PDF (10MB). Sorry for mistakes :) From all the features from our Campaing Engine we took only a scenario. We a planning a new campaign (involving mostly Savage North factions) for the coming winter, so there will be a new version of the rules. They are going to be refactored and complemented with new modules (mercenary units made of natives, neutral units as a third side on the table, variable game format for each round, etc.
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