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  1. It has been a while since previous attempt and I've got a feeling, that I miss darkreach somewhat :) Troop 1 (632 pts) Sinisthreax Abyssal Weapon Armor of Courage Dramorion, Sorcerer Nanuranidd, Sorcerer Shiver Spike x 2 Shadowguard x 4 Shadowstep Warrior x 4 Nightshade Warrior x 2 Troop 2 (446 pts) Mornenion, Drake Captain Armor of Courage Zalash, Assassin Shadow Demon Shadowstep Warrior x 3 Shade Beast x 3 Troop 3 (84 pts) Phase Cat Troop 4 (84 pts) Phase Cat Troop 5 (3 pts) Luck Stone 1249 pts Models: 26 DTs: 65 Cards: 4+1 Dark Reaches Doctrine This time I had two successful games against Reven based on Kiakara and orc mobs, backed up with Gurms and Gondas. One with thematic bugbear unit, the other more like plain orc limit. Both times I've ended with less points left than enemy, but since we play scenarios with objective markers, Blink SA swap provided by doctrine helped enormously to seize objectives around the table. Combined with Phase Cat maneuverability this gives an edge. To be honest I've expected my opponent to take 12 berserkers as usual, so took assasins, since my opponent rolls wonders on their Tough :( Against cheap horde, though, the lack of mass-destruction magic (Fire/Storm) is tangible. Toxic cloud yielded 3 wounds at an average, so most useful was Beguile. Ice shard and Freezing burst were most effective from Ice tome. Roar from daemon came in handy as well. But the true key factor was terrain, so that having defence organized between forests, swamp and impassable elements I managed to channel horde into narrow corridors and chew it piecemeal.
  2. Reven - 1248 points Troop 1 (513 pts) Gronkelfibbets and Mazak Armor of Courage Gonda, Goblin x 2 Goblin Skeeter x 5 Orc Spearman x 5 Goblin Warrior x 9 Standard Troop 2 (175 pts) Kagunk, Ogre Gonda, Goblin Orc Spearman x 3 Goblin Warrior x 5 Troop 3 (72 pts) Neek, Goblin Goblin Warrior x 6 Troop 4 (92 pts) Neek, Goblin Goblin Warrior x 6 Fire Keg Troop 5 (198 pts) Hill Giant Troop 6 (198 pts) Hill Giant Total Models: 48 Damage Tracks: 72 I've recently tried out this concept, albeit during a megabattle, what hardly implies a competitive play. However I'll try again later :) Our local Reven player always sticks to Orcs and avoids using goblins even for a meat shield (ideological consideration I'd say), so I've just wanted to prove them being useful. For 1250 one may create a more balanced and universal list, but 2 giants just look great and scary :) We have 4 potent combat models with SA Reach, not that much. But they benefit from Gondas' Divine Vigour and are covered with goblin meat shields. To apply Horde rule better we use spearmen and these few orcs yet again are covered by goblins. Troop roles here as follows: Troop 1 is a main "Horde implementer". Mazak performs casting while SP permit and then rushes headlong into the fight, cautiously putting one goblin or two between himself and the enemy. Other goblins are used also to block enemy models from maneuvering or leaving BtB etc. Gondas are casting +1#MA on big models while on the way and then manifest Bless for the mob to enjoy in the fight. At most, we may get +1 for Inspire, +2 for support and +1 more for Blessing to our MAV, what transforms our impressive number of weak attacks into a really devastating meat grinder. This makes the main troop a striking fist, when the need be. Skeeters try to take down enemy screening models (like zombies) and then hunt for heavily wounded models with Tough. They are fragile, but enemy is going to be too busy with everything else to pay them any serious attention. Our low Dis is countered with a Banner and additional +1 from Doctrine. Thus our main troop can perform in all three phases - Shoot, Magic, Combat, what makes it universal and effective. Troop 2 is a much smaller combat solution, functioning the same. With all means of this troop combined we may as well take down some monster or a secondary enemy unit. To get two Giants we are forced to have more smaller units, than a couple of well-balanced ones. Troop 3/4 are just meat shields to give numbers to Reven side, cover giants, fill-in gaps in front line. One Neek tries to slip closer to enemy cowering in the midst of goblins to explode in a Fireball. This model is more for fun, because low Mov and fragility make its use risky. His now leaderless troop is absorbed by Mazak to replenish the main troop (Armour of Courage here comes handy again). Giant is one of the most effective combat monsters in Warlord, but to apply his abilities effectively he needs model screen, to charge himself and not become target for a prepared enemy charge. With goblins we cover him from defensive strikes as well. Gondas have Burst of Speed to help maneuver both giants to a required point of the battlefield at a required moment of time. The only problem is their low MD, what makes them perfect target for Domination. Indeed, what we are afraid of is the Magic - Fireballs/Firestorms can annihilate whole units or Giants start hurting each other. Beside Dispel, we may try to use Wall of stone by Mazak to block LOS on our approach, move in anti-blast order, stick to terrain. And press on everywhere simultaneously to provide enemy with too wide choice of targets. Vampire list is also a tough nut, since it become too easy for the bloodsuckers to regenerate on goblins. List uses the doctrine as much as possible, maximizing models with "Mob" and giants, however it is not pure goblin list. We need that Reach from orc spearmen. Mazak's warlord ability is hard to apply here, because the goblins shine with the number of dice but not the quality of a particular attack.
  3. I've made great efforts to inure our Razig player to compose a correct roster, because it is tempting to put all those shiny items to make the captain even more efficient. More so, as this faction has good and useful equipment, so this violation may influence the result of the game. :)
  4. All Razig's Revenge equipment has a type "Special". As it is stated in the rules, no model may have more than one personal equipment of the same type, so only one armor, one weapon and one "special".
  5. Like this ruined building. I've always considered Koborlas to have a high potential on the table.
  6. We've just played a friendly pair 1000pts game against Overlords and Kargir (from the battle report above) using rules for Alliances. This time I'll be more brief :) I've taken a Crusader list to make a perfect Trusted alliance with Sisterhood army from our campaign, led by a friend of mine. Crusaders - Judgement doctrine Troop 1 (728 pts) Duke Gerard Armor of Courage Halbarad, Priest of Aurellius Valandil, Archmage Familiar Isarah, Cleric of Shadarzaddi 4 x Justicar 2 x Templar Knight 2 x Templar Ironspine 4 x War Dog Troop 2 (54 pts) Garr, War Dog 3 x War Dog Troop 3 (142 pts) Guardian Beast of Aurellius Troop 4 (70 pts) Hound of Judgment Troop 5 (3 pts) Luck Stone 997 pts Models: 23 DTs: 49 Cards: 4+2 Sisterhood - Angels of Justice Doctrine Troop 1 (660 pts) Samantha of the Blade Wings of Vengence Armor of Mettle Sister Kendra Siellendria, Spell Sister Familiar Kyla, Vampire Hunter 3 x Angelic Warrior 5 x Blade Warden Troop 2 (347 pts) Angel of Vengeance Book of Tactics Armor of Courage 3 x Angelic Warrior 1007 pts Models: 17 DTs: 47 Cards: 2+2 We set up a standard 48"x72" board with 5 markers symmetrically from both deployment zones. One of them is situated in a 18" long and 14" wide monastery, circled with size 1 walls with breaches, adjacent to our board edge. One marker is closer to enemy edge as well and three others are situated on the central line: one in the open, one in a wood, one in a small hut (open building with one room). We have 6 turns. From our part we've not discussed our rosters a priori to enhance collaboration, both of us tried to find an universal independent solution. My friend went for maximizing angels, supported, however, by elites on foot and the most cheap models to screen them. He has ended up with only two units, albeit strong, that could severely limit his choice of activations, if skipping may appear necessary. I've tried to maximize effectiveness and maneuver of my main troop as usual, by that demanded 3 mages and a lowered melee potential. I need Valandil as only capable battle mage and I need his versatile Teleport. I need Isarah for DR2 on Duke and Burst of Speed. I need Halbarad for restore and more Blessing. For that I take no melee heroes and in case Duke is down, I'll have too low melee potential left. This drawback I try to level adding a powerful monster and a Hound for Assassin ability. We decide to take cover in monastery and try to survive enemy onslaught there. On turn 4-5 we must leave the safety (alas, relative) of the walls and go for distant markers, lest it'll be late. The question is whether our opponents will attack at all or just secure 4 outer markers and defend them. But Kargir want a real fight so run forward hastily and Overlords have no choice but to support them, however, hesitate too much and fall behind. That proves later to be a crucial mistake. We have a very serious problem - since a lot of points are invested in feeble and expensive mages, we have to defend them and use up their spell points effectively. The opponents understand that perfectly so do their best to hunt them down. As long as we lose magic support, we become inferior in melee and get mauled by numbers. On out part we have negligible ranged potential to threaten Overlord mages, most of them reliably covered in a tight square of infantry (getting ready to be cast Burst of Speed upon :)). We allow Kargir player to take his beloved Reven Harpies, though this time we don't use campaign rosters, equipment etc. So 6 of them fly in a very wide chain with all their speed to get to our mages. It's a grave threat, since we may not form tight squares around our mages, because we have another major problem in the form of Lola with Magic Ranged Weapon and Barrage upon her. Even if we are covering behind the walls, she may get teleported up to our noses and wreak havoc. So we set mages far from each other to minimize number of them under the possible 3" template. I still need to maintain Arcane Shield or Wind Wall to cover my troop so lose a number of precious points. It's a fork of solutions in action. :( Lola and Taletia are surrounded by Bondslaves so we may not contact them with anything. I send Wardogs to hunt these slaves and threaten both girls, but fail. So we have to use Burst of Speed (from Isarah) on second troop of the Sisterhood to intercept harpies in the air and we skewer most of them, however all 4 angels get 1-2 wounds each in return! We cast Wind Wall to cover the main grounds of monastery from Lola if she decides to shoot, so she just kills a couple of dogs blocking the main gate. Overlords teleport Kevis to orc flank so he casts Winglock on Angel Captain but on turn 2 we win initiative and get it flying, regenerated and withdrawn closer to our board edge. One of the Angels manages to reach and contact Lola (it was a question of millimeters!) and kill her - one greater threat has disappeared! Valandil teleports an approached Troll inside the monastery and the monster gets butchered by Blessed Duke with DR2 and friends. Our plan is to do our best to crush orcs while Overlords get distracted by cheap War Dog troop on their flank and rear and hesitate to run forward! On turn 2 they down Angel of Vengeance again and three Stalkers inflict serious damage to it. On the following turn enemy uses numerous Spies to delay Sisterhood (which use one spy as well) and my cards (up to 6 cards get delayed in total), but as result the enemies still allow me to activate first and get disappointed - I grant an activation with my card (once in a game for a Trusted Alliance!) to my ally. Evil alliance has already got deteriorated, but ours is as stable as ever :) This action helps us to save Angel Captain again and heal her. At this time orcs have climbed over the walls and started to kill Wardens. Kavorgh crushed one Justicar but got contacted by Duke with Ironspine from the rear, which inflict 5 wounds on him with 1 wound through DR2 in return! I try to summon the Hound into contact with orc leader but have no place for its base. When we finally manage to get the Hound to kill him on the following turn, Kavorgh easily kills Duke with Dying Breath (3 hits out of 3 attacks: 9, 9, 10!), and I have no DR2 more. Its a disaster! Surrounded and more dead than alive, the orc Warlord deprives us of our most effective melee model! We use "General's death" rule and most of the Crusader infantry is Shaken and exposed to fresh Overlord charge! But as most of Marauders and Stalkers have already been crushed by angels and Sisters are flying towards the hut with marker on the center line of the board, Overlords rush to intercept them and leave my infantry alone. One flying Onyx Golem fails to catch an Angel, that seeks after an enemy rear marker and easily seizes it. This Golem approaches monastery instead, is charged by Guardian Beast and both die. The other Golem is attacked by Angel of Vengeance and both die as well. Samanta manages to reach the door of the hut and kill Kevis, cowering inside. Marker in the wood is also captured from paltry goblin. So we have 4 markers against one on turn 5! But on turn 6 enemy teleports Matisse to their rear marker and he seizes it from Angel. The rest of the Overlord main troop swarms the monastery grounds and we lose half of our infantry, but luckily the enemy fails to remove a wounded Justicar from marker, so we end up with 3 to 2, that's a Minor victory for Good. I consider this a great luck, since I believe the enemy alliance to be stronger. Only a bad coordination of enemy assault helped to save the day. We somehow managed to cover our mages for all of them to empty their SP, albeit not with maximum effectiveness because of periodic lack of good targets. Overlords hesitated to teleport Golems into monastery to hunt mages and bind us from the rear, while performing a frontal assault. And it was a sheer luck to annihilate Lola before she inflicted considerable damage, and that enemy failed to correctly position a goblin in front of the door of the hut to block it, so Samantha managed to fight her way inside before Matisse could get close. I'm satisfied with this Crusader roster, but I feel it to be inferior to that of the Overlords. I still think over teleporting the Hound to get Lola or Taletia (the Hound gets for sure destroyed in retaliation), but still have to breach the screen of slaves covering them. Archers are not a solution, being a point sink. So the only variant would be to use War Dogs to gnaw them to death. But this combo is unreliable. I'm still not sure of 3 mages, because it becomes a problem to effectively cover them. May be a single melee Elite may be more failsafe. But whom should I remove, Halbarad? I don't know at the moment.
  7. I'll leave a link to a fresh battle rep with Tembrithil. :)
  8. We have annual updates to share. A new version of campaign rules can be found here. We have introduced new modules like mercenaries, neutrals and more magic items. Some blocks were optimized out. I've finally fulfilled my long time wish to create a battle report, where I have schemes to describe our approach to fight in the buildings, expound a more complex scenario and introduce fresh additions to our rules. Moreover, I'd like to express the train of thought, that differs a complex campaign game from what you can play with just the basic rules. When you are planning to make a battle report, take a camera along and make detailed recordings, nothing guarantees to have a thrilling game. It may appear dull or having an obvious result from the very beginning. But this time everything went spontaneous. I've just played a close game against Kargir and liked it so much, so it crossed my mind to immortalize this impression. As there were no recordings, photos or the like, it took much effort to recollect the details, so ~10% of this content may be approximate. So, enjoy. Our campaign started with a master and 8 players initially, but two guys dropped out because of job or family reasons. I have to confess that a new approach to grant a choice of scenarios for each player was designed with initial numbers in mind, however we may hardly boast a significant influx of new players to compensate for the leaving old comrades. Nevertheless, I expect a great event with 24 single, 2 pair games plus a final megabattle as usual. The battles rage across the Savage North and the majority of our armies are from this book. One may watch the progress here. In case someone wishes to try our rules out, I can share on request the layouts in *.pdf or *.ai of all cards introduced in the campaign engine to print at home. We are working as well to elaborate layouts of our own draw deck for the printing house, in order to get initiative cards of proper quality. Players search custom faction art to their liking. If this project comes to fruition around April, I'll be able to share these results as well.
  9. Afaik any part of the model base may be under the template to take effect so if one deploys tightly in a square, 12+ models are touched or so we measured.
  10. Overlords - 1000 points - Onyx Legion Doctrine Troop 1 (655 pts) General Matisse Armor of Courage Magic Weapon Arik Gix, Inquisitor Strach, Warmage Ranthe, Evangelist of Khardullis Shadow Legionnaire x 5 Overlord Spearman x 2 Bondslave x 3 Troop 2 (146 pts) Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Lola Darkslip, Assassin Magic Ranged Weapon Bondslave x 6 Troop 3 (98 pts) Onyx Golem Troop 4 (98 pts) Onyx Golem Troop 5 (3 pts) Luck Stone Total Models: 24 Damage Traoks: 52 I've recently had an uneasy experience against this list using Icingstead proxies with Boerogg, but I see here a great potential as a universal list. We used scenarios from our campaign engine, so I try to make analysis based on them. Here are 4 main combos: 1. Maneuverability of the main troop based on Burst of Speed from Ranthe. That allows 5+5+5+2=17" of movement of the seemingly slow infantry unit. 2. 5x2 Spies guarantee having all the activations before or after the opponent, as needed. 3. Taletia, a seemingly weak mage, however can siphon here slaves and effectively cast Barrage on Lola, making a pair of extremely dangerous templates. 4. She can also easily teleport golems, adding further maneuverability. The overall concept is based on a complete main troop with staunch infantry for defense, Matisse to kill something, heavy magic phase to soften things up and buff, slaves for divert and additional support. Small second troop is designed to make nasty surprises to get easy points from enemy, where opportunity arises. Golems make perfect solo fighters. On defense the main troop may survive a serious onslaught and then bring a sure retribution, but it is assault where it shines. For attack we may concentrate the power of the main troop on any direction and make that quickly. We use our spies to get complete initiative. We activate last and move on the double, with burst of speed close enough to the enemy, then activate first the following turn, smash enemy screen with magic and let Matisse with friends to swarm and annihilate the most powerful enemy melee model - this charge may be destructive enough to kill even 6 DT 13DV model with DR2 (like buffed Boerogg, for example), thus crippling the opponent's ability to perform effective melee further. The effectiveness of this charge may be again enhanced by teleporting golem and kill something tasty, that is exposed by the main troop. This main troop is best deployed and moved in a square, with heroes safe in the center, thus preventing the enemy to get Ranthe from afar or swarm Matisse. Scenarios with open houses, like Battle for the village, Pillage, Release can be won easily. With control of the deck and burst of speed we may get to the doors and take shelter inside the buildings even before the enemy approaches. Having staunch infantry it is easy to defend there and elites can work effectively from the upper storeys, punishing with templates the enemy crowded together tightly to storm the doors. Only a couple of factions can effectively try to forestall our dash and anyway we enforce the opponent to behave in a predictable way, that makes us easy to make an effective battle plan. In scenarios based on Markers, like Pitched battle, Ambush, Bridge etc. our golems are just brilliant. We let the enemy to get stuck in fighting and then teleport golems to seize enemy rear markers and hold them till the end. If the enemy holds the markers with expensive and tough models, being afraid of this golem infiltration, then we have upper hand in main melee. Cheap models would not hold markers from golems. So the opponent either goes on passive defense, trying to secure markers, and can be chewed down piecemeal, while we can choose the moment and place to strike with all our might, or throws caution to the winds and goes into all-out assault - then we use our magic, shooting and meat shields to soften him up and make counterattack later. One more effective combo is as follows - we may threaten enemy mages or expensive snipers with a fork of solutions. If enemy is deployed and moves loosely, we may throw a golem forward and hunt this model if such an exchange may be profitable. If the enemy surrounds the mages tightly, we use barrage from Lola, even exposing her, what is devastating against soft models, killing them outright. I consider this list to be an obvious favourite (considering a skilled player as well!) during our currently running campaign out of all 9 players, let's see if my prediction comes true :)
  11. Yes, my fault, thanks for the correction! I've thought somehow that number of Solos shouldn't exceed the number of normal troops and took band to be the one. Then I'll just swap one beast from the main troop for Duskwidow for the band. I'm aware of the effectiveness of Ice, having played a lot with Moandain, but was about to try something special these elves can perform. Shadow spell seemed to me to have a real potential.
  12. I've put to test the following roster with a considerable success - 2 wins against angel-heavy Sisterhood, 2 wins and one loss against orc-heavy Kargir. Troop 1 (709 pts) Sinisthreax Armor of Courage Shadow Blade Nanuranidd, Sorcerer Shadow Demon Arachnilith x 3 Shadowstep Warrior x 4 Shadowguard x 3 Shade Beast x 2 Troop 2 (123 pts) Shade Beast x 3 Troop 3 (84 pts) Phase Cat Troop 4 (84 pts) Phase Cat Total Models: 20 Damage Traoks: 53 Dark Reaches Doctrine We have 5 cards - good enough for 1k game. The main drawback here is a lack of Spy and that did cost me that lonely lost game, when Tundra Stalkers with ranger+run got to my flank and activating first on the second turn swarmed one Phase Cat and Nanuranidd. Ok my fault, I didn't encircle him with Soldiers good enough. The other variant for the roster would be to swap Shadow Demon for Zalash (too much competition for our Elite slots being few in number) and one more Shade Beast for the band. We get necessary Spy and Assassin rules, but Demon still seems to be much more enduring, albeit Roar appeared not that effective (Sisters shake off Negative States, orc player just rolled DIS well :) ) Swap rule from the doctrine may be effectively used a couple of times, but that is far inferior to such things as Summer Blossom, Rampage etc. In order to maximize a number of models with Blink I take Shadowsteps. Shadow Blade helped me once, but Sinistreax is well too soft and gets damage easily. Darkreach magic is strange indeed - Sinister Shadow seems the most effective, but brought me only a couple of wounds on enemy leaders or mosters at most. The effect here is more of the psychological one, forcing the opponent to consider initiating Melee. Poison template was useless against Sisters and I've taught Kargir player to move in anti-blast order good enough. These elves might need something more straightforward like inferno or storm. I'd maybe drop magic here for melee, taking both Demon and assassin. Where elves truly shine is Displaced. If you screen your cats and dogs with cheap models or terrain and doesn't allow the enemy to swarm them and overwhelm with a high number of dice, you get the upper hand in the prolonged HtH grinder. Cats are just perfect as solo - very enduring and heavy hitting as well.
  13. I've tried a band of 5 Sable Guard (as mercs for Tembrithil using our campaign engine) and they did wonders against Kargir - with maneuver and swift strikes singlehandedly annihilated a unit of Torg + 4 stalkers losing only 2 in return. May be that's luck, but this unit seems to be very effective. Has anyone tried these mounted girls?
  14. We have already played 750pts (2011), 1000pts (2012) and 1500pts (2013) to get people collect and paint step by step. 1500 seems to be a bit too much, because a single game consumes 3+ hours. In the campaign to come we are going to start from 750pts and increase the limit with each round up to 1300pts. The local community is divided into those who prefer smaller formats and the fans of scaled skirmish almost evenly.
  15. I've finally finished working on the battle report with rosters from our local league, played as far back as the last spring. So here is the link to PDF (10MB). Sorry for mistakes :) From all the features from our Campaing Engine we took only a scenario. We a planning a new campaign (involving mostly Savage North factions) for the coming winter, so there will be a new version of the rules. They are going to be refactored and complemented with new modules (mercenary units made of natives, neutral units as a third side on the table, variable game format for each round, etc.).
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