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  1. Has someone tried out Kargir spells? As printed in the book, Indoctrinate wording seems incorrect - the effect is a buff and spell is Attack. Can we target friendly models with Attack spell? No. For Non-Attack it would seem to be underpriced. Is the Dying Breath cast on a model, already removed from play? Or upon a still living one and it triggers an additional strike, if later killed? Do we have an Errata/FAQ for Savage North?
  2. Hello, I'd like to introduce our campaign engine, which we have used to play starting from 2011 in the local game club. Three campaigns of 750pts (15 games), 1000pts (25 games), 1500pts (36 games) are already gone, and now a league with these scenarios is running. Each time 8 players, on average, took part with armies fully painted. For each event, a lot of terrain was painted and prizes ordered, in the aftermath huge reports with fluff written. Rules: http://reinchard.warhammerspb.ru/warlord/rules_en/campaign.pdf Cards example: http://reinchard.warhammerspb.ru/warlord/rules_en/str
  3. Searching the forum I've found the same about Tough and there were no objections. Looks like cheat. 2nd question: if a model stays in BtB with 2 enemy models on opposite sides, it cannot slide away to break BtB contact etc. what about fly, burrow, leap etc. ?
  4. Are there really 7 models? Picture shows 9, is that a heritage from the past?
  5. Am I right, that the stunned model cannot parry, because doesn't have defensive strikes to sacrifice?
  6. How are the distances mentioned in teleport spell dealt with when familiar is in use? Should both the initial 12" range and final movement 18" range both be measured from the same souce: unchanged from the mage and halved from the familiar? Is it possible to measure one range from familiar and other from the mage?
  7. Rulebook states that model can't take more than one equipment item of the same type, say "armor" or "weapon". But what about "special" type? Are multiple Canopic Jars possible, for example, or combination of different "special" items?
  8. Crusaders and necropolis. Firstly because the models and army idea are astounding. Secondly because of the starter box. And at last because there is nothing like crusaders in WHFB and all vampire counts's models are trash. I'm pretty close to having all the necropolis models on my shelf. What else I could dream of, would be to have stats for mounted death knight (Golgoth for example), or heavy vampire cavalry. Spectral cavalry is ok but having something more powerful would be really great.
  9. 1000 points Troop 1 Moandain, Arch-Lich + Phylactery Naomi, Mistress of Wings + Phylactery Sir Dauron, Death Knight Zombie x 4 Skeletal Archer x 2 Skeletal Swordman x 3 Troop 2 Baron Kentaur the Everliving Malek, the Hated Zombie x 4 Skeletal Archer x 2 Skeletal Warrior x 2 Troop 3 Grave Horror Facing mainly crusaders with gerard and angel or Razig with crab and dark maiden. I've tried something alike several times, concentration of 2 powerful casters in one troop is effective enough. Also during the first turn both naomi and moandain can siphon a pair of swor
  10. 999pts nobrainer Devourer Doctrine Troop 1 Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars Armor of Courage Tharian, Bloodmagus Crimson Knight x 4 Chattel Troop 2 Elsabeth Briarkiss Magic Weapon Armor of Courage Vanderast, Bloodseeker Vampire Crimson Knight x 4 Chattel
  11. In fact new boneyard is awesomely convenient, huge thanks
  12. these differ but not so dramatically P14261B: Shields $0.33 P14263D: Round Shields $1.53 P14263E: Heater Shields $2.75 P14293B: Shield,Shield,Shield,Quiver,Bow $4.58 and for nefsokar.... P14294D: Shields $8.70 :blink: is it ok?
  13. Last time they were available in September. When will be the next time? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the reply, it sounds optimistic
  15. And maybe any news about the return of the Boneyard?
  16. Somehow I couldn't find this stuff in online shop, only in swag. Does that mean that the only way to get wonderful t-shirts is swag?
  17. Seems strange, there is no more "Russia" in the countries list... Was that initially intended or just an error?
  18. I beg your pardon, do the updated with RC2008 changes data files for army builder 3 exist?
  19. Ok, fine, Figure finder writes: 14479: Elven Dryad Werner Klocke $6.99 Released on: 03-01-08
  20. 14479: Elven Dryad was released, if I'm right, more that a month ago and lets itself successfully be found in figure finder. But I can't locate it in the online store...
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